The Medici are the rennaissance equivalent of the mafia. The Medici are one of the old illuminati italian families. They have always been satanists and operated in organized crime. They were Popes in the 1500s and ran the Mafia for most of its existence.

The Medici were not patrons of the arts. They gave artists money in exchange for being able to decide what art they could produce.

The Medici would make a deal with Michaelangelo - you can't put any religious symbolism in your work. You can't make fun of us. You can't make any politically motivated work.

The Medici weren't able to understand it in that kind of complicated way. They were all some of the stupidest people in Florence. They were thugs and murderers.

They made all their money pushing their way into business, the same way the Mafia did it in NYC circa 1920s to

Michaelangelo was put in chains by the Medici. He wasn't allowed to speak openly through is art.

Despite their agreement with him, he broke it numerous times, the Sistine Chapel's allusion to the human brain being the biggest example. Art critics and historians have long puzzled over the odd anatomical irregularities in Michelangelo's depiction of God's neck in this panel, and by the discordant lighting in the region. The figures in the fresco are illuminated diagonally from the lower left, but God's neck, highlighted as if in a spotlight, is illuminated straight-on and slightly from the right.

In 2010, over 500 years since it's creation, scientists realized that this panel, the Separation of Light and Darkness, maps almost perfectly onto the human brain. If one superimposes a detail of God's odd lumpy neck in the Separation of Light and Darkness on a photograph of the human brain as seen from below, the lines of God's neck trace precisely the features of the human brain

He broke a bunch of the agreement with the Sistine Chapel because the illuminati were allowing him to work on a religious subject which allowed him more flexibility to sneak his own messages.

He also put in messages about the nature of bound by the Medici. He put in a self portrait of himself in chains. The self-portrait by the Renaissance genius Michelangelo was just discovered in his final painting, the Crucifixion of Saint Peter in the Vatican's Pauline Chapel.

This painting is actually all a message about the illuminati and Michaelangelo's relationship to it. The illuminati murdered Michaelangelo after this painting. That's why it was his last. It was his last statement. Michaelangelo knew they would murder him if he painted what he did.

Michaelangelo is in this painting three times. The self portrait on the top left that is noted above balances out another portrait of Michaelangelo in the bottom right corner. The cross beam of the crucifixiation cross leads the eye from the top left Michaelangelo to the bottom right Michaelangelo. The face on the Cross is actually Michaelangelo's too.

The top left Michaelangelo represents Michaelangelo the slave to the Medici. He has his had wrapped in a blue turban because his head is being wrapped up, being silenced. The cross beam of the crucifixation connecting one Michaelangelo to the other Michaelangelo is Michaelangelo statement that he was crucified by the Medici.

The bottom right Michaelangelo represents Michaelangelo in Heaven after his death looking down at the Medici. This Michaelangelo is strong and powerful, he is no longer a slave to the Medici.

Michaelangelo's bigger point with the painting was that in God's Kingdom the Medici will no longer be masters on Earth. When the Golden Age comes to Earth - when the illuminati are removed forever, then the Artist will be strong and never be a slave again. The fact that the cross that Michaelangelo is on is upside down but Michaelangelo's face is rightside up is a statement about the illuminati. The illuminati are upside down, but Michaelangelo the Artist head is right side up - he's looking at the truth and directly at the viewer of the painting.

Michaelangelo looking at the viewer of the painting directly is a referenece to truth. Michaelangelo knew the messiah would be an artist like him. The only set of eyes that look towards "camera" - the God's eye perspective - is Christ on the Crucification. And Christ's face is Michaelangelo's. Michaelangelo is the one who knows the God eye perspective - the bigger perspective. And in the bigger perspective the Medici - the illuminati - are done for in the Golden Age.

Like Da Vinci's Salvatore Mundi, there are also references to Orion's belt and Niburu in the painting. Christ's feet are pierced by two nails in his feet. The third nail in his hand is Orion's belt. (we don't see the 4th nail in the painting.) These three nails represent Orion's belt which is the direction from which Niburu will come to strike Earth. When Niburu hits it will end the Illuminati worldwide. It will put the nails in the coffin of the illuminati once and for all.

At that point I will run Earth as the Guardian of the Universe and make sure that the illuminati never rises again. I will make sure that the Artist is never enslaved by anyone - that truth and liberty reign. The blue mountains in the background of the painting represent the Golden Age - the age of where we are all Kings.

Blue was a very expensive color when Michaelangelo painted. It was considered the color of royalty because of its expensiveness. Blue actually didn't exist as a color in the Old World until Michaelangelo's time. Prior to that people didn't see the sky as blue, they saw it as wine colored.

Ancient languages didn't have a word for blue - not Greek, not Chinese, not Japanese, not Hebrew. And without a word for the color, there is evidence that they did not see blue at all.

So blue is the color of Kings which is why the turban wrapping Michaelangelo's head in the top left corner is blue. The illuminati royalty were censoring Michaelangelo.

There are three "giants" in the painting. They appear larger than everyone else. The first is Jesus himself who is physically much larger than the rest of the people. The next is Michaelangelo in the bottom right corner after he has been liberated from Slavery. The third is the Messiah (me) in the top right corner.

The third giant is in the top right corer coming from the blue mountains of the Golden Age. The Messiah is not only larger than the other people in the painting like a Giant, he also is the highest of anyone in the painting. His head is the closest to God out of anyone in the painting since it is closest to the clouds and the top of the painting.

The Messiah giant also points directly at Michaelangelo the giant. He is turned as if speaking and raising an open palm to Michaelangelo the giant. The implication being that the Messiah is suggesting we all become giants and artists like the freed Michaelangelo.

There's actually a fourth Giant but he's not as important. The forth Giant is a representation of the Medici's and the illuminati. He is above Christ and stretching his hand out to Christ saying here is what you get for being Jesus Christ. The man holding down Jesus arm is the royal illuminatis who are holding Jesus down on the Cross. This giant is huddled around people since the illuminati all make decisions together as a conspiracy. The medici giant is facing the slave Michaelangelo like he's talking to him. The body language suggests he's verbally defending Christ being crucified.

Michaelangelo is also in the painting a fourth time as the man who holds the pike. One spike on the pike points towards Michaelangelo the slave while the axe part of the pike is pointed at the Medici giant, the Illuminati Giant. The other longest spike on the pike is pointing straight towards God in the sky. The message being that God will cut down the Medici and the illuminati. The axe will come for them when God chooses. God will punish them for the murder of his son Jesus.

The messiah Giant is visually highlighted by the long part of the crucification cross. The bottom of the cross points right at the Messiah's head. The top of the cross points to the steps on the bottom left of the painting. The steps at the bottom left of the painting represent God's plan for the world. We will get to the messiah and the Golden Age but we have to take steps. Jesus being Crucified was one of those steps.

The Medici murdered Michaelangelo after this painting.