The illuminati likes to use code words to identify themselves to each other since they're all in a secret club and they're not supposed to identify themselves as illuminati.

One of the illuminati's favorite phrases is BLESSED to indicate they are illuminati. They describe themselves as the BLESSED all the time - particularily if they are witches or wanna-be witches.

Beyonce calls herself blessed all the time because she's saying she's in the illuminati. Beyonce doesn't have any magical powers but she thinks of herself as a witch. So she wants to use the witch code phrase to identify herself as illuminati. You see this alot with the illuminati dark jews who are pretending to be African-Americans. They use blessed a lot to indicate they are illuminati.

What they mean by blessed is that they are chosen by Satan to run the world. They have been blessed by Satan to be our masters. The illuminati literally think they are God's who have been blessed. Beyonce thinks she is a God and that's why she is Blessed according to her. They don't mean blessed by God, they mean blessed by Satan.

When Beyonce was pregnant, she said that she was "blessed" to have Gwyneth Paltrow as a friend. Gwyneth is also illuminati so she saying that she's happy that she has illuminati like Gwyneth supporting her fake illuminati pregnancy. Beyonce created her children in a CRISPR - she was never pregnant with them.

Beyonce was only was allowed to have a CRISPR baby because she's illuminati. What Beyonce is really saying is that the Illuminati blessed her with a baby. The illuminati think God is a not real, though they know he is. The illuminati thinks that they bless people - God doesn't bless people, they do. Now that they can literally give people babies, they think they are God. Of course, their babies all die in the first year but they don't tell the rest of the illuminati that. The illuminati keeps that part a secret.

Really using "we're blessed" is a way to cover up they are Satanists. They sound like they are being good Christians by saying they're blessed, but really they are witches trying to seem Christian.

Other code words they'll use are belonging to the black hand (mafia). The black hand was what they used to say before they started to get scared of Christians and then they started to use Blessed as a way of seeming Christian while really identifying themselves as illuminati.