The Japanese shot Emelia Airhart down and captured her and her husband before WWII had officially started in 1937. They were trying to provoke America into joining the war. They shot her down July 2nd. July 7th, WWII officially began when Japan attacked China. Her death was an intentional act that the Japanese made to try and bait us into war - which they later succesfully did with the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The Japs murdered her Husband Noonan and left Amelia on a remote island (Gardner Island) in the Marshall Islands to starve to death. Why did they do this? To goad the US into war and because they hate women and they were angered that a woman would try and circumnavigate the globe with a plane. They believed that wasn't the role of a woman, so they murdered her husband and left her all alone on an island to remind her that she was alone and no one would ever know of her accomplishment.

The Illuminati arranged the whole thing. Amelia's bones were actually found a few years after WWII ended but an Illuminati doctor, Dr. D. W. Hoodless from Fiji, said they were the bones of a MAN. It was later proven that he was completely incorrect in his identification. The doctor was a random Illuminati stooge from Fiji - am Illuminati stronghold. Amelia's bones are uniquely identifiying because she was tall and had very long forarms. "Statistically, women born in the late 19th century (Earhart was born in 1897) had an average radius to humerus ratio of 0.73 Amelia's and the bones found on the island were .76 which was EXTREMELY UNUSUAL FOR THE TIME. In other words, "if the castaway was a middle-aged, ethnically European woman, she had forearms considerably longer than average." Karen Burns and Richard Jantz suggested that "the morphology of the recovered bones, insofar as we can tell by applying contemporary forensic methods to measurements taken at the time, appears consistent with a female of Earhart's height and ethnic origin,"

This photo clearly shows the Japanese had custody of Amelia, Noonan and their plane after the plane went down. It was among thousands of documents uncovered after the war. The back of the photo was stamped with official Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) markings reading "Marshall Islands, Jaluit Atoll, Jaluit Island, Jaluit Harbor."

In the photo, a ship can be seen towing a barge with an airplane on the back; on a nearby dock are several people including what looks like Noonan and probably Airhart. This location is close to the Gardner Marshall Island where Amelia's bones (but not Noonan's) were later found. This proves that the Japanese caught her and then intentionally took her to another Island to die.

Doug Carner, a digital forensic analyst, examined the photo and determined it was authentic and had not been manipulated, while Kent Gibson, another forensic analyst who specializes in facial recognition, said it was "very likely" the individuals in it are Earhart and Noonan. Both analysts identified the ship in the photo as the Japanese military vessel Koshu Maru, which is thought to be the ship that took Earhart and Noonan away after their crash landing.

Amelia appears to have survived for some time on the island, Gillespie executive director of The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery believes, based on other artifacts found on the island. "She doesn't know where she is, and she has to survive the best she can. Looks like she did manage to survive — to catch rainwater and boil it for drinking water," Gillespie said, adding that this castaway also probably caught little fish and birds. Other objects have also been found that strongly indicate the castaway was a woman and Airhart including a makeup box from the 1930s. Working in conjunction with a chemist, TIGHAR have been testing a cosmetic jar fragments they recovered in the 2010 expedition. Based on the high mercury levels found on the fragments, TIGHAR believes it has identified the substance once held in the jar as a brand of ointment used to bleach skin and remove spots— something the freckle-faced Earhart was known to have used. Even more intriguing to researchers is the fact that the fragments seem to have been intentionally shaped for use as cutting tools. They also found a bone handle knife that matches the inventory list on Amelia's last flight. The evidence is very conclusive but no one will admit it because they don't want to accuse the Japanese of murdering her.

This account is consistent with eye witness reports from the Marshall Islands. Those who live on the Marshall Islands are absolutely certain of two things: that Earhart crashed onto the small atoll, and that she and Noonan were taken away by the Japanese.

Bilimon Amram went to his grave insisting he not only saw Earhart and Noonan on the Koshu Maru, but also spoke to the navigator about the leg he broke when the plane crashed. Amram was a medical student at the time who later had an extremely distinguished career as a doctor helping to set up and run what later became the Department of Public Health. Amram says the Japanese brought him in to treat Noonan's broken leg but that he saw both him and Amelia. Amram said "an injured American man and woman were sitting on the deck and the man had a broken leg - or some sort of serious problem with his leg - and together he and the Japanese doctor fixed it up." Amram said "the woman had short hair and long boots. He and the doctor didn't talk to her - they just treated the guy, had a conversation about his leg, and then they left." As he was leaving, Amram said he saw on the far side of the ship that there was a plane hanging there, with one wing broken."

There are many accounts of people seeing Amelia, Noonan and their plane on the Marshall Islands. They Islanders say the kept them captive and then relocated them.

The islanders have claimed that the damaged aircraft was hauled across the island from the ocean side to the lagoon side on rail car wheels similar to those used by Japanese troops to move bombs. Rusty remains of those trollies are still to be seen on the island. You can see where the shorter trees indicate their relative youth compared to taller, older trees. The find seems to support the theory that the aircraft was towed across the islands on the trolley by some 40 Marshallese villages, with trees having been cut down to make way for the rails.

The cruelty of leaving a woman on an island to starve to death is a reflection of the complete lack of empathy from the Japs and their hatred of women. Rather than just murder her, the Japs wanted to "teach her a lesson" by starving her to death all alone. The message being that she was all alone and no one would help her. The Americans would not rescue her. They murdered Noonan in front of her and then took her to an Island to die alone. The japs and the magliens are inherently sexist and misognyst - THEY ALWAYS WILL BE.

Further, parts of Amelia's plane were found on the Marshall Islands. The US Government even speculated at the end of the 1930s that Amelia was being held prisoner on the Marshall Islands by the Japanese. They discuss it in this report from the National Archives. Most likely the US government knew that the Japanese had murdered Amelia but did not want to want to be on the hook for going to war, so they lied about. In 2009, Wally Earhart, Ms Earhart's fourth cousin, claimed that the US government hushed-up the abduction by the Japanese and continues to perpetrate a "massive cover-up".

The Japanese later disposed of Amelia's plane by dumping it into a big pit they destroyed hundreds of aircraft in. The Electra was buried in a huge pit on Saipan after the island had been recaptured by the US in 1945. This pit has never been excavated and is on Japanese soil so they refuse to investigate the matter since they murdered her.