Elon Musk is both dumb at business and an idiot when it comes to technology. His ideas were all stolen from people far smarter than him. He is a Russian spy. Most of his "inventions" are corporate secrets the Russians stole from American companies. The other ideas are things he stole from me.

The only thing that Elon is good at is digging tunnels with his Boring Company. Elon is a tunnel gnome.

Elon's "genius" is an Illuminati Myth they've spend trillions to create. His ineptitude in business is objectively verifiable. Tesla is spirallying out of control and has never made any money to begin with. TESLA has always hemoraged money. The only way it stays in business is constantly borrowing billions of dollars from investors. If they Wall Street investors stop bailing Tesla out, Tesla will go BANKRUPT over night.

Tesla have never made money. Tesla would have been a massive financial failure without all the corporate welfare (in the form of tax breaks for selling electric cars) it recieved from the US and State government. California and New York gave government hand outs to Tesla because of Elon Musk's important position in the Illuminati. Tesla is a MASSIVE FRAUD.

Whenever Tesla sells its 200,000th vehicle on American shores, it loses a valuable tool: the $7,500 tax credit the federal government gives to anyone who buys an electric car. The timing - Tesla has already confirmed it will hit the 200,000 mark sometime in 2018 - is unfortunate. When Georgia abruptly axed a $5,000 tax credit for electric car buyers (to go with the federal money), in July 2015, sales fell 90 percent. Without these tax breaks juicing Elon's sales numbers, sales are going to collapse. Meanwhile, Elon can't fulfill the sales he's already made. Tesla is a complete CLUSTER FUCK.

Elon's sales numbers are already collapsing.

Elon won't be able to get away with that once the new model 3 doesn't make it to Tesla's customers. Tesla has been unable to deliver the cars people already ordered. They've pushed back the delivery date an entire YEAR. Tesla people can't even weld their cars together - a technology that was mastered by Ford 100 years ago.

Tesla is in a massive amount of debt and has gambled everything on this new Model 3. They've proven completely unable to deliver the cars people ordered. They can't weld them, they get get their batteries to work.

The first car they finished and drove to Detroit, promptly locked the driver out of the car when they arrived. When the driver tried to get back in the Tesla Model 3, the battery blew up. The car had to be towed off the lot.

Tesla just recalled 123,000 Model S cars because of a problem with the steering wheel. Tesla's are notorious for being junkily put together. Some of the Model 3s were shipped with the entire back seats missing.

Consumer Reports just refused to recommend Tesla Model 3's because of their poor braking. Long emergency stopping distances, difficult-to-use controls and a harsh ride stopped Tesla 's Model 3 electric car from getting a recommended buy rating from Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports testers were troubled by its 152-foot average stopping distance from 60 miles per hour in emergency braking tests. The magazine said the distance was worse than any modern car it has tested, and is about 7 feet longer than a Ford F-150, a full-size pickup truck that weighs about twice as much as a Model 3. The Tesla's stopping distance was 21 feet longer than the class average for luxury compact sedans, the magazine said.

Tesla's stopping distance actually varies dramatically. Elon is claiming he can fix the breaking problem with a firmware update to the Teslas. What this really shows is that Tesla's will brake differently depending on whether Tesla and the illuminati want to kill you or not. Tesla's are illuminati Death Traps - esp the self driving ones. The illuminati wants to be able to kill us in our cars any time they want. That's why Tesla's braking is so irregular.

Consumer Reports also said nearly all of the Model 3's controls are on a center touch screen direction with no gauges on the dashboard and few buttons inside the car. This forces drivers to take several steps to do simple tasks and can cause driver distraction, the magazine said.

The car also had a stiff ride and excessive wind noise at highway speeds, unlike competitors, Consumer Reports said.

Elon is constantly missing his own projected numbers for production of the Model 3s. Elon said he'd fix the problems, but they've only gotten worse. Tesla will soon go bankrupt. It's already the most heavily shorted stocks on any stock exchange.

Bob Lutz has a very insightful viewpoint on Tesla. Lutz, now 85 and only semi-retired, is an auto industry legend. He's one of a still-too-rare species of Detroit executive known as a "car guy," an enthusiast who puts the product first and then figures out how "the bean counters" can afford to build it.

He has held top spots at BMW, Ford, Chrysler and General Motors. He was GM's vice chairman during the financial crisis and pushed the company into electrified vehicles with the Chevy Volt. He retired in 2010. When asked about what he thought about Tesla, Lutz said:

I don't know why it is that otherwise intelligent people can't see what's going on there. They lose money on every car, they have a constant cash drain, and yet everybody talks as if this is the most miraculous automobile company of all time. (Musk) has no technology that's not available to anybody else. It's lithium-ion cobalt batteries. Every carmaker on the planet has electric vehicles in the works with a 200-300-mile range.

Lutz is convinced that Tesla is a "losing enterprise" that won't last. He expects them to go bankrupt this year. "The company, folks, is going out of business. At this rate they'll never get to 2019" Lutz said on CNBC.

