Unicorns are real and they still exist.

In the 1500s the Illuminati caught all the remaining unicorns and took them into an underground stable. They've been bred and raised underground for centuries now.

The illuminati Catholics cut the unicorns horns off and use them for satanic spells. When you cut the Unicorn's horn off it dies afterward.

God created Unicorns like he created the Narwhale. The Narwhale is the unicorn of the Sea. The illuinati would have hunted the Narwhales to extinction if they could. They also kill the narwhales for their horns which they use in Satanic magic.

When the illuminati Catholics robbed the world of Unicorns they also took a special breed of Lion which has telepathic abilities. There were really lions like Narnia's Aslan. Giant Lions who could communicate telepathically with people.

Lions used to extend throughout Europe, Asia and Africa. They were the Kings of the Animal world and extended throughout the Ancient World. The Illuminati hunted them to death and imprisoned the Giant lions who had telepathic abilities. These giant lions were the Guardians of the natural world and meant to protect the animals from mankind.

The Satanic Catholic Church also use the Lion's body parts in Satanic magic rituals. The lions claws are ground down and made into a powder and the hair is used in spells.