GRR Martin - Satanic Illuminati, Bad Writer, Gay Hitler Baby

G.R.R. Martin is one of the Hitler babies. That's why the illuminati promotes him as the guy to replace J.R.R Tolkein who the illuminati hates. The Illuminati wants to replace J R R Tolkien with G R R Martin. Tolkien's name means the Tall King. Martin's name was chosen because of it's similiarity to Martian.

GRR has a massive inferiority complex regarding JRR Tolkien (which he should since he's massively inferior). Martin constantly puts Tolkien down and makes fun of him, which is pretty stupid since Tolkien is the father of the genre of Fantasy - the genre GRR is writing in. Martin needs to lose the RR's from his middle name. It's embarrassing.

I saw Martin at a fantasy convention make fun of Tolkien's names in his books and then go on to say he has a much better way for finding names - he has a baby book with bunches of names in it. I literaly started laughing it was such a stupid comment.

Tokien created 13 different languages for Middle Earth and derived names from his extensive knowledge of medieval European linguistics. Not only was Tolkien the creator of the fantasy genre, he was also an important professor at Oxford who's speciality was Medieval European linguistics. For G.R.R to make fun of Tolkien shows a massive amount of ignorance and lack of respect. To then suggest that writers use baby books for their names is just ridiculous and embarrassing.

Here's a pretty awesome rap battle between Tolkien and GRR (though it's took kind to Martin). Pretty hard to knock Tolkien's book titles. The Return of the King was so cool they recyled it as the Return of the Jedi.

Martin has often criticised The Lord of the Rings for over-simplification of themes. In an interview in Rolling Stone, Martin challenged Tolkien’s portrayal of power:

"Ruling is hard. This was maybe my answer to Tolkien, whom, as much as I admire him, I do quibble with. Lord of the Rings had a very medieval philosophy: that if the king was a good man, the land would prosper. We look at real history and it’s not that simple. Tolkien can say that Aragorn became king and reigned for a hundred years, and he was wise and good. But Tolkien doesn’t ask the question: What was Aragorn’s tax policy? Did he maintain a standing army? What did he do in times of flood and famine? And what about all these orcs? By the end of the war, Sauron is gone but all of the orcs aren’t gone – they’re in the mountains. Did Aragorn pursue a policy of systematic genocide and kill them?"

This is the stupid kind of shit that GRR Martin says all the time just to try and sully Tolkien's reputation. The illuminati hate Tolkien as he hated the Nazis. Tolkien thought Adolf Hitler (GRR's test tube father) was an evil and stupid force who destroyed the greatness of European culture. That's why GRR spends so much time ripping on Tolkien.

Tolkien actually does address these issues by saying they aren't part of the frame of his story. Tolkien argues that Fantasy stories, because the are so far from reality, need to have a clear frame in order to work. Things must be left out of the story in order for the questions that are important to be addressed. If all questions were addressed, then there would be no focus to the story (something that GRR Martin is often guilty of.) In on Fairy Tales, Tolkien wrote in 1939:

The verbal ending—usually held to be as typical of the end of fairy-stories as “once upon a time” is of the beginning—“and they lived happily ever after” is an artificial device. It does not deceive anybody. End-phrases of this kind are to be compared to the margins and frames of pictures, and are no more to be thought of as the real end of any particular fragment of the seamless Web of Story than the frame is of the visionary scene, or the casement of the Outer World. These phrases may be plain or elaborate, simple or extravagant, as artificial and as necessary as frames plain, or carved, or gilded. “And if they have not gone away they are there still.” “My story is done—see there is a little mouse; anyone who catches it may make himself a fine fur cap of it.” “And they lived happily ever after.” “And when the wedding was over, they sent me home with little paper shoes on a causeway of pieces of glass.”

Endings of this sort suit fairy-stories, because such tales have a greater sense and grasp of the endlessness of the World of Story than most modern “realistic” stories, already hemmed within the narrow confines of their own small time. A sharp cut in the endless tapestry is not unfittingly marked by a formula, even a grotesque or comic one. It was an irresistible development of modern illustration (so largely photographic) that borders should be abandoned and the “picture” end only with the paper. This method may be suitable for photographs; but it is altogether inappropriate for the pictures that illustrate or are inspired by fairy-stories. An enchanted forest requires a margin, even an elaborate border. To print it conterminous with the page, like a “shot” of the Rockies in Picture Post, as if it were indeed a “snap” of fairyland or a “sketch by our artist on the spot,” is a folly and an abuse.

