The principles behind Electro-Magnetic energy attacks also are behind Tesla's work in induction. Induction is generating energy by taping into the Earth's natural energy field (manifest is the natural harmonics or motion of the earth's mantle). Just like our bodies have electro-magnetic fields, the earth itself does but it's field is massive compared to ours and also extends throughout the entire galaxy and the entire universe. Induction is like tapping into the Force in Star Wars directly.

Not only would this network allow for free energy everywhere on earth, it was an early forerunner and alternative to our internet. It woudl allow the wireless transmission of text and images across the world. Tesla's system also does what our cell phone towers do without creating harmful effects like cancer which our cellphones currently cause. Tesla demonstrated the ability to place calls over this wireless network which would be free to anyone to tap into.

Back in 1901, Nikola Tesla was making the principles of induction practical by generating energy out of the ground itself at his Wardenclyffe tower. This tower was designed by Tesla to provide power to all of New York City. Tesla positioned his tower like the Great Pyramids - at a very specific latitude in order to best harness the natural harmonics of the Earth. He had just completed it and demonstrated it practically when the Illuminati decided they didn't want Tesla to compete with Edison's inferior energy technology so they destroyed the Tower project and destroyed Tesla's career leading to his later death as a homeless man.

Prior to turning against Tesla, the Illuminati were very interested in his project. In 1900, famed financier J.P. Morgan learned of Tesla's convictions after reading an article in Century Magazine, wherein the scientist described a global network of high-voltage towers which could one day control the weather, relay text and images wirelessly, and provide ubiquitous electricity via the atmosphere.

In 1900 James Morgan, hoping to capitalize on the future of wireless telegraphy, immediately invested $150,000 to relocate Tesla's lab to Long Island to construct a pilot plant for this "World Wireless System." Construction of Wardenclyffe Tower and its dedicated power generating facility began the following year.

In 1908, Tesla described his plans for a wireless internet based on induction. In an article for Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony magazine he wrote:

"As soon as completed, it will be possible for a business man in New York to dictate instructions, and have them instantly appear in type at his office in London or elsewhere. He will be able to call up, from his desk, and talk to any telephone subscriber on the globe, without any change whatever in the existing equipment. An inexpensive instrument, not bigger than a watch, will enable its bearer to hear anywhere, on sea or land, music or song, the speech of a political leader, the address of an eminent man of science, or the sermon of an eloquent clergyman, delivered in some other place, however distant. In the same manner any picture, character, drawing, or print can be transferred from one to another place. Millions of such instruments can be operated from but one plant of this kind. More important than all of this, however, will be the transmission of power, without wires, which will be shown on a scale large enough to carry conviction."

In essence, Tesla's global power grid was designed to "pump" the planet with electricity which would intermingle with the natural telluric currents that move throughout the Earth's crust and oceans. At the same time, towers like the one at Wardenclyffe would fling columns of raw energy skyward into the electricity-friendly ionosphere fifty miles up. To tap into this energy conduit, customers' homes would be equipped with a buried ground connection and a relatively small spherical antenna on the roof, thereby creating a low-resistance path to close the giant Earth-ionosphere circuit. Oceangoing ships could use a similar antenna to draw power from the network while at sea. In addition to electricity, these currents could carry information over great distances by bundling radio-frequency energy along with the power, much like the modern technology to send high-speed Internet data over power lines.

Given his supporting experimental data and previous engineering accomplishments, there was little reason to doubt the veracity of Tesla's claims. But building the power station, the huge wooden tower, and the fifty-five ton conductive dome depleted the original investment money relatively quickly, leading to chronic funding shortages. The complications were further compounded by a stock market crash in 1901 which doubled the cost of building materials and sent investors scurrying for financial cover.

The Wardenclyffe team tested their tower a handful of times during construction, and the results were very encouraging; but the project soon devoured Tesla's personal savings, and it became increasingly clear that no new investments were forthcoming. The Illuminati shut the entire project down and pulled all of his funding.

In 1905, having exhausted all practical financial options, the construction efforts were abandoned. Regarding the project's demise, Tesla stated:

"It is not a dream, it is a simple feat of scientific electrical engineering, only expensive — blind, faint-hearted, doubting world! […] Humanity is not yet sufficiently advanced to be willingly led by the discoverer's keen searching sense. But who knows? Perhaps it is better in this present world of ours that a revolutionary idea or invention instead of being helped and patted, be hampered and ill-treated in its adolescence — by want of means, by selfish interest, pedantry, stupidity and ignorance; that it be attacked and stifled; that it pass through bitter trials and tribulations, through the strife of commercial existence. So do we get our light. So all that was great in the past was ridiculed, condemned, combatted, suppressed — only to emerge all the more powerfully, all the more triumphantly from the struggle."

If Tesla's plans had come to fruition, the pilot plant would have been merely the first of many. Such "magnifying transmitter" towers would have peppered the globe, saturating the planet with free electricity and wireless communication as early as the 1920s. The tower was ultimately demolished for salvage in 1917 thereby not even leaving any remnants of how the technology worked.

