Tesla is hurtling towards bankruptcy minute by minute. Since making cars - even electric ones - is something that most people can relate to, it's getting clearer and clearer that Elon's car dreams are pipe dreams.

Less Obvious is that Space X is the same sort of Con. Space X is a big a fraud as Tesla.

Space X uses cooled fuel to launch his rockets. The problem with this type of fuel is that it is highly unstable and leads to unforseen explosions. NASA has known about this technology since the 1950s but refused to use it because it's so unstable.

Elon's not a genius, he just doesn't care about killing people. The Rockets he has been sending up are unmanned but even the explosions that are happening at the launch site are murdering hundreds. Elon doesn't care.

SpaceX uses super-chilled liquid oxygen to maximize the amount that can fit in the tank and increase the rocket's power at liftoff. But the extremely cold temperature means it must be loaded right before launch, and in a flight with a crew, that means astronauts would be aboard.

In 2016, a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket exploded on a Florida launch pad while propellant was being loaded into the vehicle. The explosion damaged the pad and destroyed a communications satellite SpaceX was set to launch.

During the space shuttle era, astronauts boarded the shuttle after propellants were loaded.

The Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel previously flagged the proposed SpaceX method in a report released in January 2017, saying it was concerned the potential risks were not "adequately understood." SpaceX's "load-and-go" method is a problem because astronauts will already be in the craft and ready to blast into orbit when the rocket is fueled. Should something go wrong and the fuel ignite prematurely, the results could be deadly. The "load-and-go" practice was even rejected in years past by NASA over concerns it is unsafe, according to the report.

The September 2016 explosion of a SpaceX rocket during fueling appeared to be a realization of NASA's fears.

This was not the first time Elon's SpaceX rockets have blown up. A rocket exploded during a launch in June of 2015 on one of its ISS supply missions. It was later determined that a strut that held a helium tank in place had failed, causing the explosion.

It has also lost several rockets when it tried to land them upright on an ocean platform at the end of a flight.

Both Tesla and Space X are companies that have no fundamental business numbers behind them. Neither of them have ever made any profit. They are story stocks. Their insane valuations are based upon a story the Illuminati created about Elon Musk. A mythology where the GREAT ELON will save all the illuminati and in the process bring us flying cars and space colonies. The problem with story stocks is that sometimes the page turns and investors discover they're in a horror story.

SpaceX lost a 1 trillion dollar US government satellite January this year. Their rocket failed to work and the satellite was destroyed. The Rocket's payload, codenamed "Zuma" a spy satellite for the U.S. government, was unable to separate from the second stage of the Falcon 9 rocket. The Zuma payload fell back through the Earth's atmosphere due to the failure to separate and then burned up on re-entry.

This is not the first massive failure Space X has had. They faked a bunch of their rocket launches, hiding the fact that they blew up on the launchpad.

Elon's Space X rockets are going to kill any illuminati who try to get into space. They'll never get their "illuminati master race" into space. Besides the fact that they're inbred bodies have so much genetic disease they'd never be able to survive the trip to space, Elon doesn't have the space ships to get them to the moon let alone Mars. Elon's ships will blow up in the atmosophere and kill everyone on board them. Elon is a tragic fool - an idiot who is being passed off as some sort of saviour.