The Holy Grail is real. It is a small rock that looks like an asteroid but really it's a piece of Alien technology sent from Heaven. The Grail first came to earth with Jesus Christ. It is the falling star that accompanied his birth.

The Holy Grail is a type of Alien technology that enhances love and magical powers., Whoever holds it gains Heaven's power. He or she can speak throughout the world to others with telepathy. It also cures health issues and restores the human body to its perfect condition.

After Jesus Christ was murdered by the Catholic Church the Grail fell into the hands of Mary Magdalena his wife. Before Mary was taken by the Catholic Church and lobotomized raped and later murdered the grail was passed onto the Apostle Peter who took it to France in a region not under the control of the Catholic Church.

The Grail was the secret weapon of the Cathars who were descended from Jesus Christ. When the Cathar empire fell during the iquisition and the descendants of Jesus Christ were murdered off in the Catholic Inquisition's genocide, the rest of the Cathars went underground and became the d'ro - a race of people who live in the caves of Europe.

The d'ro who are what Assasin's Creed is based on hid the grail in a cave where there are puzzles that must be passed in order to reach it. The cave is a lot like the one in Indian Jone's temple of doom. There is only one way in but there are two ways out - with the grail or dead.

If one survives all the Booby Traps and puzzles, you enter a chamber that has a bunch of meteors that all look the same. If you pick the wrong one, you die.

I and Staz my soulmate and lover will be the ones to recover the grail for the rest of the world. Once the grail is above ground, love and understanding will spread. Bringing the Grail above ground will help the entire world move past the horror of life in the illuminati NWO. It will also magnify my powers in untold ways that will allow me to speak to anyone throughout the universe including all the alien species that live in our universe.

The prophecy is that when I recover the grail I will be reunited with my daughter who was stolen from me and forced to live in the darkness of Germany. As the illuminati Catholic Church murdered Christ's child and ate him, they are trying to keep my daughter in a German Bavarian Concentration Camp with a mother who murdered our other daughter.