Lutz reiterated his claims after Elon's recent train wreck of a conference call. "I've been totally consistent on this," he told CNBC last week, his "costs are way higher than his revenues"... what's been keeping Tesla going is returning to the capital markets for funding."That may work one more time, and then he's going to run out of money again, and then he's cooked," Lutz said. "At this rate, Chapter 11 [bankruptcy] is a certainty." Tesla will go bankrupt this year. Anyone who owns stock will get wiped out.

Even if Tesla can deliver on the number of Model 3s it says it will, it still won't nearly be profitable. Tesla will need to raise billions more in capital this year (2018). They will need to do that after already taking out 13 billion in loans from the big banks. And now Elon just had the weirdest call with the people he needs to ask money from. He acted like a complete asshole to the biggest banks in the world refusing to even answer simple, important questions about Tesla's financial situation. Not good Elon.... not good....

Tesla's scary balance sheet ($US10 billion in debt, less than $US3 billion in cash) will land it in major financing trouble. Wall Street doesn't want to be giving Tesla billions a year in handouts every year. They are going to cut Elon's access to funding and when they do, Tesla will go bankrupt overnight. It's important to remember that like Tesla, GM and Chrysler were saddled with debt and failing to make money prior to the financial crisis. But nobody was seriously predicting Chapter 11 - until both carmakers had their access to debt funding cut off. Then bankruptcy arrived like a raptor swooping down on its prey.

Elon had the weirdest conference call ever to discuss Tesla earnings and production issues. Elon Musk seemed to be collapsing and melting down in front of everyone. At one point he refuses to answer any more questions saying "Bonehead questions are boring. Not Cool."

I guess the people who have given Elon Musk billions of dollars in financing are pretty bonehead stupid aren't they? Elon was so annoyed by having to answer real questions that he refused to answer any more from the professionals and instead brought up a Youtube chanel and started answering questions from them.

Elon dismissed one question from a key analyst as "boring," then took more than 20 minutes of questioning from a 25-year-old YouTuber.

"We're going to go to YouTube. Sorry. These questions are so dry. They're killing me," Musk complained.

Musk then turne don Galileo Russell, a Tesla fanboy who issues his sycophantic opinions on Tesla via a YouTube channel. Musk spent about 20 minutes conversing companionably with Russell - who pronounced Musk's answers "awesome" - on issues tangential, at best, to the hard quarterly numbers the company disclosed a few minutes before.

During his train wreck of a call, Elon Musk managed to insult analysts, the media, federal regulators and people who died behind the wheel of his cars, and then told anyone concerned about volatility not to invest in his company.

Elon's disasterous performance lead to the stock losing 4 BILLION the next day. Elon's musks losses keep getting bigger and bigger and he still can't produce enough Model 3's to make Tesla make sense economically. Tesla shares have fallen more than 8%. During the call, Musk disclosed the largest quarterly loss in the history of a company known far and wide for losing vast sums of money, with a net loss of almost $785 million, up substantially from the $397 million it lost in the same period last year.

It only got weirder from there. In his conference-call introduction, Musk confused per-week and per-day production figures, described a "super complicated" robot Tesla designed and built before realizing it could not perform its unnecessary function, then mentioned offhandedly that he planned to restructure the company this month.

When the question-and-answer session started, Musk turned vitriolic, and not even his fellow executives were safe. After Chief Financial Officer Deepak Ahuja referred to Tesla as "best in class" for batteries while responding to an analyst query, he was interrupted by Musk.

"The best. It is not a class," Musk interjected.

"Yes, we're the best. Sorry," Ahuja replied.

"The best in a class of one," Musk made sure to point out.

In March, the occupant of a top-of-the-line Tesla Model X with the system engaged died after the vehicle hit a highway barrier in Northern California, was hit by two other cars and caught fire. The incidents revived memories of a 2016 crash when the occupant of a Tesla running on Autopilot in Florida was killed in a collision with a truck the system apparently had not spotted.

In response to these failures of Tesla Autopilot, Elon said the real problem is the media covering people dying in their Teslas. Musk went so far as to suggest that reporters will cause more deaths by covering the deaths of people who are using this new technology that Musk and others believe will soon be widespread. Musk said. "And, yeah, it's really incredibly irresponsible of any journalists with integrity to write an article that would lead people to believe that autonomy is less safe."

Elon Musk's peculiar post-earnings call was the talk of the market the next morning, with one analyst ranking it among the strangest moments of his career. "Tesla's 1Q18 analyst conference call was arguably the most unusual call I have experienced in 20 years on the sell-side," Adam Jonas, equity analyst at Morgan Stanley, said in a note to clients. "Many investors we spoke with post the call agree."

"To be clear. Tonight's conference call didn't go very well. Feedback we have received from investors during and following the call support this view", Morgan Stanley's opinion said.

"Needless to say", RBC Capital Markets said, "the call didn't go well".

