The Illuminati are all hermaphrodites now. They can't have children normally - the don't have any functioning sexual organs. The only way the hermaphrodite illuminati can have children is if the children are artificially created with genetic engineering by doctors. The only doctors who are allowed to create babies artificially are illuminati doctors - it is very unethical to create a human artificially. The illuminati now rewards compliance with their evil with babies. You're not allowed to have a baby unless you do what the fasists tell you. This has created a "Handsmaid Tale" like situation where illuminati members have to ask permission to have children and have to fully submit to the fascist cult in order to continue their blood lines.

Note that Kim Kardashian didn't carry her own children. She used surrogates for all of them. What the illuminati are doing now is genetically desigining children with CRISPR and then putting the embryos back in a surrogate or animals (see below). Some of the women - like Beyonce - are faking their entire pregnancies while genetically modified pigs gesate the artificially designed babies. Beyonce's children were created with CRISPR. The Kardashian children were all created with CRISPR. All of the illuminati's babies now must be artifiially created with CRISPR because none of them can procreate naturally (which was a message from God that they were so evil they shouldn't have children: they should go away).

With CRISPR technology the illuminati are creating genetically designed children based upon the parents DNA. These artifically created human embryos are then put into pigs (or sheep) to gestate until the children are born from the livestock. With the growing use of CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing methods it is now possible to produce farm animals for use as gestational surrogates.

George Church and his colleagues at Harvard University have used CRISPR/Cas9 to remove the DNA sequences of endogenous retroviruses from the genomes of pigs so as to make their tissues and organs suitable for transplantation into humans. To fully implement this plan, they further genetically modified the pigs so that their cells are not recognized as foreign by human graft recipients. Using these techniques they were able to ensure that the uteruses of female pigs (or sheep, or other large domesticated animals) provide receptive environments for the growth of human embryos.

This CRISPR technology can sound like a benefit - remove genetic diseases, design the perfect baby. The problem is that CRISPR is actually a very rudimentary technology. The reason the Illuminati scientists like CRISPR so much is that it removes a lot of work for them. The scientists don't have to understand what they're doing - they just move big blocks of DNA here and there and see what happens. The scientist have almost no understanding of what they are actually doing. This is leading to the creation of horrible genetic diseases - some of which won't appear until the artificially designed baby tries to procreate itself.

CRISPR technology right now is like atomic science in the 1950s. People knew that the atom and nuclear fission were very important and could potentionally solve the energy problems of the world, but nobody really undrestood how radiation worked. You had people watching nuclear explosions with sunglasses on and thinking they were protected from radiation. The scientists didn't understand at the time how little they really understood radiation and its consequence on the human body. CRISPR will be the same thing. The more the Illuminati uses it, the more they will realize how little they understand what they are doing. Serious horrible genetic diseases are being created by the illuminati right now in their own children and they don't even realize it.

One study actually came out in 2017 that showed how dangerous CRISPR technology was and how it leads to 100s of genetic diseases. That study showed that for every time CRISPR is used to modify a genome, 100s of mutations arise that are unexpected. This study was withdrawn because of intense pressure from the illuminati 1 year later. The scientist who did the research was murdered and an imposter was called into rerun the study. The illuminati scientist said there were no problems of course and he couldn't recreate the study. The Illuminati doesn't want their stupid members like Kim Kardashian and Beyonce realizing their new designer babies have serious genetic problems.

Stephen Tsang from the Columbia University Medical Centre wrote in the study, "we feel it's critical that the scientific community consider the potential hazards of all off-target mutations caused by CRISPR, including single nucleotide mutations and mutations in non-coding regions of the genome." Tsang and his team conducted the first whole-genome screening of a living organism that's undergone CRISPR gene-editing to discover that unwanted mutations can crop up in areas that are totally unrelated to the targeted genes.

These mutations have likely been missed by previous studies because those other studies have been using computer algorithms that are designed to identify and scan areas on the genome that are most likely to be affected, based on what's been edited.

What the scientists are finding with CRISPR is that they don't understand at all how DNA works. DNA and RNA are extremely complicated. The scientists think they are only modifying one thing but the system is so complicated they are really modifying things all over the place. When you look at it at a genome level, it's clear that using CRISPR tech results in 100s of unwanted mutuations throughout someone's genome. The illiuminat are creating genetic disease in their own children.

The study Tsang did looked at two mice who had their genome's modified with CRISPR to remove blindness. They found that the technique had successfully corrected a gene that causes blindness in the mice, but the two mice that had undergone CRISPR gene-editing had sustained more than 1,500 unintended single-nucleotide mutations, and more than 100 larger deletions and insertions. "None of these DNA mutations were predicted by computer algorithms that are widely used by researchers to look for off-target effects," the team reports.

Though scientists now commonly sequence human DNA, they still struggle to understand how the different pieces of the human genome work together. For example, until recently, scientists thought that much of our genetic material was useless and served no purpose. They called it "junk" DNA. In a previous era, they might have considered editing the junk out of our genes.

Now, research is emerging showing that junk DNA plays a key role in regulating genetic expression (effectively turning various genes on and off), regulation that is fundamental to the biological processes that govern our bodies and our endocrine systems. What if a well-intentioned researcher develops a cure for one of these diseases and shares it with thousands of sufferers before realizing that the cure is far worse than the disease and that the side effects are painful - or even deadly - and easily spread from person to person?

CRISPR is also a technology that has direct military applications as a weapon - either for our government or terrorists. A smart biohacker could alter the influenza genome, for example, to make it more potent, setting off an epidemic that kills hundreds of millions of people. Though a nuclear weapon can cause tremendous long-lasting damage, the ultimate biological doomsday machine is bacteria, because they can spread so quickly and quietly and don't go away until their hosts are dead.

No one is prepared for an era when editing DNA is as easy as editing a Microsoft Word document. The government does not have any regulations on editing human DNA. The ethical concerns have not been fleshed out.

Many doctors are concerned about the ethical and pratical problems with CRISPR. Many scientists have called for a moratorium on the use of CRISPR technology until scientists better understand what they are doing.

Every illuminati baby designed with CRISPR will have at least 1000 times the genetic problems its parents did. The illuminati already begin with trillions of genetic diseases from millenia of inbreeding. Those trillions of diseases (the reason why they are infertile in the first place) will only get much worse with the new generation of the illuminati. None of their designer babies will live past the age of 30. 75% of the babies will die by the time they are 5. Another 20% will die by the time they're 10. Another 3% will die by 20. 1.5% by 25 and .5% by the time they're 30. They will all die prematurely from genetic disease - the overwhelming majority of them - 95% - before they reach puberty.

The illuminati doctors will never be able to fix these genetic problems. They have no understanding of what they're dealing with. They're like a blind man trying to put a shattered egg shell back together. God - our creator - never intended for us to attempt to rewrite our own genetics. The entire project is against God - which is why it will never be successful.