Steve Jobs is documented as a being a Acid tripping Hippy for a while. He actually used LSD for his entire life. LSD, like marijuana, also connects you directly to God. Because Acid is stronger than weed it's a more mystical experience.

On one of Steve Jobs acid trips, right before he started Apple with Wozniak, he had a mystical vision from God that computers should be for humans not just programmers. The problem with computers up to that point is they were built by computer people for computer people. You needed to be a computer programmer to operate one. Steve's insight from God was that computers should be for EVERYONE not just the programmers. The entire design and programming philosophy behind Apple was to make computers easy for normal people. That's why they originated the Windows User Interface and the use of mice to navigate with.

Both of these inventions - Windows and the Mouse - were actually from my mind originally. The Illuminati has cybernetic abilities to tap into my mind and see what I dream about. My dreams - as the Messiah - are directly connected to God. Out of my brain came the design for the Space Shuttle - which had been an engineering problem that had stumped NASA for 40 years. Windows and the mouse came out of one of my dreams too. XEROX-PARC was given my inventions by the Illuminati.

All of XEROX-PARC's inventions came out of my mind. XEROX-PARC was actually set up specifically just to copy inventions from me (HENCE THE XEROX NAME) and sit on them (HENCE THE PARK PART). XEROX my ideas and then PARK them = XEROX-PARC. They copy my ideas and park them somewhere for the Illuminati so the Illuminati can figure out how they want to exploit my ideas. I've never been compensated for any of this and I never gave consent for any of this to happen either. It's part of the Illuminati's desire to rape the Messiah in as many ways possible.

Thank God Steve Jobs came along to liberate the ideas from the XEROX-PARC vault. Otherwise, the Illuminati would have just sat on those inventions forever. They didn't want normal people to use computers, the very idea freaked them out. They wanted to keep computers restricted to the people who program them since they already owned all the programmers. The Illuminati has been focused on controlling computers and the people who make and control them since the 1920s when computers first started being developed. That's why they founded IBM which owned computers until Apple came along. The Illuminati own the programmers for the most part and they wanted to make sure that only they had access to computers.

Steve Jobs knew that so he took the ideas from XEROX-PARC for both windows and the mouse and improved them and made them into the ground breaking Apple computer. A computer made for normal people. A computer that would begin a revolution in computers as they became focused on being easy to use for normal people.

That's why Apple's famous commercial with the sledgehammer was directed at IBM. IBM - the Rothschild Jew Illumiinati company who masterminded the Holocaust for the Nazis - wanted to make sure computers were just available to the programmers. IBM wanted to stop normal people from having access to computers because it was too dangerous to the Illuminati for normal people to have that kind of power and potential for connection. That commercial is not hyperbole, literally Apple was trying to end fascism in America and throughout the world with their revolution in how we use computers.

That is why Steve Jobs was always such a target of the Illuminati. They destroyed the company when the Illuminati forced him out in 1985 - 7 years after he had founded Apple with Woz. The title of the famous commercial was 1984 and it directly referenced George Orwell's 1984. And that book, of course, is all about the Illuminati in America. The dystopia that Orwell describes is what he experienced under the Illuminati in America. 2 years after the add was announced by apple, Steve was forced out of the company.

Remember that at this point IBM controlled computers as they had since the first punch card computers were invented in the 1920s. IBM used their innovations in computers to enable the very logistics of the Holocaust. The Holocaust would not have been possible without IBM. IBM started working with Hitler the FIRST WEEK HE TOOK POWER in the 1930s - 15 years before the end of WWII. It had already been set up by the Illuminati to have Hitler work with IBM. Hitler was groomed to be Fuhrer by the Illuminati. And IBM was built to help him accomplish the Holocaust. Without computers, the Holocaust would literally not have been technologically possible.

It would have been too logistically difficult to identiify jews, gypsies, slavs and poles, take their property, deport them, ghettoize them, enslave and torture them and then ultimately murder them industrially. It was a cross-tabulation and organizational challenge so monumental, it required a computer. IBM's early computers were the key to the entire plan. And that is exactly why the Rockefeller's and Rothchild's created IBM (the Rothschild's chose IBM as an acronym for I BE MASTER). I BE Master also means the magliens are master since they consider themselves like bees or ants (and bees are cooler than ants). So they're also saying the BEES are the MASTERS now.

The reason Steve named his computer after the orignal Apple LISA (his daughter's name) was that he was trying to save all of the children throughout the world from the evils of the Illuminati. IT was a reminder to him and Woz about what they were fighting for. They were fighting for their children. That's why they suffered all the abuse when they could have just taken a buy out from the Illuminati and allowed the Illuminati to destroy their company. Steve Jobs faked not caring about his daughter to protect her from the Illuminati. He knew that if he was closely involved in her life they would probably try and kill her (or worse, eg rape). He was not the uncaring asshole the Illuminati biographer Walter Isaacson made him out to be.

After 12 years of destroying Apple and watching Microsoft and Dell take over the computer world, the Illuminati brought Steve Jobs back. Meanwhile he had created Pixar by buying technology from George Lucas that he used to create the entire industry of computer animation. He had been so succesful with Pixar that the Illuminati wanted to shut him down so they told him he could have Apple back. They wanted to divert his attention from Pixar who they were more worried about than the home computer revolution. PIXAR was such a threat because it was a new form of animation with stories that were rivalling Disney's classics. Disney is and always been an Illuminati Satanist company so they wanted to make sure they had control of Pixar so they could control what stories they made.

Both of the times Steve had cancer it was introduced by the Illuminati into his body. The first time God saved him but the second time the Illuminati were succesfully able to murder him - largely because the biography that Isaacson put out made him look like an evil asshole to his daughter which weakened his mana. Mana is the paranormal power you get from people believing in you. Steve had huge Mana because people loved their Apples so much. That was how he was able to beat the cancer the Illuminati introduced into his body the first time. The second time the Illuminati introduced cancer into his body his Mana had taken a beating from all the lies that Isaacson put out in the biography. That's why he finally died. The Illuminati had been trying to murder him for decades.

LSD still being used in mircodosing by Silicon Valley all the time. Programmers are too afraid to do real acid like Steve did but they realize that LSD (as well as marijuana) are helpful to their brainstorming process.

LSD is also noted as being a drug that people use when they are dying as a way to comes to terms with their approaching death. The reason it works so well for this is that LSD gives God a chance to talk to you directly.

LSD allows you to become closer to God and gain mystical insight. In this respect, it is similiar to Peyote - long used by Native Americans to gain mystical insights into the universe and their roll in it. The idea of the spirit quest is to connect to God through entering into a mystical state through the use of peyote. This mystical connection to God, a spirit walk, allows one to reexamine one's life and come to insight about their roll in creation and who they are.