UBER is a Illuminati Rape Service

Uber is a rape service for the Illuminati. A large portion of Uber drivers are illuminati rapists.

1/3 of Uber drivers report they make no money - they actually lose money on being a Uber driver. Why do they do it? Because they rape people or murder people. They're using Uber as a protection for their rape, sexual assault and serial killing. The Illuminati set up the whole system to protect them.

The statistics are startling: Nearly three-quarters of drivers earn less than minimum wage; the median profit before taxes is $3.37/hour. Paying for a vehicle and making sure it's in good working condition is a considerable expense. Median gross driver revenue is estimated to be $0.59 per mile, while median driver profits are $0.29 per mile. For tax purposes the $0.54/mile standard mileage deduction in 2016 means that nearly half of drivers can declare a loss on their taxes. It's no wonder Uber has enormous attrition. In April of last year, The Information reported Uber was only retaining about 4% of drivers annually. The 4% they are retaining are all Illuminati rapists and murderers. Those are the only people Uber makes sense for.

If you use the Uber app, you are consenting to let Uber conduct secret private arbitrations against any claims of sexual assault on behalf of drivers. Essentially, you are giving up the right to file charges against your rapist or sexual attacker.

More than a dozen women, who have accused Uber drivers of sexual assault, penned an open letter Thursday demanding the ride-sharing company let them pursue their claims in court rather than force them to resolve their cases privately through arbitration. CNN has covered the story extensively.

The women write very persuasively that "Forcing female riders, as a condition of using Uber's app, to pursue claims of sexual assault and rape in secret arbitration proceedings does not 'make streets safer.' In fact, it does the opposite," the women write. "Silencing our stories deprives customers and potential investors from the knowledge that our horrific experiences are part of a widespread problem at Uber. This is not doing the 'right thing.'" The letter continues, "Secret arbitration takes away a woman's right to a trial by a jury of her peers and provides a dark alley for Uber to hide from the justice system, the media, and public scrutiny."

Rape and other forms of sexual assault are already under-reported crimes. 9 out of 10 rapes are not reported to the police. Even with that under reporting, 103 cases of sexual assault by Uber drivers were reported just in 2017.

In one terrifying incident of Uber Rape in India, a male Uber driver allegedly kidnapped and raped a female passenger. In response, Uber apologized and promised to look into options to make its service safer. It also introduced a "panic button" feature that allows riders to alert the police and a few selected friends or family members of their location.

This feature seems like it could go a long way to increasing both actual safety and feelings of safety, but it is only available to riders, not drivers, and - for some reason - only in India. Uber did not provide any explanation for this, suggesting that the company either views the alleged rape as an isolated incident or one unique to India specifically. The reason the service was not provided everywhere else the Uber app is used is because they don't want to make it more difficult for the Illuminati rapists and murders to rape and murder.

Uber had a rape culture in its CEO and throughout it's management. Uber Technologies Inc. Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick and his deputy Emil Michael over the years entertained a peculiar theory regarding the rape of an Indian women by an Uber driver: They suggested to colleagues that their Indian competitor framed Uber for a headline-grabbing rape in India, according to people familiar with the matter. After the driver was convicted, Kalanick continued to express doubts to friends and colleagues about whether the woman had been raped, according to two people, including Gabi Holzwarth, an ex-girlfriend who responded to questions from Bloomberg. An Uber executive also obtained the woman's medical file after the rape. Current and former employees said they expressed serious concerns about how Alexander obtained and touted the report, which detailed the results of an invasive medical examination.

In 2017, Uber launched two probes into workplace violations after allegations of harassment, discrimination and potential criminal activity. In June 2017 the company fired more than 20 people for human-resources violations. Uber's treatment of the India incident illustrates the challenge facing investigators, whose operations now include more than 12,000 employees and over 500 cities worldwide. It also shows executives were willing to go to extremes in their attempts to protect the business.

An investigation led by former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder reviewed an array of issues at Uber, including the use of a software tool to deceive government officials and an encounter at a Seoul karaoke bar in 2014. Alexander, Kalanick and Michael were among the Uber employees at the South Korean bar, where patrons could summon women wearing numbered tags to their tables, according to Holzwarth, the ex-girlfriend who said she was there. Holzwarth discussed the event with Uber's investigators after Michael, Uber's senior vice president of business, attempted to silence her, she said. The Information, a technology website that first reported the event, said a female marketing manager who was there in Seoul had previously raised the issue with HR.

This isn't just a question of lax standards for their drivers and an attempt to cover up rape to protect the bottom line of the company. Uber was started specifically with the intent of being a service for the illuminati for both their rapists and serial murderers.

Uber offers an extra Illuminati service that only the Illuminati know about where they'll cover up the rape or murder afterward. They'll also allow you to rape then murder

The Illuminati handle all of the billing for these illegal services. The Illuminati have created a system of credit and a market for evil that allows them to pay people for things like murder and rape with no trace for prosecutors or investigators. It's like the movie John Wick where there is a backroom where organized crime makes their transactions without leaving records for the police or investigators.

When an Uber driver picks up a passenger, they know exactly what they look like. The rapist can essentially order the type of woman or man he (or she) wants to rape or murder. You can custom taylor your victims. You can book at mother with two kids to murder. If you like kiling young black women you can pick as many as you want as long as you pay the Illuminati for the "service."

The Illuminati will dispose of the body for the murderer. They'll hide the phone records. There will be no record on Uber. No record of the request for a car No record of your phone location. Ppl who disappear are being taken by their Uber drivers and then never seen again. And there is no record of anything.

Lyft is the exact same sort of Illuminati market for rape and murder. The difference is that Lyft targets gays and lesbians. Drivers who drive for Lyft mostly want to kill or rape gay men. The Illuminati provides the same billing services and cleans up the crimes the same way.