FACEBOOK is rating users based on how "trustworthy" it thinks they are.

Users receive a score on a scale from zero to one that determines if they have a good or bad reputation – but it's completely hidden. The rating system was revealed in a report by the Washington Post – and later confirmed by Facebook to The Sun – which says it's in place to "help identify malicious actors". Facebook tracks your behaviour across its site and uses that info to assign you a rating.

Tessa Lyons, who heads up Facebook's fight against fake news, said: "One of the signals we use is how people interact with articles. "For example, if someone previously gave us feedback that an article was false and the article was confirmed false by a fact-checker, then we might weight that person’s future false news feedback more than someone who indiscriminately provides false news feedback on lots of articles, including ones that end up being rated as true."

Facebook is framing this as a question of trust but really they are creating a system like China's where people who are a threat to the illuminati power structure are being given demerits to decrease their ability to excercise their free speech. People who score low on their "trust" score will not be allowed to speak.

Facebook is framing this as an attempt to keep people honest but really they just want to shut down speech. Look what they did to Alex Jones - they decided he was "untrustworthy" so they banned him from facebook. They not only silenced his speech but chillled speech in general especially speech from unpopular viewpoints.

This truthworthy system is going to be combined with all the DATA that Facebook collects on us already so that the illuminati can handle the logistics of the new concentration camps. Just as IBM's computers were invented to handle the logistical complexity of the holocaust, Facebook is inventing new ways of categorizing us and identifying us based on our personal information such as political ideology, sexual preference, physical location, monetary assets. Just as IBM was set up primarily to classify people into groups so they can be murdered and their wealth stolen, Facebook is building a similiar system based on social media.

The trustworthy index is their way of saying wether a person should be sent to the concentration camps or not. If you score low on the index, you go to the concentration camps. Like the Chinese Credit Score, the Facebook trust number is a summation of whether the illuminati state likes your behavior or not. Are you being a good slave or not? Do you need to be sent to the concentration camps to be re-educated. Facebook is building the technological infrastructure for a new Holocacust which is designed to eliminate Americans and steal their money or imprison them as slaves under Russian/Illuminati control.

Just like IBM, Facebook has always been run by the Illuminati. Without computers, the Holocaust would literally not have been technologically possible. It would have been too logistically difficult to identiify jews, take their property, ghettoize them and then murder them industrially. IBM's early computers were the key to the entire plan. Facebook is IBM's Holocaust Machine 2.0. This time the machine will be used to target the descendants of Jesus Christ in America, Mormons, Gays, African Americans, Native Americans and ultimately everyone who isn't illuminati NWO.