There is no longer a threat of nuclear war anymore. Nuclear war is past tense. Despite this, the propaganda Yaks are gonna spin lies as long as they are allowed to and the bigger the lie, the easier the sell. Despite the FACT THAT NUCLEAR WAR IS NO LONGER POSSIBLE, the following is a rebuttal of threats of Nuclear war from North Korea or elsewhere.

North Korean "supreme leader" Kim's nuke program was always FAKE. His wockets don't exist. . North Korea has been faking this whole nuclear program since Kim's dad. They are just doing it to scare people away from North Korea. The Japanese Yakuza supported the propanda because they don't want anyone going to North Korea because that's where they had all their concentration camps during WWII and they don't want the world to know about their chimneys. "Supreme idiot" Kim is a really silly gay man who is in love with Dennis Rodman. Kim really likes cheeseburgers a lot.

The best way to understand how absurd the Koreans are is to read DPRK_NEWS - which is propaganda that SUPREME IDIOT KIMMIE WOCKETS approves. It's the funniest read on the internet.

South Korea also has no nuclear weapons. They have never developed them. South Korea is just an extension of Japan basically. The Yakuza own all the South Korean companies like Samsung. Notice how when the Japanese stopped making electronic stuff the South Koreans picked up all their industries? That's because the Yakuza decided that it was better to use the South Koreans as a front for their businesses so Americans didn't get angry at the Japanese for unfair competition. It was part of the whole campaign of the 1990s to create a myth that Japan's economy was collapsing and failing.