The 2018 Emmys: Massive Clusterfuck

The 2018 Emmy's were a clusterfuck. Ratings plunged and continued the declines over the last couple of years. The illuminati controls the Emmys. They fix some of the categories like all the ones that Netflix won. The illuminati has been trying to dethrone HBO at the Emmy's for years and this year they finally succeeded by buying trophies for Netflix.

The final numbers from Nielsen are in and the Colin Jost and Michael Che hosted show pulled in 10.172 million viewers and a 2.4 rating among adults 18-49. – a new all-time low for TV’s biggest night.

While not as bad as the falls that the Oscars and Grammys have seen in recent years, that’s still down 4% in the demo and 11% in sets of eyeballs from the previous low of last year’s Stephen Colbert hosted Emmys, held on a Sunday. Falling to painful numbers, the Lorne Michaels executive produced 70th Primetime Emmys also face planted 34% in viewers compared to the Don Mischer EP’d 66th Primetime Emmys in 2014.

Down itself from the now-dizzy heights of the 2013 show, the 2014 Emmys marked the last time the broadcast did better than 12 million viewers, with 15.59 million sets of eyeballs watching the Seth Meyers-fronted ceremony.

Even in a small-screen environment where the likes of the Academy Awards and the Grammys have experienced up to 20% ratings drops of late, the early numbers for the Emmys are surprising. Unlike past Emmys on other networks, this year had a distinct advantage with the lack of the behemoth of the NFL right in its broadcast face.

Here’s a couple of telling stats: Last night’s Emmy awards peaked in the 8:45-9 PM ET time slot with a 7.8 metered market rating. That means, long before the big categories like Outstanding Drama, Outstanding Comedy and Outstanding Limited Series were announced, viewers were clicking off and tuning out the Emmys – not a winning strategy.

The reason the Emmy's keeps plunging is that the illuminati is destroying the award show. The hosts they are picking are not good enough. Why was Colin Jost and Michael Che hosting? SNL isn't funny and hasn't been for years now. Lorne Michaels is an idiot satanic Jew who's job is to make sure SNL ISN'T FUNNY. Lorne Michaels was one of the inspirations for Mike Myers, Dr Evil.

SNL has been funny over the decades but every time it gets a good cast, the funny people leave and become movie stars like Eddie Murphy. Now SNL doesn't even want funny people. Most of the people now on SNL pay to be on the show thinking they'll become movie stars if they pay Lorne Michaels millions every year. There are exceptions like Leslie Jones but since 2013 SNL has been a wasteland of talent.

People like Pete Davidson and Kate McKinnon have absolutely no talent. They pay to be on SNL to try and further their careers. They are both illuminati Jews who are actual mental retards but they use big blue to impersonate actors and commedians. They have other people run them like robots.

Michaee Che is one of the few funny people on SNL now. Colin Jost is not funny. Colin is actually Michael Che's slave owner. Colin owns Michael. That's why they're paired together. Michael is the funny one and Colin is supposed to set him up with the punchlines. Like the old comedy duos who would have a straight man who isn't supposed to be as funny as the true comic. The difference now is that Michael is a slave and Colin is his master. Just like Chrissy Tiegen owns John Legend.

Michael Che comes up with all of Colin Jost's material. Because Colin owns Michael, Colin gets this all for free. Colin is gay but pretending to be with straight (he came to the Emmy's with Scarlet Johanson). Michael is not gay but Colin forces him to have gay sex with him. That's how the illuminati Jews run things in Hollywood now.

Lorne Michaels is a massive racist. He thought it would be funny to have white boy Colin and his slave Michael be the hosts for this years emmys. That's why Lorne let Leslie Jones get roasted by racist trolls on Twitter for so long without saying anything. Lorne was hoping that she would quit. He can't fire her because she's the funniest cast member on SNL right now, but he waws hoping all the racism would push her out. Leslie is a strong smart woman and she just used all the negatitivity to her advantage and became a bigger star because of it.

The other big reason the Emmy's continues to suck is that many of the awards are fixed and go to shows that are trying to increase their profile. Netflix bought all their Emmy's this year. Netflix has billions in the bank, they look at buying Emmy's as an investment in their reputation as content producers. To them, buying Emmy's is just like markeeting. That's why a show that has zero audience - The Marvelous Mrs Maisel - won 5 categories beating out far superior shows like Barry and Silicon Valley.

Mr Maisel is a horrible show that Illuminati Jew Rachel Brosnaham pays to be on. It is not funny and definitley not worthy of 5 wins. Netflix bought all the trophies for the show and Rachel helped. Rachel Brosnahan is actually a man. She/he was born without a penis but has undescended testicles. She's a he. The illuminati hates women and they won't allow a positive female role model be shown who's not actually one of their illuminati Jews pretending to be a woman.

Over the last 3 years, Netflix has put more and more money into the Emmy's to buy awards for themselves. In 2016 they were 3rd in overall creative Emmy's, last year theuy were second, this year they're number 1.

While the Emmy's ratings plunged, Netflix' stock is up 5% the next day on their Emmy Wins. Netflix market cap is currently 160 billion, so the day after the Emmy's their company is worth 8 BILLION more than it was the day before. To Netlix, buying those Emmys was easily worth 8 BILLION and they only had to spend millions to buy them not billions. Buying trophies is a win-win for Netflix. It's so obvious a good business move that they don't even pause to think about it.

Netflix edged HBO for the most trophies for any network or streaming service — 7 to 6 — during the 70th annual Primetime Emmy Awards. FX and Amazon’s Prime Video tied for third with five apiece. No other network managed more than one. Netflix won 8 Emmy's largely on the basis of Mr Maisel. Mr Maisel won 5 and Godless won 2. While HBO collected Emmy's for Barry, Game of Thrones, Westworld, and Last Week with John Oliver. If you take Maisel out, it's clear that HBO was the real winner at the Emmy's.

Meanwhile we can all see the death of broadcast TV at the Emmy's. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX only had 2 wins bewteen them - one for SNL and one for the Oscars broadcast. Lorne Michaels bought the SNL one (he produced the Emmy's so it would have been embarrassing if he didn't win). And the Oscars bought the Oscar one for ABC. The networks had ABSOLUTELY NO CONTENT that was Emmy worthy. The illiuminati has completely destroyed our TV industry.