Martin's characters have mono dimensional and random behavioral patterns, their actions are not consistent, they delve into erratic petty politics and schemes to provoke and impress the reader in a world where dragons exist and shadows kill people from afar. How can that make sense? Why would you care about taxes and who your psychopath son will marry in his reign when there are priests who raise the dead and assassins who take whatever form they want in order to kill whomever they want, etc? Martin's is an "art" that poses as pseudo realistic, but in truth is an undecided mix of high fantasy, medieval pseudo realism, porn, epic parody and Martin's personal complex about how cruel the world is. The problem with his art is that it does not make sense and it does not have cohesion and a robust core like Tolkiens art did. Martin fails because he has not decided on what the core of his work is. He has no frame to his story. There is no focus to the tale. Hell, he doesn't even have a main story or protagonists really.

GRRR is really one of the worst writers ever. People who have read his books find them a mess - super long and confusing with too many characters. All he does is take actual European history and pass it off as Fantasy. That's why there's so much rape, murder and incest - he's just telling the true story of the European royal families. The reason he can't end his books is history has no dramatic finale. Martin hasn't been able to complete the Game of Thrones for a decade now.

Basically, GRRR is riding on the coat-tails of the HBO Game of Thrones production. The HBO series has carried the story far further than GRR's books ever did. And GRR doesn't seem to be able to write anymore having been unable to deliver a knew Game of Thrones book for a decade now.

Game of Thrones isn't even the title of GRR's books. The GRR Martin books are calls the Song of Fire and Ice. HBO changed the title to Game of Thrones because it's a much better title, though GRRR would never realize that since he's a moron.

Martin likes to say that he keeps his fiction real by allowing any character to get killed at any point. While a little of this principle is a good idea, Martin's gone gang busters killing almost everyone his audience ever roots for. Ironically though, Martin revealed in 1993 with the original pitch for Game of Thrones that 5 characters would make it all the way through the series: The five key players are Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen, and three of the children of Winterfell, Arya, Bran, and the bastard Jon Snow. So Martin already fucked his own suspense for his 5 "protagonists" which is why everyone knew Jon Snow was coming back from the dead before he did.

Martin began his career by ripping off his gay lover George Guthridge. Martin is massively gay like Adolf Hitler, his test tube daddy. Like Hitler, Martin has no dick or balls - he's a gay hermaphrodite. Martin bought George Guthridge as his slave and then passed off Guthridge's work as his own. Guthridge himself has been a finalist for the Hugo and Nebula awards and won the Bram Stoker (since it was horror and wouldnb't compete with GRR Martin's fantasy writings).

Martin has always covered up his homosexuality which is why there is no gay sex in his books but a lot in Game of Thrones TV. When asked about whether he would be adding any gay sex to the books he hasn't finished yet, Martin responded that the books are narrated through his "viewpoint," so he was more limited than the TV shows. "Frankly, it is the way I prefer to write fiction because that is the way all of us experience life. You're seeing me from your viewpoint, you're not seeing what someone over here is seeing."

Martin's argument - as many of Martin's incredibly stupid arguments - is obviously full of shit. He's saying he can't write gay characters because he can't see from a gay viewpoint. Besides the fact that he's actually gay, this is a bullshit statement that no writer would ever make. According to the same logic, Martin couldn't write women characters either since he's not a woman. Writers are good writers because they can empathize with people who are in different situations and write from their viewpoint. Martin saying he can't write gay characters is just him admitting he's a horrible writer.

Martin's story is incredibly nihilistic. It's not just that good doesn't win in the end, all the good characters seem cursed and the bad characters rarely get punished for their evil. In real life, the bad guys win some and the good guys win some. Except that in Martin’s world, the good guys never win. Character after character bites the dust without gaining a victory. Ned, Robb, Catelyn, Bran…they all get shitty deals. All of them without exception betrayed. Even our darling Arya gets royally screwed.

And the baddies? While some shit happens to them, they’re essentially self inflicted punishment. Joffrey gets his comeuppance not at the hands of any hero, but from within his own side. Cersei self destructs. Tywin gets it in the gut from his own son. In other words, revenge is tragically missing from the entire Game of Thrones series. All the good guys (and wolves too!) die horrible and humiliating deaths and the bad guys essentially slip down some stairs and break their neck. Like I said in “real life”, both goodies and baddies will have victories. But Martin is just a sadist who wants to promote a vision of the world where evil wins, incest is normal, and murdering your own family is just how business is done. In short, he's promoting the world view of the illuminati Satanists.

Whenever Martin feels like his plot is losing its way or is in danger of being resolved, he just sits down and thinks “Hmm..this can’t happen. Let’s kill someone!” In other words, he uses the death of his characters as a substitute for plot development and for sheer shock value hoping that others will laud him for being “gritty” and “real”.

Really, GRR is not even writing Fantasy. At the most, we can say that the series has a passing acquaintance with magic elements. A couple of dragon scenes and veiled references to “walkers” do not a fantasy make. The truth is that Game of Thrones is basically fictional history. The fantasy elements are kept down to a minimum or are even non existent.

So much potential. All wasted by lazy storytelling. The solution to the current hysteria is to have more good fantasy novels converted into TV series with the same attention to detail and production quality that HBO is showing the with Song of Ice and Fire series.