One of the biggest pedophiles in Hollywood is Jim Parsons who is on the Big Bang Theory. Jim Parsons has a new show Young Sheldon which allows him to abuse a lot of children including the actor playing young Sheldon. Parsons chose that child because he wants to abuse him and rape him with a strap on all the time and now he has a daily excuse.

Parsons is a hack, Big Bang Theory is one of the worst TV shows ever. It is completely unfunny. The Illuminati spend trillions every night to brainwash people via Titanpointe that Big Bang Theory is funny. They also fake their ratings on TV. The entire show is a platform for Illuminati child sexual abusers and rapists. The longest shot in the title sequence is of the traditional pyramid with the illuminati eye above it, as seen on a dollar note, while throughout the titles various references to pyramids and even the stone mason symbol subtly on top of a boat featured. Mayim Bialik - who has no PHD they made that up for her - is another big illiminati child rapist and murderer. The entire cast is full of Satanists.

Mayim Bialik is also a massive advocate for illuminati Zionist Israel. She is a traitor to Jews just like the illuminati Jew Adolf Hitler. When prominent Palestinian Linda Sarsour said it's impossible to be both a Zionist racist and a feminist, Mayim Bialik was the one who defended the Zionists, the illuminati and Israel.

In a post titled, "Why I wear my Jewish star," Bialik says she has lost a lot of fans because of her support for Israel, but that "it's OK. I love you more than popularity, even when you make me crazy. And even though I don't always agree with Israeli policy, I'm still a Zionist." I've already written on this website about how the Jewish Star was actually created by the Illuminati in the 1800s to support illuminati Zionism and how it is also a Satanic symbol.

Jim Parsons is the grandson of Jack Parsons who ran the Satanic OTO for the illuminati in Hollywood. Parsons was known in the illuminati as a crazy person who would do and try anything. His house in Pasadena was a den of sin where drug fueled Satanic orgies would occur weekly.

Unlike his grandfather, Parsons has no penis or balls. Like his grandfather, he is an inbred illuminati Jew who does anything the Satanic Jews tell him to do. Recently he was on Stephen Colbert's show and his Jewish Caanite snake tongue was darting out all over the time - I saw his lizard tongue come out at least 30 times.

Jack Parsons is known to have tried to give birth to the Antichrist with the founder of Scientology L Ron Hubbard in 1946. Together, they peformed a Satanic ritual with a prostititue trying to conceive the Antichrist who they hoped would rule the Earth for their Satanists.

Jim Parsons is a gay hermaphrodite darling of the illuminati. Since his grandfather was a big deal to the Satanic OTO, Jim Parsons is considered Satanic royalty which has allowed him to become a HORRIBLE MONSTER. Like Mayim Bialik, Parsons has murdered hundreds of millions of children in cruel Satanic rituals.