"Investor feedback is that [Elon's] performance shook confidence, which we'd argue is an important piece of the Tesla story", an analysis from RBC Capital Markets said, noting that Tesla still faces "healthy, and warranted, skepticism" about its "near-term production capabilities".

"Truly Bizarre", JP Morgan headlined its note.

Basically what happened is that Elon Musk doesn't want to face "dry boring" reality. The reality is that he can't make enough Model 3s. Elon just doesn't want to face reality and that's why he shut down all the questions.

Elon claims Tesla can make 2000 Model 3s a week currently but says he needs to produce at least 5000 a week in order to be profitable. Elon claims he can go from 2000 cars a week to 5000 a week in less than two months. One of the few things Elon would commit to on the call is that Tesla will meet its objective of 5000 cars a week by June (that's like next month June). Elon says they can totally ramp up production by 250% (2000 -> 5000) in less than two months. Of course, every target number that Elon has given has been bullshit. Prior to this, after changing his goals multiple times, Elon promised 6,000 Model 3s a week by the end of June. Now it's 5000 even though they can only make 2,000. Elon is all lies. He hasn't met any of the goals he claimed he was going to.

One analyst said, "while the consequences are unquantifiable, we believe Tesla's CEO made a mistake in refusing to answer some of the analyst questions about the Model 3 ramp. Additionally, we found the posture out of character with the normally inviting, enlightening tone of prior conference calls over many years. While they may be 'dry' in nature, we argue such questions are extremely important for a highly levered and cash hungry company with 2025 bonds trading at 89."

The back drop to Tesla not making enough cars is that they've borrowed a shit load of money and are so leveraged in debt they can't raise any more money. When asked by Toni Sacconaghi, an analyst at Bernstein, about the company's future capital requirements, Mr Musk replied: "Excuse me, excuse me. Next, next. Boring bonehead questions are not cool. Next." Whether the company will need to raise capital this year has been oft-debated; it became a more critical issue after Tesla revealed that it burned through about $1 billion in cash in the first quarter. And the company's very survival depends on the Model 3, which has been plagued by production delays and quality control issues.

Tesla has BIG BIG problems and a lot of them. Executives like chip expert Jim Keller are fleeing, factory workers are attempting to organize as reports suggest an unsafe workplace, and Musk continues to add more pet projects to a company that can't seem to get up to speed on the project he added years ago, the Model 3. Musk's increasingly bizarre and combative behavior is not helping.

Elon's responser to the call the next day was to say that yeah he might have bene a complete asshole and that was probably massively stupid but guess what, he's getting his flamethrowers soon. He implied that somehow the flamethrowers would "burn" all of Tesla's shorters, all of Elon's critics. How the Boring Companies flame throwers will help Tesla is a complete mystery. Elon behaves like a spoiled, stupid, pathetic little boy more and more.

Ironically, the Tesla Short sellers - the BAINE of Elon's sad pathetic existence - only increased after Elon talked about BURNING THEM ALL with his TINY FLAMETHROWERS.

Short seller Mark Spiegel of Stanphyl Capital didn't sound scared: "Tesla stock has now officially entered the transition from when the shorts go from being mocked to being blamed." Spiegel said that switch only confirms his view Tesla is collapsing.

Short interest in the stock increased by nearly 400,000 shares on May 3, the day after the report, bringing the total to more than 40 million shares for the first time in Tesla's history, notes S3 Partners' Ihor Dusaniwsky. Moreover, despite Musk's remarks today and the stocks' gain, shorts rose by half a million shares Friday.

Tesla is about to be in the unprecedented position of their being more demand for shorting the stock than availability to short it. Tesla is the most shorted stock in US History.

Tesla customers and shorts may have something in common, says Dusaniwsky: More demand than supply. Not all long shares are in stock-lending programs, and given the high short interest at the moment, that leaves just 6.5 million shares for expanded short positions.

The real question Elon should aks himself is how much he's going to fuck the Boring company with his stupid toy flamethrowers. His flamethrowers are just cooking accessories with triggers. They look super wimpy compared to a real flamethrower. They do look dangerous though. I imagine the Boring company is going to be dealing with a shit load of lawsuits as people burn themselves by accident.

Hey, Elon, here's what a real flamethrower looks like you stupid dumb gnome.

Elon Musk isn't just rude to Wall Street, he's also rude to the people who are regulating Automatic cars. A few weeks prior to his famously frustrated investor call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk hung up on the chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board during a call regarding an investigation into a fatal crash involving a Model X, Bloomberg reports. NTSB chairman Robert Sumwalt called Musk to warn him that the company's blog posts placing blame on the car's driver for the fatal accident had crossed a line. Tesla had previously been warned against making statements regarding the crash while it was under investigation.

Musk's decision to hang up on Sumwalt may have prompted the board to kick Tesla's representatives off the investigation. Tesla had previously released a statement saying that it had decided to "withdraw" from the NTSB's investigation. On April 12, however, the NTSB released a statement saying that it had chosen to remove Tesla's represtentatives.