Heath Ledger and the Japanese Horror Show

The Japanese have an underground prison network set up where they are putting people they fake the deaths of. These prisons are hidden and secret but house people including Heath Ledger, Elvis, Robin Williams, John Lennon, Dave Chapelle, Jim Henson. The Japanese are all gay so they just want men performing for them. They don't keep any women in the House of Horrors.

Besides making these people perform, the Japanese are allowed to murder people in this crazy illuminati satanic disneyland. So like Hostel, they've created a real place where the yakuza are allowed to saw off babies heads or cut young white girls heads off white samaurai swords. There is blood everywhere and people screaming all the time.

Next to this section of sadistic Hostel like debauchery they have an area for shows. There are strages inside of cages and all the above along with a bunch of others are forced to perform for the Japanese and the Japs also throw feces on them and semen and spit on them and hire people to say humiliating things about them while they perform. They have figured out every way possible to insult the great comedians, rock and rollers and filmmakers of our time.

The japanese illuminati think it's cool they've faked these people's deaths and now have exclusive right to their performances. The japanese illuminati think these living legends are now their personal slaves. They make them perform for them like monkeys and they take extra pleasure in humiliating them as well as video recording them being humiliated and showing the recordings to other Japanese illuminati.

The illuminati japs treat it all like a circus. They have a ringmaster who leads them through the various performers who are required to perform for them or you get beaten. Here is the Late Great King of Rock and Roll Elvis' cell. Elvis is not allowed to see the sun and hasn't for over 40 years now. None of them are ever allowed above ground since this is a big secret. All the Yakuza know that if they let this secret slip they'll get murdered by their own people so it's kept very hush hush.

They first started this enslaving of western stars and forced labor performances with Elvis in 1977. The Japanese felt like the most powerful people in the world when they kidknapped Elvis and made him perform just for them and their snotty children. They started then a system where you can buy feces of various sorts, piss and semen that you can throw at the performers. The yakuza come in with their 11 year old dickless "boys" and buy a bucket of semen to throw on John Lennon. They laugh the entire time they're doing it like they're part of the act. They'll literally throw all these horrible things while people like Elvis, John Lennon, Robin Williams are performing.

Heath Ledger has been there ever since his supposed overdose. Heath was a big fan of mine and he was a great actor who spoke out against the illuminati. That's why they faked his death and abducted him.

Now they make him perform in drag as a woman.

The japanese yakuza really hate Heath Ledger. He scared the shit out of them as the joker - escpecially with the cross dressing which is why they make him perform in drag now while they throw goat feces on him.

Heath also has the famous scene in the dark knight where he makes the pencil disappear. That scene was actually based on my life. When Heath does it at the end he looks at camera with one eye - that's a subtle nod to me since I'm on the other side of the 4th wall.

When I was 21 I moved to Washington DC and was abducted by the MI6 on behalf of the Queen of Englad. They electro-shocked me and tortured me and told me that I should stop writing philosophy papers and abandon any plans for a philosophy PHD or lawschool. They told me they wanted me to do internet work.

I said that I need to write philosophy because that's how I think, through philosophy.

The MI6 agent replied, You don't think. You're not very smart. You're stupid.

I said, I'm not stupid, I'm actually a genius. I can make your pencil disapper with my mind. The MI6 agent was holding a pencil he was taking down notes on the torture session with.

The MI6 agent - who knew I had paranormal powers and wanted to see me use them - told me, I don't believe a word you just said. Show me your little magic act.

I said glad too, but I need my hands unhandcuffed (they had put me in these high security handcuffs for like X-men). The MI6 agent - who had two other people in the room - one CIA and one Mossad - said Ok sure... show us you're a magician. He looked over to the other agents as he unhandcuffed me giving them a look like watch my back if the kid tries anything.

I then told him he needed to flip the pencil over and place it on the table so the sharp point was up. Like a rocket I told him. He said, "like this" as he did what I asked him to.

I said, "yes exactly", then leaned across the table, grabbed his head and shuvved the pencil up the MI6 agent's nose and into his brain - the pencil went so far up his brain it disappeared. I said "there you go pencil pusher, no more pencil" as the agent fell face first on the table.

He had blood coming out of his nose like a broken pipe. He died 13 seconds later before anyore could get him to a doctor (who they had on sight in the underground interrogation center run by the CIA since they torture people sometimes to death).

They brainwashed me about this whole episode and I only remembered it recently. After I killed my abuser, they freed me and then I went back to college and finished my degree. I did end up going into the interenet field though I almost went to law school afterwards.