The genius that is Shakespeare was really an underground group writing together. They were anti-illuminati, anti-Monarchy Rosicrucians. Shakespear himself was just the secretary who wrote everything down. The most important of the collective was Francis Bacon. Francis Bacon wrote much of what Shakespear is credited for with some help from the others. They would write together in a group and then Shakespeare would write down what they had written. Shakespeare himself never had any good ideas.

The Queen of England at this point was trying to kill Francis Bacon. Bacon was agitating for constitutional reform in England. He wanted an expansion of the Magna Carter into a full fledged representative democracy. This tradition had been rekindled in 1265 with Simon De Montford who had briefly established a representative democracy in England.

Bacon was alive 300 years after Simon. After Simon, Robin Hood who was a general of Simon's army carried on the fight for representative democracy by stealing from the evil tax collectors and giving to the poor. In the 1300s Joan of Acre lead a revolution in France as Joan of Arc that attempted to liberate the French people from their Monarchy. Bacon knew all of their true stories because he was a Rosicrucian and a descendant of Jesus Christ.

Shakespear was actually chosen to be the nom de pen of the whole group because his name was a threat to the monarchy - shakes spear... The Rosicrucians were rattling their sabers, shakespear was shaking his spear at the Royal Monarchy.

Shakespeare - as he is known to history - was hugely prolific. It makes sense that it was a writing colletive that was banding underneath one name. It's much easier to produce that volume of work when you're working in a writing group. Essentially it was like how modern TV shows are run with writer rooms that have 5 writers lead by a head writer. Bacon was the head writer and came up with many of the ideas and the other writers helped perfect the stories, characters and plots.

There are hidden works they wrote that have not been released to the public - another 25 plays by "Shakespear and co." that the illuminati is sitting on and refusing to allow the world to read. The Queen has kept them locked away for almost 400 years now. Many of the suppressed plays deal with political issues. The Queen would ban plays from being run if they had any sort of political themes.

For a long time people have speculated that Francis Bacon was behind Shakespeare. The theory was first put forth in the mid-nineteenth century, based on perceived correspondences between the philosophical ideas found in Bacon’s writings and the works of Shakespeare. The real story here is why, and the reason Bacon hid behind Shakespeare was because of the political nature of what Bacon wanted to write about. Even the stories that the Queen allowed to be told by "Shakespeare" had criticisms of the Monarchy that the Queen was too stupid to understand.

There's a lot of literary evidence that Bacon was Shakespeare.

Bacon was also a cyrptologist - a code breaker and creator. There are hidden messages in the plays. These messages were an opportunity to speak completely freely.

Baptised as "Gulielmus filius Johannes Shakspere" (William son of John Shakspere), the traditionally accepted author's surname is spelled in several variants during his lifetime, but his signature is most commonly spelled "Shakspere".

The collective would sign the plays Shakespeare if they wanted to threaten revolution if the Queen banned the plays. Bacon was Lord Chancellor at the time and could literally stage a revolution if he wanted to. So he would have Shakespeare intentionally mispell his name as Shakespeare so the Queen would know that if she didn't allow the play to be published it would be civil war in England.