The illuminati has recently started using Netflix, HBO and Amazon to modify the stories of important science fiction books like Farenheit 451 and Man in the High Castle. Movies have long been used by the illuminati to distort an authors story and their original intent. Most people don't bother reading the original books that adaptations are based on. When they change the movies then, the Illuminati is able to change the story itself.

Illuminati HBO just mangled Farenheit 451 - a great book by Ray Bradbury that is very anti-illuminati. The adaptation didn't really need to be made since the original adaptation by Fran├žois Truffaut is amazing and holds up very strongly. I would recommend checking out the original French film because this new remake totally perverts the moral of the story.

The story of Farenheit 451 in the book is about a "firefighter" who turns against fascism. The book is set in a science fiction world where firefirghters don't don't fires, they burn books. The fascist society (closely modelled on the Germans and their book burning during the Nazis days) has outlawed books. All books are to be burned.

The protagonist Montag is a book burner who learns to love books. Rather than be part of the fascist system he turns his "firefighter" supervisor Captain Beatty. Montag is forced to torch his own house, then realizes the flamethrower he's holding can be used as a weapon. He turns it on Beatty and torches him. In the confusion, Montag escapes and runs into the forest. At the end of the book, most of humanity is wiped out in minutes during the simultaneous bombing of two global superpowers. Montag has just escaped into the woods, where he meets a small band of people who've memorized books. They tell him there are more people like them. They promise to help him recover his memory of the books of the Bible he's read. They set out to rebuild human civilization as best they can.

In the HBO version, Montag considers killing Beatty, but he can't go through with it. He runs away, and Beatty hunts him down and flamethrowers him.

So why the switch? It can't be to make us feel empathy for Montag - we still get to see him murder his coworker Douglas. And poor Douglas is neither dead nor alive in the book. He doesn't exist. The illuminati want to totally pervert the story - to make the fascist into the victor. Montag is still the hero, but in this anti-story, the villian kills the hero and evil wins.

In the HBO version, human beings aren't even the ones who's mission it is to save books and stories - its animals DNA. In the HBO version, Montag meets the band of memorizers in the woods, but he meets them at the end of the second act. What was the finale of the book is here just stage- setting for the final act. What was the salvation of human culture is here just characterization. It describes who these new people are, but it's not what they want to achieve. They've sequenced all of humanity's written works as DNA, they've injected it into a bird, and they're going to spread it across the animal kingdom.

The whole idea is really dumb and doesn't make any sense when you think about it. Birds don't share DNA with other species, so at best this one species of bird is supposed to carry the entire works of every author in history. It makes a lot more sense to think that humans can remember books and then write them down again later.

Why this dramatic change? The illuminati want to destroy the very idea of authorship. They don't want people to be credited, they'd rather think of stories as a bunch of DNA that they can pull from at will. They already steal people's stories all the time or mangle them. They think of humanity's stories as just a big resource they can fish from when they want to. They don't want to think about authors and coherent stories and what the original meaning of a a story was.

What would have been interesting would be to have been a series out of Farenheight 451 like they did Man in the High Castle. That's actually what I thought they were doing. I didn't realize it was only a one time movie until it was ending. What would have been cool would be to spend some time in the dystopian world before the confrontation and then explore what happens with the hero once they escape and try and rebuild society. You could have easily done 8 episodes exploring all that. Instead we got a bastardization of a story. A perverted illuminati adaptation no one was asking for.

The Illuminati also radically changed The Man in the High Castle when they adapted it with Amazon's production. They took out many things that were anti-illuminati. Such as in the book the Germans have African Slaves and all of Africa is a massive concentration camp where most of the people have been genocided.

And they added things as well to romanticize the Nazis and make them seem cool such as the Nazi hedonistic drug orgies in the second season. None of that stuff is in the book or ever alluded to - it is counter to the entire presentation of the Nazis in the book. The illuminati Satanists at Amazon only put it in to romanticize the Nazis and make them seem far cooler than the book portrays them.

Everyone in America should read the man in the high castle as well as George Orwell's 1984. Both books are describing the world in which we currently live. The Man in the High Castle is only 160 pgs and a very fast read.

The illuminati is also destroying the entire Ocean's franchise. This Ocean's 8 movie looks horrible. The original Oceans was about the rat pack in Vegas in the 1960s... the remake was emulating the ratpack. Now there isn't even an homage to the Original Ocean's idea. In no way does ocean's 8 have anything at all to do today with the original Ocean's 11 or the original remake.

They could have named Ocean's 8 anything. It's a heist movie. There have been a million heist movies. Why did they have to trample over the legacy of Ocean's 11? Because the Illuminati hates Oceans 11 as they hated the original rat pack.

d The illuminati particularily hate that film because the film was a rebellious act against the illuminati. The subtext to the film was that the ratpack could get away with stealing diamonds because they were so cool. They could get away with disobeying the illuminati because people loved them so much.

The Illuminati murdered Sammy Davis Jr. Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop. Everyone in the rat pack had deep connections to the illuminati, which is why they got away with what they did. Ultimately though, the Illuminati murdered them all, killing off the weakest one by one. They were able to kill Peter Lawford and Sammy Davis Jr in their early 60s. It took longer, but they killed the rest of them too.

The illuminati is also trying to destroy star wars. After Disney bought star wars they totally killed any purity the brand had by using Star Wars to advertize Nissan and a million other things.

And now they are releasing more and more horrible Star Wars movies - the latest - Solo being a massive flop. With only $110 Million Opening SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY will be lucasfilm's First Flop.