The Illuminati are the product of thousands of years of inbreeding. They have trillions of genetic diseases because of this inbreeding. The inbreeding is all over the place. The European Royal families were inbred for hundreds of years, the illuminati jews were inbred for thousands of years, the japenese yakuza were inbred for thousands of years. Incest has defined the Illuminati since they began thousands of years ago.

All of this inbreeding has resulted in numerous genetic diseases. None of them can eat real food anymore. They have to eat predigested food - feces - in order to survive. They are schizophrenic, manic depressives with narcisistic delusions of grandeur. Some of them think their are made of glass and will break if their are touched.

This inbreeding has also left its mark on the DNA of the Illuminati. Recently, the Illuminati did a DNA test on all of their members throughout the world. They wanted to know all the genetics of their members just like they like to know all their other secrets. What they found shocked and disturbed them.

A normal bell curve describes a healthy distribution of intelligence in a population. Most people are in the middle. A few people are complete fucktards and a few are geniuses.

The illuminati discovered with their own DNA tests that their members did not obey this bell curve. Because the Illuminati are so inbred, their genetics don't display a normal distribution of things like intelligence, gayness or missing sex organs. Rather, all the Illuminati's charts look like shark fins. They are asymptote graphs, where the X axis is intelligence going up as it goes rightward and the Y axis is the number of people as it goes up.

What the Illuminati themselves found is that the Illuminati are asymptotely stupid. 99.9% are stupid. .1 % are average and they have no one who is smart. Where as a normal distribution would be 50% above average and 50% below average like in the bell curve above, what the Illuminati found with their DNA test was that 99.9% of their members were below average. None were above average. The Illuminati are all fucktards.

The Illuminati found a similiar pattern in other areas of their DNA. In a normal healthy population with genetic variance, there is a natural balance of 33.3% gay men, 33.3% bi-sexual men and 33.3% heterosexual men. Gayness is distributed along a bell curve for men in a genetically normal population. But in the Illuminati, their chart shape was once again a shark fin. 99.9% of their "male" population was gay, .1% was bisexual and none of them were heterosexual.

A similiar distribution of genetics was found in their physical bodies. 99.9% of the illuminati are hermaphrodites according to their DNA. .1% have sexual organs relating to only one sex - ie normal sexual organs. That's why the Illuminati all use DNA cloning technology to manufacture their children nowadays. The illuminati - as hermphrodites - literally cannot create their own children naturally. God wants them to die out, but they're too stupid to understand.