the tech compannies treat content like digital gold in a video game. they just want to mine it from places and accumulate it in libraries. they hope to emulate MGM's lauded library of content - some of which is 100 years old and still generating profit for its owner.

unlike MGM they don't know anything about making movies. They don't understand what makes a film commercial or not. They don't understand the markets in the film industry. They have no grasp on story or production. They buy talent and then put them into projects that any sane person would have killed at the early stages (Look at Will Smith in BRIGHT)

[bright trailer]

The illuminati really aspire to take over Hollywood. They think of themselvs as actors because they lie about who they are and hide their evil cult like murders and satanic sacrifices. They like to wear masks a lot and pretend to be other people - so naturally they think Hollywood should be theirs.

The sad truth is though is that the illuminati cannot write or act. Some of the illuminati actors intentionally lobotomize themselves in order for other people to act through them like mannequins. Monae Janell - idiot caanite jew tail imp - operates like that for both acting and singing. Literally someone acts through her, like Andy Serkis controls Gollum's performance in Lord of the Rings. The illuminati are so desparate to be part of Hollywood that they fake being actors now and intentionally become puppets for people with more talent than them.

The place where the illuminati's incompetence really shines through is script writing and movie marketing. Both writing movies and editing movie trailers is something the illuminati cannot fake. The tasks are too complicated and require too much intelligence. Which is why so many of the illuminati Hollywood projects are flopping like Wrinkle in Time, Bright, Luc Besson's Valerian, Jupiter's Ascending, Asura, etc.

Asura is a Chinese Illuminati film in the fantasy vein the illuminati tried with Besson's Valerian. It was such a massive failure the Chinese pulled it immediately from the movie studios.