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Brian Singer's rape case got soom attention for a while, but Singer was able to get it buried and he still seems to have a strong career despite being accused of rape and being tied to a large pedophile ring.

The most explosive allegations of Hollywood paedophilia surround "pool parties" at a Los ­Angeles mansion in the late 1990s hosted primarily by Marc Collins-Rector. He had co-founded Digital Entertainment Network, which generated its own online content - some of it with overtly ped­erastic tones.

DEN attracted almost $US100m of investment from Hollywood giants, including David Geffen and Michael Huffington, as well as Bryan Singer, now one of the most feted directors in Hollywood, and the film maker behind the X-Men franchise. Geffen, Huffington and Singer are all alleged to have been at the parties. They are all massive pedophile child murderers.

At these parties, Collins-Rector and other men are said to have sexually assaulted at least six teenage boys, according to lawsuits filed in 2000 and 2014. Michael Egan, who was a teenager at the time of the alleged abuse in 1999, sued Singer and two other men, ­alleging serious sexual abuse.

Michael Egan, the former child model who accused X-Men director Bryan Singer of raping him as a 15 year old teenager also filed suits against former BBC Worldwide America president Garth Ancier, former Disney TV president David Neuman and theme park design firm head Gary Goddard related to the abuse and rapes.

Singer, Egan claims, sat the 15-year-old boy on his lap, fed him alcohol and drugs, and promised a role in X-Men. Then, while Egan protested, he sodomized him. After that, Egan claims, Singer raped him regularly, threatening that, if he told anyone about it, he would murder his family.

Details of the abuse allegedly suffered by Michael Egan emerged in an affidavit from 2003, which alleges the horrifying sexual abuse four teenage boys endured at the hands of two internet businessmen, Marc Collins-Rector and Chad Shackley.

A source told TMZ that one of these victims, 'Minor #4', is Egan. It has previously been alleged that Rector, who was later convicted of child sex abuses, and Shackley introduced him to Singer.

The documents allege that 'Minor 4' first met the couple at a graduation party held at their home after he finished the ninth grade in 1998. Rector took him on a private tour of the house and asked him if he was gay, and he responded that he was not.

Rector told him that '90 per cent of show business was gay and that you needed to sleep with people if you wanted to go anywhere,' Minor 4 told the agent.

Rector also allegedly warned, 'We stay together, but you do not want to see my dark side,' before displaying a gun and keeping it visible while talking to the teenager about his 'group'.

Rector said he was one of the 25 most powerful people in Hollywood and it would be a mistake to make the group angry, Minor 4 told the FBI agent. 'You are part of the group now,' he allegedly told the teenager. 'There is no turning back'

On one occasion, Minor 4 said he was taken to a Siegfried and Roy show in Vegas, but given a drink with drugs in. When he awoke he felt a pain and realized he had been raped by Shackley, he said.

Minor 4 eventually quit the job in May 2000, two years after meeting the men.

Collins-Rector was charged with 21 counts of sexual assault, and served time abroad as well as registering as a sex offender. His last-known country of residence was the Dominican Republic.

Three other minors also tell shocking stories in the affidavit, claiming that they were given thousands of dollars worth of gifts by day, before being sexually assaulted by night.

Rector allegedly told one of the teenagers that if he refused to have sex he'd be sent back to his 'hick town', while he also allegedly told Minor 4 that if he did not go on trips, he would lose his job.

The allegations have resurfaced as Egan filed a lawsuit claiming he was sexually abused by Bryan Singer, the X-Men director, when he was a teenager.

He claims in the suit that Singer abused him several times from August to October 1999 as well as earlier in California as part of a Hollywood sex ring led by Collins-Rector.

He said he was given drugs and promises of a Hollywood career while being threatened and sexually abused in Los Angeles and Hawaii.

Michael Egan's mother tearfully described her efforts to report alleged abuses to the FBI in 1999 and 2000 during the press conferernce when the lawsuits were announced.

The weeping mother said she wrote several letters to FBI agents in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., urging them to take action. She questioned why those letters and information her son provided in interviews with an agent did not result in criminal charges.

