Tony Jaa (Ong Bak), The Thai Soccer Team and the Illuminati Japs

The Japanese have been persecuting the buddhists for centuries. One target of their persecution has been Tony Jaa - the martial arts master and action movie star.

Tony is part of the Kuy people who are buddhists who live throughout Southeast Asia. They are known to be excellent elephant trainers and they used to travel with the elephant herds which is why they are dispersed thoughout Southeast Asia.

Tony is like Bruce Lee for the Kuy people. He is an international superstar who's 2 Ong Bak films were major film successes and had western releases.

Tony is also a great guy descended from both Buddha and Jesus Christ. Tony invented a new type of martial arts that was based upon traditional Kuy martial arts - similiar to what Bruce Lee did with Chinese Martial Arts. He then wrote and starred in his own action movie and directed the sequel as well as star in it.

The illuminati are at war with the Kuy people not just because they are descended from the Buddha but also because they are close to the elephants and the illuminati hates elephants. Elephants are a divine animal. Like Lions they represent God. The illuminati is responsible for all illegal the ivory trade. They make the money off of poaching and murdering elephants and rhinos to extinction. Ong Bak was about the protection of elephants - that's a big reason Tony Jaa is such threat to the illuminati.

Tony's career was stalled out by the illuminati in 2010. The first two Ong Bak films were big successes but the third one had a troubled production and Tony's producer turned on him and wouldn't allow him to make the film properly. The year after the film came out, Tony and his wife got married and she was soon pregnant.

The illuminati japs then told Tony that they would murder his family if he continued to make films. Tony retired from acting and joined a Buddhist monastery for 3 years. Afterwards the illuminati told him he could be in movies as long as he did their projects like Vin Diesel's relaunch of xXx in 2016. So Tony's career has been boxed in by the illuminati and he's not allowed to make Ong Bak films anymore.

Recently, with my rise and the fragmentation of the illuminati world wide, Tony was considering doing another Ong Bak film. He figured he could find other producers and money and started to line up everything for the project. The illuminati Japanese murdered the Thai Soccer team - who are also Kuy like Tony as a way of intimidating Tony.

The Thai soccer team that was trapped in the cave all died. The illuminati murdered them and then faked their rescue. They "rescued" boys who were imposters. The Illuinati Japanese were trying to send a message to Tony Jaa by murdering them. All the Thai boys who died were Kuy children.

The boys all became buddhist monks because the illuminati wants to cover up the real boys are dead and they think it's funny that they're all going to be come buddhist monks like Tony Jaa did for a period. It's also easier to hide that their imposters if they're closeted in a monastery. If the boys are in the monastery they have to leave their normal lives and friends so it will be easier to hide that they're really imposters now.