Roman Polanski - Child Rapist, Nazi Collaborator, Sharon Tate Killer

Perhaps the most famous case of Hollywood pedophilia is Roman Polanksi - who Hollywood still refuses to censor. Polanski's anal rape of 13-year-old Samantha Gailey is one of the best-known Hollywood scandals.

In 1977, Polanski fed the 13-year-old Gailey Quaaludes and alcohol, and sexually assaulted her inside of Jack Nicholson's home. Gailey, according to her testimony yelled, "No, keep away!" and "Stop it!" while Polanski forcibly sodomized her.

Polanski was found guilty, but he fled the country to avoid jail time. That was 40 years ago, and Polanski has been free ever since. He has made countless films, won Oscars, and not served any of the 50 years he was sentenced to spend in prison.

Roman Polanski has no dick or balls. He raped the girl with his small little hands. He likes to fist fuck young girls. Polanski is a sick illuminati inbred Jew who has no talent. He is an illuminati hoax. He never directed any of his movies. He was rewarded for collaborating with the Nazis with a fake directing career.

Roman Polanksi was not just a pedophile child rapist, he was a Nazi collaborator who rivals George Soros in the amount of people he helped get killed in the concentration camps.

Polanski like George Soros was a collaborator who informed on people in the concentration camps - Jews, Roma, Poles, Slavs, the descendants of Jesus. Polanski was allowed to be a director because he directed people to the gas ovens. Polanski's entire career was a fabrication.

Polanksi was also an accomplice in Sharon Tate's murder. Roman was absent from his pregnant wife (Sharon was pregnant with another man's child) when Manson attacked the house and murdered Sharon Tate with her baby still inside. Roman set up Sharon Tate to be murdered and scheduled her trip around Manson's attack.

The entire Manson attack was orchestrated by the illuminati. Sharon Tate was pregnant with Jack Nicholson's child. Manson was part of the Illuminati's summer of fear in 1968. They murdered Sharon to send shock waves through Hollywood. They wanted to intimidate the Hippy contingent of Hollywood that Jack was a part of at the time as represented in Easy Rider.

The reason Polanski made the pianist is to sell the myth of his survival of the concentration camps. The piano is an illuminati symbol that refers to magic and illusion. White keys are white magic, black keys are black magic. Polanski thought of his holocaust movie as atonement for the hundreds of millions of jews he helped murder.