Pompeii was like a penal colony for the illuminati. They sent their worst there - there most depraved. They were allowed to operate however they wanted. That's why God destroyed it with with the eruption at Vesuvius which happened at midnight in 79 AD.

Pompeii was like a prison for the evil of the illuminati Roman world. Rather than murder the worst of the illuminati satanists they put them in Pompeii and said do whatever you want. Rich people from all of the illuminati Roman world would come to Pompeii to slum it - to hang out with the truly depraved and take part of their depravities. The illuminati knew that Pompeii was next to a Volcano and everyone could die at any time. They put their worst people there because they were expendable people who they wouldn't mind dying anyway.

When the Volcano erupted it was like a giant fart over Pompeii. Everyone died immediately from volcanic ash that made statues of them. It was like medusa looked at everyone at once. All the people were frozen in their evil Satanic activities - like child murder, torture, murder, pedophilia, bestiality, human sacrifice, necrophilia. All the things that we should not do were cataloged by God - it was like a visual reference of sin.

The Italians didn't get the message from Pompeii. They actually started emulating the things that were frozen and started reproducing the sins more. For that God then buried Pompei for a thousand years in another explosion in 1980. When Pompeii was discovered again first in 1600, it was buried back up by the Catholic Church who didn't want anyone learning about the sordid deeds done at Pompeii.

When Pompeii was rediscovered in the 1730s the Illuminati hid the sculptures. They removed the catalog of sin and only kept the statues that looked normal. They white washed the whole scene to make it look normal. The removed the murals that celebrated Satan the horned God. The illuminati removed all the orgies, all the pedophilia, all the child sacrifices, all the bestiality.

Even necrophilia was recorded as a sin in Pompeii. Bodies could be seen being dug up from their graves. Men were seen raping them. Pompeii was a place where Necrophilia was legal in illuminati Rome. In Pompeii, people had a special graveyard where they were allowed to have sex with the dead bodies.

The people who buried themselves there sold their bodies into prostitution after they were dead. They knew their bodies would be defiled but in exchange the Roman illuminatiies would pay for the opportunity to rape their dead bodies. The person's family would collect the money from having their family member's body despoiled. The entire process was legal and above ground. The illuminati made it a business.

The illuminati actually developed an embalmbing process to make the corpses last longer while they were being sodomized and raped. They wanted to maximize the revenue they could make from each dead body. So they would toughen up the skin and make them into weird dolls of flesh that the illuminati would pay to have sex with.

The message from Vesuvius was supposed to be - you do these things, you die. The illuminati didn't get the message though. This was a couple of generations after they had murdered Jesus Christ. When Vesuvius exploded the entire Earth was covered in the smell of sulfur. Part of that was the volcano itself part of it was the Magliens dieing because they are scared of volanoes and they also realized that God was angry at them.