Many say that Tesla was crazy in his later life but that was just a myth the Illuminati created to discredit him. They ruthlessly blocked any access to capital he needed for his inventing work for the rest of his life. He was forced into a life of poverty. Despite that in 1928, aged seventy-two years, he filed one of his last patents; it described an ingenious lightweight flying machine that was an early precursor to today's tilt-rotor Vertical Short Takeoff and Landing (VSTOL) planes such as the V-22 Osprey.

The scene in Pedigree where Nikolo Tesla powers lightbulbs out of the ground actually did happen. That was Tesla demonstrating the tower working. He brought many people to the tower to demonstrate his prinpcles in pragmatic application, The Illuminati hushed up the whole thing after they shut the project down and destroyed him.

The power would follow the water throughout New York City and would allow the entire city to be powered for almost no cost and in a way that had no pollution. That's why the Illuminati shut it down.

This technology was actually used to power Ancient Egypt. The Aliens who created our universe created the Great Pyramids in Giza to show people how they can use induction to create free energy. They used a different mechanism than Tesla's coil's though, they used crystals to amplify the induction. The Pyramids originally had a cyrstal capstone and crystals inside them that Napoleon stole when he trashed the Pyramids.

The Great Pyramid generates energy from the Apex of the pyramid. This has been demonstrated in photography since 1979. According to Dr. Philip Callahan, rose granite - which was used in the construction of the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid (only with Internet Explorer) - is one of the most paramagnetic substances he has measured. Limestone, which covered the Great Pyramid, is diamagnetic. The cone shape and the pyramid shape are often considered to be energetically equivalent. Both generate a spin field from the apex.

The pyramid of Giza is a power generator, directing microwave energy out of its southern ventilating shaft (actually, wave guide). In essence, the great size of the pyramid of Giza as well as the remarkable precision in its construction, being in size a scale model of the northern hemisphere of the earth itself5, allows a coupling effect between the pyramid and the earth. The pyramid of Giza becomes a coupled oscillator and resonates, in harmony, with certain of the earth's vibrations. This pyramid vibration energy is translated, through Helmotz resonators resident in the grand gallery, into a certain sonic tone. That is, the Helmholtz resonators resident in the grand gallery, in multiple stages, step the pyramid vibration harmonic up to a sonic tone which, after being purified in the antechamber (in reality, an acoustic filter), enters the Kings chamber and causes the Kings chamber and overhanging granite slabs to resonate at a particular frequency. This resonance of the Kings chamber and, apparently, of thousands of tons of granite rock resident on top of the Kings chamber cause the quartz crystals in the igneous granite rock composing the walls of the Kings chamber to compress and decompress at this fundamental harmonic. These hundreds of tons of microscopic quartz particles, that is, the high percentage of those particles whose surfaces are parallel on the upper and lower sides of the Kings Chamber, create an electromagnetic field, due to the piezoelectric effect, at the frequency of vibration.

This energy field used to be harnessed by a giant grystal that was the capstone of the Great Pryamid. Napoleon - who was an Illuminati Rothschild - broke the crystal and took the pieces to Paris. There were also crystals in the pyramid itself that they stole. The illuminati then erased all accounts of the captsone ever existing. They also hid all the stories about light coming from the pryamids.

This is one of the gears that used to connect the crystals inside the Great Pyramid. The crystals would sit on top of the gear and the gear would spin. The spinning gear would allow the crystals to refract energy in various ways generating free energy directly out of the ground. Found by Egyptologist Brian Walter Emery in 1936 this gear is made of Schist stone. Schist is a hard yet brittle layered stone which is very difficult to work. Most engineers who see this object believe it to be part of an ancient machine, yet the Dynastic Egyptians did not have such machines. The Aliens who created our world - the God Aliens - created this gear as part of the induction system - the Great Pyramid - which Napoleon later destroyed when he took Egypt.

As part of the Golden Age, we will use this induction technology throughout the world. The entire world will have free energy and it will be completely without pollution. Induction energy is completely without pollution because it is harenssed from the inherent energy in the earth. Energy that is manifest as motion in the mantle of the earth. Energy that can be tapped into like an energy feed to power devices.

Earth is also the only place where this technology can be refined for use throughout the universe. The reason behind this is that we have special crystals on Earth that other planets don't have. These crystals are key to harenessing the Earth's native energy. When we trade with the other space aliens throughout the universe, being able to sell them machines from which they can generate energy for free will be MASSIVELY LUCRATIVE FOR EARTH.

You can also use the same principles behind generating energy from the earth to power a light saber. Light Sabers are a real possibility, with induction. Crystals have special powers in induction. They channel inductive energies generated from the earth. A light saber would involve taking a crystal and using it to generate an energy beam along a particular generation. The same way you use focused light to create a laser. This force would only extend so far because the crystal would only have so much ability to tap into the earth's inductive energy. So you would end up with a beam of light that was electric. A beam of light that could cut through things.

The most powerful beam of light would be a series of cyrstals in the hilt of the light saber. Crystals aligned in a certain order with a conductive liquid submerging them. The on switch of the light saber would simple align the crystals correctly. The off switch would disable the alignment.