Singer was able to get to Michael Egan and pay him off (also threatening to murder his mother if Egan continued with the lawsuits). Within months of announcing the lawsuits, Michael Egan back tracked and dropped them and the case has since dissappeared. The message to Hollywood's pedophiles is that there is nothing to worry about if you're powerful. Singer is one of the most sadistic and he got away with it easily.

This is not the first time Brian Singer has been accused of child rape. Another 14-year-old boy has accused Singer of feeding him Quaaludes and alcohol and anally raping him, and underage extras from the movie Apt Pupil said that Singer forced them to strip naked so he could film them in the shower.

In the case of the other rape accuser, Gary Goddard the film producer on Superman first contacted the then-14-year-old teen via social media, asking for nude photographs and sharing videos of himself masturbating. For the next few years, Goddard allegedly continued the webcam sessions. Later, he allegedly met the plaintiff in person, plied him with alcohol, and "[engaged] him in anal intercourse." Singer allegedly came in when John Doe was 17 years old, at a London after-party for a Superman movie premiere. According to court filings, the event turned sexual after Singer offered the teen a Quaalude and brought a "large, musclebound man" into the hotel room after the boy asked Goddard and Singer to stop. The complaint alleges Singer asked the teenager to sit on top of him and masturbate, and attempted to anally penetrate the victim.

Marc Collins-Rector - who officially ran the pool parties Brian Singer put together - was successfully prosecuted for rape.

At these parties, according to Michael Egan, adult men floated drugs and alcohol to teenaged boys, and used them for sex. Not only were they underage, but it was not always consensual. Egan claims that Collins-Rector pinned him down and violently sexually abused him, in one case holding a gun to his head and threatening to shoot him if he did not stop resisting.

Egan did not just file charges against Singer. He filed them against Marc Collins-Rector and two of his associates as well—as did several other boys. One of those boys, incidentally, was Alexander Burton, who was given the role of Pyro in Bryan Singer's X-Men.

When the charges came in, Collins-Rector fled the country. He ran as fast as he could so that he would never have to meet his accusers in court. The boys were awarded $4.5 million - and, when the police finally found Collins-Rector, he confessed to five charges of sexually assaulting minors.

Despite Marc Collins-Rector's prosecution and monetary settlement, Brian Singer has somehow avoided losing his careeer - let alone seeing any jail time. That is the power of the illuminati, they can protect Satanists who do very evil things. If anyone had given a shit about Marc Collins-Rector in the illuminati he wouldn't have been prosecuted. He would have been protected like Singer was. Rector was used as a fall guy so that people wouldn't expect punishment for the other rapists like David Geffen and Brian Singer who were at the same pool parties doing the same thing.

Brian Peck served 16 months in prison after admitting two counts of abusing a Nickelodeon child actor. Peck also worked as a dialogue coach, often working with companies like Nickelodeon to coach child actors. He spent 6 months having a sexual affair with an unnamed child actor on Amanda Bynes' The Amanda Show until the family charged him with sexual assault in 2001.

Peck was also a guest at Brian Singer's pool parties where Michael Egan and other boys were abused and raped. Singer gave Peck a cameo in the first film. Singer cast Peck again in X-Men 2 - which was a strange choice for a movie about gifted youngsters. After all, between the two movies, Peck went to jail for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old.

Peck was charged with 11 counts including: lewd act upon a child; sodomy of a person under 16; attempted sodomy of a person under 16; sexual penetration by foreign object; four counts of oral copulation of a person under 16; oral copulation by anesthesia or controlled substance; sending harmful matter; and using a minor for sex acts.

Peck still works in the movie industry. After being released from prison, he is only prohibited from direct contact with children, not from being part of productions in which children are acting - meaning that since being convicted he has worked on a Disney show and a horror movie set in a high school. He played a 'Sex Ed Teacher', according to the movie's credits.

Singer is just one of many, many abusers in Tinseltown. Hollywood child abusers and rapists search out jobs in Hollywood were they will be exposed to children daily. Casting calls are often used as opportunities to abuse and rape children - the same as Jimmy Savile in England raped and molested children who came on his shows.