Queen Nefertiti was truly one of the most beautiful people of the ancient world.

A German archaeological team led by Ludwig Borchardt discovered the bust of Nerfertiti in 1912. Nefertiti ruled with her giant husband Ahmenhotep. They were sent by God to eliminate the Illuminati's control of Egypt. Which they did for a while until the Illuminati murdered them and their daughters one at a time. Nefertiti was the first Queen in history. She ruled after the illuminati murdered her husband Ahmenhotep for

Ahmenhotep brought a new sort of religion to Egypt that worshipped God directly at the sun. The other egyptian God's the Illuminati had created were wiped clean and the original god of creation - the Sun was worshipped. He was only able to rule for 17 years and his wife for another 3 before the Illuminati killed them and returned Egypt to their Satanic Gods.

The Illuminati has always hated Nefertiti and Ahmenhotep. In each of the eyes of Nefertiti's bust their used to be quartz for the iris of her eyes. One piece of quartz was stolen by the Illuminati when they found the sculpture. The other one was left in. This use of quartz for the eyes was a reference to the ancient egyptian use of induction to generate power via quartz crystals. Nefertiti and her husband knew God first hand. They knew that the Great Pyramid was created by God. They saw the energy it created in their own eyes.

King Tut's familiy murdered Nefertiti, Ahmenhotep and their children. Tut was an evil illuminati Egyptian Jew.

King Tut was also a hermaphrodite like Cleopatra. Because of all the inbreeding, Tut suffered from Antley-Bixler syndrome, a genetic mutation that yields strange physical effects, such as elongated skulls and under-developed genitalia. He literally had an extremely small insect penis (they've never found a penis in the sarcophogus). King Tut also had breasts and a club foot that he couldn't walk on. National Geographic did a genetic study and determined that he was seriously inbred and unhealthy (as well as ugly).