Last year Apple decided to dramatically increase the iPhone to 1000 dollars. For a phone that Apple hopes you to update with a new model every year or two, 1000 dollars is a big problem. Psychologically, going from 600 to 1000 is a big difference. At 1000 dollars, people start asking themselves why am I paying thousands for a phone. People start to realize that buying a decades worth of iPhones is equivalent to buying a car.

This price jump was a massively stupid business move. Tim Cook was brought into Apple to destroy Apple after the illuminati kidjapped Steve Jobs and took him to a concentration camp in Australia. All of Tim Cook's business moves are designed to make Apple less user friendly and more expensive. He ws brought in to undo the good work of Steve Jobs.

The price increase not only serves to damage Apple and make their phones luxury items, it also massively helps Samsaung. Samsuang is a company that built itself off of copying everything Apple did. Their phones physically look like Apples. Samsaung steals Apple's intellectual property to create their products - that is their business model.

The problem for Samsuang is that Apple has always been cooler and Samsaung's adroid market sucks. Tim Cook's stupid price jack for the iPhone is the illuminati's way of helping out Samsaung. Since Samsuang can't compete with Apple, the illuminati is going to make Apple make their phones be luxury items - so expensive normal people can't afford them. Meanwhile, Samsaung phones can pick up all the market share that Apple is leaving on the table by having a ridiculous price for their phones.

That is how the illuminati NWO works. The Japanese/Koreans complain that they can't compete and they're losing money so the illuminati NWO enacts some stupid decision that hurts everyone in the world just so Samsaung can improve their dismal numbers. The illuminati hate capitalism; they want illuminati corporate welfare forever.