Amazon is a company the illuminati set up to destroy America. With the rise of Amazon has come the destruction of America's book stores, hardware stores, drug stores and video stores. Amazon was designed by the illuminati Jewish NWO to destroy the American economy. The Japanese couldn't compete with the power of the American economy so they sabotaged our economy and destroyed our small businesses.

Amazon has never made a profit and yet the illuminati Jewish Wall Street brokers have made it worth a trillion dollars. The profit that Amazon has claimed is all accounting tricks and looks like nothing compared to their revenues. Amazon was never designed to make money, it's purpose is to destroy America's economy. It doesn't need to make money in order to do that, as long as the illuminati stock market will prop up its value.

Amazon was the second U.S. public company to cross the $1 trillion valuation threshold this year. Amazon shares hit $2,050.49 in April 2018, bringing the company's value above $1 trillion before declining slightly. Apple became the first $1 trillion company last month. It is currently worth about $1.1 trillion. Both companies are illuminati companies who are destroying America.

Amazon's mission of destroying America is encoded in their logo. If you look at the logo above, what Amazon calls their smile is really a snake or lizard tongue extending from a snake/lizard mouth. Snakes and Lizards are associated with satanism and the illuminati. The illuminati jews call themselves the lizard people because their mouths dart out all the time like a snake or lizard.

The smile does not look like a smiile BTW. If it was truly a smile it would have a grin mark on either side. Why just a grin mark on the right side? It makes it look like a sideways grin rather than a smile. The smile is also not level, it's skewed towards one side which makes sense as a tongue but not as a smile. If it was a smile, the whole smile would be the same thickness. The Amazon tongue is thicker closer to the mouth.

Further the tongue comes from underneath the Z in AMAZON. The Z is a code for NaZi. Z's look like lightning bolts. ZZ was used as the official SS logo. Z's were always associated with the Nazis. The lowercase "a" in the "amazon" logo is another message to America. The little "a" is for the little guys in America who the Nazis are going to attack with their big E-Retailer Amazon. The Nazi lizard tongue is coming to eat the small businesses of America.

Amazon is also very close to A-MASON. Not only does "a Mason" sound like one mason, but A's are used by the illuminati to represent their pyramid structure. The A itself is an ancient Masonic symbol. The illuminati use A's as their insignia because they think it looks like the great Pyramid in Egypt.