Google's LEDGER concept is dystopian and creepy AF!!! They are an evil Satanic company.

In Google's system, we all become what they call a ledger. They can rewrite our ledgers and get us to make different choices. They can predict our ledgers based upon our past behaviors. They collect all the information we create in our ledger. Our ledgers become our avatars which live on beyond us. It's like the data we make is more important than the individual let alone anything spiritual like a soul.

So Google has always had a "do no evil" plank as part of its mission statement. This always seemed extremely fishy to me, since Google is a massively evil company as you can see from the data collection attittude above. Google saying they do no evil was just an easy way to hide the evil they were doing.

Now however Google has decided to drop the "Do no Evil" part. The weird thing is that by removing it, it's a lot like saying well now we're going to do evil. You don't get rid of your "Do No Evil" plank unless you're planning on doing some BIG TIME EVIL. Why else would you? Why make a change?

Google's unofficial motto has long been the simple phrase "don't be evil." But that's over, according to the code of conduct that Google distributes to its employees. The phrase was removed sometime in late April or early May, archives hosted by the Wayback Machine show.

Illuminati Amazon is gearing up to go FULL EVIL AS WELL. Not content to let Google get all the Skynet action, Amazon is selling body cameras to the police that have facial recognition software in them so the police can put us under surveillance all the time like in China.

Malkia Cyril, executive director of the Center for Media Justice and a leader in the Black Lives Matter network, warned early and often that the cameras could become tools of surveillance against people of color because "body-worn cameras don't watch the police, they watch the community being policed, people like me".

The scope and scale of that surveillance became clearer Tuesday, when the ACLU of Northern California released a collection of public records detailing how Amazon has been marketing and selling facial recognition software, called Amazon Rekognition, to law enforcement agencies.

Amazon marketing materials promoted the idea of using Rekognition in conjunction with police body cameras in real time – exactly the outcome Cyril feared.

"That is a recipe for authoritarianism and disaster," Cyril said. "Amazon shouldn't be anywhere near it, and if we have anything to say about it, they will not be."

The ACLU and about 40 other organizations also released a letter to the Amazon chief executive, Jeff Bezos, calling on the company to stop selling Rekognition and its "dangerous surveillance powers" to the government.

"Rekognition is a powerful surveillance system readily available to violate rights and target communities of color," the groups wrote. "With Rekognition, Amazon delivers these dangerous surveillance powers directly to the government."

The ACLU documents show how Amazon worked with the city of Orlando, Florida, and the sheriff's department in Washington county, Oregon, to implement the technology.

At a conference in Seoul, Ranju Das, who is listed as the director of Rekognition on his LinkedIn profile, boasted about the capabilities of the panopticon created in the partnership with Orlando.

"They have cameras all over the city," he said. "We analyze the video in real time [and] search against the collection of faces they have."

The Orlando police department told NPR that its use of the technology was a "pilot program" and that it was following applicable laws.

But while the capabilities of the technology were impressive, the potential downfallswere catastrophic, warned Cyril.

"Technology is a tool; placing a tool in the context of extreme racism and brutality is simply going to produce more extreme racism and brutality," Cyril said of police use of cameras. "When you add facial recognition into that context, and you add the supercomputing powers of Amazon, what you do is supercharge already existing discrimination to a level that is unprecedented.

"You not only increase the speed at which discrimination can take place, but you increase the scale at which discrimination can take place."

The illuminati is getting ready to install the Chinese System in America. Cops will watch us all the time on cameras and then arrest us whenever we challenge the Illuminati. Our rights will be completely meaningless, the Constitution will ultimately officially gotten disposed of. Hello, Skynet... Hello, Fourth Reich.... The Concentration Camps will come out of hiding. Donald Trump will declare presidency for life. The American project will be dead and the illuminati Jews will start killing all of us off in the New Holocaust.

Do we really want to live in a SATANIC FASCIST DICTATORSHIP like they do in CHINA????

China is all set up now to track everyone's SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE. Just like Google is tracking a LEDGER of your ACTIONS AND BELIEFS ONLINE, China does the same thing. They are constantly judging you and deducting from your SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE based on whatyou do or say. Punishable offences include spending too long playing video games, wasting money on frivolous purchases and posting on social media.

Everyone is expected to behave according to the social norms and rules deemed acceptable by the ruling Communist Party; otherwise restrictions would be imposed on their daily lives. With a tagline of 'once discredited, everywhere restricted', it has vowed to punish unreliable citizens in as many ways as possible.

If you don't keep a good FASCIST SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE, here is what happens to you:

They restrict your travel. Nine million people with low scores have been blocked from buying tickets for domestic flights, Channel News Asia reported in March, citing official statistics. They can also clamp down on luxury options - three million people are barred from getting business-class train tickets.

They throttle your internet and block certain websites from access. You're not allowed to post on social media or read news anymore.

Citizens with low social credit scores are prohibited from enrolling their children at high-paying private schools where they can get the best education.

Citizens with low scores are also denied credit. So now, your ability to get credit is not just an economic decision but one based upon your "moral upstandingness". Those who are pro-communist party get credit cards and those who agitate for dissent are not allowed credit. If your social credit score drops too low, you can't get a mortgage anymore for a house, even if you can economically pay the mortgage.

They can blacklist you from certain industries like banking or the law. "Trust-breaking" individuals would also be banned from doing management jobs in state-owned firms. A 2016 government notice encourages companies to consult the blacklist before hiring people or giving them contracts.

Naming and shaming is another tactic available. For instance, if the state system with face recognition sees you jay walking, they will put up a picture of your face on an electronic board behind you as you are doing it. The board will call attention to your crime by saying something like "JOHN SMITH IS AN EVIL JAY WALKER!!!"