The first international empire grew out of the Congo. It was an African Empire that extended all the way to India.

The people in India were al run by the Congo for 400 years. There were Congo rulers who controlled everything. (Later the Mongols and Moors would come in and also invade and take over India.)

The Congoese Empire has been stricken from the historical record by the Illuminati. It existed from 4000 BC to 3000 BC. Eventually the moors undermined it and it collapsed from it's own

There is still a remant of the Congo empire in a hidden city in the Heart of Africa in the Congo. It's like Wakanda but not afro-futurist. A hidden valley that is perfect, remote and easily defendable inside of the Jungle.

It's really more like a series of valleys with the Jungle over the top so it can't be seen from satellite or planes. Planes don't fly over it anyway because it's so remote and there aren't a lot of planes flying over Africa anyway.

Very few of the illuminati know about it. It's like an urban legend in the Illuminati but it's really true. Just as the Quechua retreated from Machu Pichu into the jungle and continued their way of life hidden from the outside world the Congo Empire kept it's valleys and 3 cities hidden.

There are over 30 million people living in these three cities and the surrounding valleys and along the rivers that are near the valleys and cities. The cities each hold around 4 million people and the rest are spread out in towns throughout the valley and along the rivers.

Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness and King Kong are references to this hidden valley. In the Heart of Darkness they go look for the valley and die. In King Kong someone stumbles upon the valley and discovers King Kong. Black Panther is also a reference to this hidden valley though Wakanda looks nothing like the Congo Jungle empire valleys, jungle and rivers.