After the year 2000 the illuminati destroyed the remote control and forced Americans to use a graphical display inorder to choose their shows on their remote controls.

It used to be that you could surf on your remote. You wouldn't even know exactly what you were seeing as your remote sped past the channels but when you found something interesting you could stop there and watch for a while. The illuminati hated this because the freedom of being able to surf on your remote allowed people to find broadcasts that they wouldn't normally - things like public broadcast channels that don't advertise.

TV an be a very educational medium and being able to open doors to other worlds through the TV is a dangerous thing for the illuminati. They want to be able to control every broadcast anyone has the chance of ever seeing. So the illuminati killed channel surfing.

Now in order to get a channel, you have to press a button to go to a menu, then press another button to go up or down on a graphic display of thousands of channels. Consumers are smamped with too many choices and have lost the ability to surf quickly through them.

This massive decrease in viewing experience was phased in at the same time as addded Tivo like abilities. Everyone was told that we had to abandon the old remote controls with this new system but that was just a lie. There is no reason our old remote controls weren't compatible with new Tivo Systems. In reality, the illuminati just wanted to force us all to browse on long menus to destroy the experience of watching TV and surfing channels.

When I grew up there were 40 or so channels on TV and you could flip through all of them in less than 30 seconds, Now there are thousands of channels that take take a couple of seconds to access when browsing the menu. The resulting experience is horrible and keeps people from watching TV. You spend forever reading through choices you have absolutely no interest in. The menu provides you with little detail and forces you to select an option then to read more about it. All of this used to happen in mircoseconds when people would just flip through their remote.

Tivo was a transformative technology but it didn't need to come at the expense of our old remote controls. Really all the features that TiVo did on it's hard drives were things our VCR sets and VCR tapes used to do. TIVO was just moving from an analog to a digital hard drive based way of storing information. That allowed us to get rid of tapes, but it's not like people weren't recording broadcasts and fastforwarding through commercials before TIVO came around.

The one true advantage TIVO provided was the ability to skip commercials rather than fast forward through them. The illuminati allowed this ability because they wanted to destroy the TV market by destroying the Ad market. While customers obviously were pleased to be able to jump past commercials, the TV industry was quickly worried that they their business model was now toast and there was no way to provide profitable programming to people anymore.

Really, American broadcast TV has never recovered and the quality of Broadcast TV has gone down hill ever sine. Where is the modern TAXI? or Cheers? Or All in the Family? Big Bang Theory is one of the crappiest shows ever produced and yet is passed off as our generations TV hit show.

While the cable industry was destroying our remotes for the illuminati, our TV programming was also getting destroyed by reality programming. Scripted shows based on talented ensemble casts - shows like Cheers, Taxi and All in the Family - were considered too expensive to make given the new advertising revenue models. So broadcast TV became Reality TV shows.

While Broadcast TV died, the illuminati big tech companies like Netflix and Amazon started coming in with their bulk seasons of TV that was really just serialized movies. TV budgets had always been much lower than movie budgets, but now binge shows like house of Cards were having 13 million dollar episodes. The production quality of shows available on your TV show got alot better, while broadcast TV basically disappeared into the reality TV hole.

So not only did the illuminati kill your remote control and channel surfing, they basically killed broadcast TV itself. That's why TV used to be better in the 1980s than it is now. The illuminati have destroyed it.