The entire Manson attack was orchestrated by the illuminati. Sharon Tate was pregnant with Jack Nicholson's child. Manson was part of the Illuminati's summer of fear in 1968. They murdered Sharon to send shock waves through Hollywood. They wanted to intimidate the Hippy contingent of Hollywood that Jack was a part of at the time as represented in Easy Rider.

Polanksi was an accomplice in Sharon Tate's murder. Roman was absent from his pregnant wife (Sharon was pregnant with another man's child) when Manson attacked the house and murdered Sharon Tate with her baby still inside. Roman set up Sharon Tate to be murdered and scheduled her trip around Manson's attack.

The illuminati wanted to start a race war - and that was Manson's explicit mission as he said himself when arrested. They wanted to blame the attack on african-americans. The illuminati directed Manson's cult to commit the murder and they picked Sharon Tate as a target because they wanted scare the Hippy side of Hollywood. They also wanted to scare Jack Nickolson and intimidate him.

Charles Manson was a mental retard. He was an idiot who had some beach boys write music for him that he passed off as his own. Manson was an entitled illuminati Jew who's last name is derived from Mason as in illuminati Mason. Manson had no dick or balls. He never had sex with any of his cult whores. They were just to lure men into his cult.

The Beach Boys didn't like Manson, he forced them to hang out with him or he said he'd have someone in his crazy cult kill them or their families. That's why they wrote some music for him and allowed him to record on their equipment. He coerced them the same way the mob coerced musicians in NYC.