The pilot who stole the plane out of the Seattle Sea-Tac airport was an illuminati working for Saudi Arabia. He was trying to do a 911 style attack on Vancouver, as the Saudi's had threatened to do last week to Toronto.

The plane was shot out of the air by the US military but Trump is covering it all up because Trump doesn't want to be associated with 911 esp since Trump supplied the blue prints that enabled the 911 attack.

The reports are that the plane made was doing difficult-to-pull-off stunt moves and then was flown into an island and crashed. The military is admitting that two F-15s chased the plane (which is why it went off course) but they aren't admitting they shot the plane down.

The plane was not a small plane - it could hold 80 people. It was large enough to do a 911 style attack on a building. The pilot was an experienced pilot who pulled off difficult flying moves and yet has no record of having a pilot's license. This suggests that he was trained elsewhere to be a pilot.

The plane was full of explosives that the baggage handler who hijacked the plane had put in there. That's why the explosion was so dramatic on the island and why so much of the island was burning afterward. It looked more like a forest fire than a plane crash site. That's because the explosives spread the fire throughout the trees.

The media wants to say the pilot had no training. How did he do all those stunt moves then? He had to have training. So if the media has no record of him having flight training, it must have been outside of the US somewhere. The plane is also not easy to just start. You have to know how to start the engine, which requires a series of switches and levers.

The media wants to say that he must have learned to fly video games. There is no video game that has you operate a series of switches and levers to start the planes engine. He obviously had realy practical experience with flying.

The pilot's training was at the Gulf Aviation Academy in Bahrain in the middle east. That's where he was introduced to the Saudis. He became a Saudi spy during flight school. He wanted to be a pilot but he had a psychiatric profile that made it impossible for him to fly in the in the US. He was hoping to get a job in Saudi Arabia but then they told him to back to the US where he ended up being a baggage handler at Seattle Sea-Tac.

Seattle is an hours flight to Vancouver. Staging the attack from Washington state is also a message to Canada that they shouldn't ally with us because our country is insecure. The pilot was working purely for money. He was hired by the Saudis to fly the plane into vancouver and stage a 911 style attack. His family was going to receive the money (1 trillion).

The target of the attack would have been the Trump International Hotel and Tower. The Tower is the 2nd tallest building in Vancouver.

Trump was planning on using the sympathy from the terrorist attack to help fend off the Robert Mueller investigation. Trump figured that he would get an out pouring of sympathy if one of his buildings was destroyed by an international terrorist incident involving a plane like 911.

The sheriff office is saying this is not a terrorist act, but they are lieing. The sheriff is saying they know the guy who hijacked the plane and that he has mental issues. They are making these statements 1 hour after the crash.

Having such a quick explanation is very suspicious. There is no way they could have conducted an investigation at this point and ruled out terrorism - even if they know the suspect. They are just trying to come up with an explanation to cover up what really happened.

The Pierce County Sheriff tweeted, "Stolen horizon airplane crashed into Ketron island. Preliminary info is that a mechanic from unknown airlines stole plane. Was doing stunts in air or lack of flying skills caused crash into Island."

This statement is so fishy and obvious a lie. It wasn't a mechanic it was a baggage handler. They're saying it's a suicide. Why would he kill himself while doing difficult stunt moves?

The pilot didn't start doing the stunt moves until he was intercepted by the F-15s. If the whole point was to show off stunt moves before killing himself, why not start doing the stunts from the very beginning?

The pilot was doing the stunts because he was trying to shake the F-15s and let them know that he was qualified enough as a pilot that he would be able to accomplish the mission and hit buildings in downtown Vancouver. He told the air tower that he was doing to do a "barrel roll" because he was trying to get Trump to overrule the military. When that failed he told them he was going to land and Trump ordered him shot down.

The reality is that he was trying to fly to Vancouver to do the 911 mission and the military F-15s blocked him. Once he encountered the F-15s, he threatened to turn the plane around and bomb Seattle unless they allowed him to carry out the attack on Vancouver.

The F-15s refused to yield and then as he was making his way to turn around back on Seattle they shot him down. Donald Trump didn't want them to stop the hijacker. Trump was paid by the Saudis specifically to allow this attack. Trump got super angry and told everyone that he was the "Commander and Chief" and he got to make the decisions.

The pilot had actually told the military his intentions of bombing vancouver, so the Military realized that Trump was telling them that he was basically a traitor who the Saudis had bought. The military chose to ignore Trump's commands and they shot the plane down anyway. They made the right move, that's why we need to get the traitor Donald Trump out of the Presidency.

The F-15s shot him down over the water because they knew there would be less witnesses out in the water. He ended up crashing on an Island that is remotely inhabited. Now the Trump administration is covering it up because they don't want to scare people or reveal they are part of the conspiracy to stage another 911 - this time on Canada.

Trump wanted to let the illuminati carry out an attack on Canada for a variety of reasons. First, he's really in debt with all the lawyers fees and the failure of Ivanka's clothing line and the ongoing financial sinktrap of Jared's property at 666 Fifth Ave. Trump really needs cash fast. The Saudis offered to pay him 3 trillion.

Trump also thought it would be cool to humiliate Trudeau. Trump hate's Trudeau because "he's younger and better looking and people like him more". And he LOOKS BETTER IN A SARI!!!!

Days after Canada 911 was avoided, the Saudis followed up with an attack on Abbotsfords British Columbia Canada. They had a plane sabotaged that was part of an air show. The plane wing hit the runway and the plane cart wheeled and landed nose down on the runway.

The plane - a 1930s-era biplane (a deHaviland Dragon Rapide) operated by a museum crashed shortly after takeoff. They targetted that plane because of the dragon name. I am the dragon of east and west. The Saudis call me the dragon of fire.

B.C. Emergency Health Services says of the five on board, three were transported by ground in stable condition and two by air in serious condition.