The illuminati controls the rail roads. They have since the days of Rockefeller. They are responsibe for every late train throughout the US (they often intentionally make the trains late).

The illuminati have recently been causing train accidents in America like the one in Seattle. They are trying to intimidate America. The Japanese, the Germans and the British Royal family think they have the right to kill us whenever they want.

Many of these attacks are addressed to me and the resistance who are fighting to make America a country where the US Constitution means something again.

The bridge where this accident was staged has graffiti painted on it saying "LA BRAT KNATS"... The LA Brat is the illuminati referring to me. Nnats is a double meaning. On one hand it's slang for KNOTS. In this sense the illuminati is saying they are going to KNOT up the LA BRAT's liberation. They are going to stop America of breaking free of it by murdering our people in fake train accidents

AMtrack itself is a symbol of me. AM are my initials. Alexander Manning. So AM track is my track. It's the track i'm trying to take America on. The path that the resistance is trying to show the rest of America is the right way to go. So the illuminati want to attack AMTrack because they are attack America's own sovereignty.. They want to tell us what to do, enslave us. These terrorist attacks are their way of doing it since militarily they'll never be able to fight us.

The fact that they staged the attack in Washington State was also intentional. Once again it's attack on America. They are attacking George Washington, the US Constitution, the Founding Fathers. They want to destroy America and destroy the spirit of Washington.

There still hasn't been any explanation of what happened to cause the train wreck in Washington. The illuminati covered the whole thing up.

The real story is the driver was paid by the illuminati to commit the attack. There are a lot of people in the Washington state who are sympathetic to the illuminati. They are also willing to sell their lives for a price like the Sea-Tac pilot did. This train guy was the same thing - he was paid off my the illuminati to cause the accident.

Meanwhile the illuminati caused another train wreck in Cayce, South Carolina. 2 people died and over 100 were injured.

This time the illuminati did the attack to protest my relationship with my soulmate Staz and our desire to get married to each other. Caring is illuminati code for love. Cayce is short for CASE as in a box you but something. The message they were sending is they are going to BOX up love and stop our relationship by refusing to let us see each other.

And in late January, an Amtrak train carrying Republican members of the U.S. Congress killed one person in a garbage truck with which it collided in Virginia. That was also an illuminati attack. That's 3 train wrecks in 3 months - December, January and February.