Wrinkle in Time is a HORRIBLE MOVIE that is part of the Illuminati's agenda to brainwash us all.

They intentionally stripped the book out of it's Christian message - which was not preachy. The book was so good because it incorporated Christian ideas in ways that other faiths could easily accept. Jesus is referenced and Angels but not much else. The content is Christian but it's not obnoxioulsy so similar to the Lord of the Rings which is intensely Christian. The Illuminati stripped the Christianity out of the movie adaptation because they are Satanists who hate the very idea of Jesus and God. Instead they made it a celebration of one's "bad qualities" as they say in the marketing. This suggests that you should celebrate your evil. Celebrate your badness.

This is exactly what the Illuminati believes. They believe that being evil is human nature and should be celebrated. Rape is natural to them. Murder is what powerful people do to weak people. Pedophilia is just a function of children being smaller and easier to abuse and murder.

The movie is going to crash horribly. They already goosed the numbers by having the Rock by tickets for needy children. While this is a great gesture, it's also a way to add a nice bounce to their numbers. Esp because they're going to embezzle more money than they say and then use that to pad their numbers. They're also using Fandango which is an illuminati company. They're using Fandango to also inflate their numbers. And then the final number is a lie. Really the film made 13 millino this weekend. That's with a reported budget of 130 ({actual 230) and marketing expensives of 120 reported (actually 450). So even with their fake numbers it's a massive flop.

Magliens are trying to get real humans out of hollywood. They are using a computer to write screen plays with them. The computer is pretty useless but they're using it on this adaptatyion since an adaptation is less difficult than a brand new screenplay. Even with the computer, the screenplay is a MESS. The one thing the Illuminati told the computer was that they wanted all the Christian stuff removed from the film.

They've been trying to make headway in Movies for a long time. The magliens took over the Wackowksis after the Matrix and now have both of their bodies. They planned to capitalize on their success with the Matrix to take over the film industry. They expected them to be the next Steven Spielberg/George Lucas. They first bombed with Speed Racer and then they bombed even more spectularily with Jupiter's ascending which was supposed to be the Illuminati answer to Star Wars.

The entire crew and cast on Wrinkle in Time are hard core Illuminati - some of the biggest people in the Illuminati including Oprah, Reese and Ava.

Oprah is actually a Jewish name. Oprah has it because she's really 100% Rothschild Jew but she just has blacker skin than the other Rothschild Jews. That's why she has the name Oprah, to remind the Illuminati that she's really a Jew and not black at all. The name Oprah is of Hebrew origin. The meaning of Oprah is "young deer, fawn". Oprah is generally used as a girl's name. It consists of 5 letters and 2 syllables and is pronounced O-prah.

Oprah is literally an imposter of the black race. She did not grow up identifying as African American. She thought of herself as a dark skinned Rothshchild Jew until the Jews reminded her that they are super racist and she's black as fuck to them. Being shut out of the Rothschild Presidential club by the Illuminati, she went back to black people and learned to "impersonate" being black. All of her "jive talking" is all bullshit. She learned it in her 20s.

That's why Oprah is such a huge deal to the Illuminati. She is the ultimate uncle Tom. She will sell black people out at a drop of a dime because she doesn't even think of herself as black. She's so racist she won't admit that she's black, she still thinks she's just a dark skinned Rothschild Jew. Oprah's father worked as a concentration camp guard for the Nazis' in Aushwitz. Because his skin was so dark, he could escape easily after the war was over because no one thought he was German.

Oprah is the ultimate chameleon. A snake that takes whatever color it needs to fit in. She changes her skin tone depending on who she expects to see. She'll darken it up if she's hanging with black folk or lighten up when it's time for a Jewish get together. She changed her sex with surgery as well. She was not born a woman. She transitioned from being a man.

So did Ava DuVernay, which is part of why they have such a tight bond. Ever notice how Ava's voice sounds like a mans? It's not like a husky women's voice it's like a feminine male voice. Ava is actdually Oprah's slave. Oprah own's her. And in turn Ava owns millions of Slaves

That is the new slavery. You can be black and slave owner. You can be white. You can own black slaves or whtie slaves.

You can even order slaves now of apartiuclar people. If you have have enough money you can buy a Hillary Clinton Slave

Hillary trademarked her slaves so only she can sell them.

They use Jade egss to artifically age them, so you can buy a Hillary at 13 years oild or 55 years old. Whatever you want. Hillary will let you beat them, murder them, rape them. Even though they look exactly like her, they are litearly clones of her genetics, she is so heartless she can watch herself being beaten to death and not flinch. She is a psycho.

Reese also transitioned form being a man. So did Mindy Kaling. They are all trans people who are in the closet. They transitioned before they got famous and had enough money and power to hide their post. That's what the Illuminati does for it's members, it erases things like this. No one will ever know that Reese was born a man. Anyone who has ever spoken of it has died the next day. Reese is a vicious killer. She murders for fun.