With CRISPR the illuminati can create hybrid versions of animals and they're experimenting with that to create horrible monsters.

One of these monsters - a wolf/dog/bear genetic hybrid - was shot recently in Montana where it had been preying on cattle.

The landowner shot the animal May 16 as it approached livestock in a private pasture near Denton. The rancher then reported the death of a wolf as required by law, according to ABC affiliate KTMF-TV, but experts weren't convinced.

"Something was not right about the animal. It does not look like a wild wolf," a Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokesperson said. Anyone who looks at a picture of the animal knows there is something very very weird about it.

In photographs released by Montana FWP, the animal's paws, claws and teeth are visibly different than those of an average wild wolf.

This animal is not a natural wolf dog hybrid. Wolves and dogs can mate, but this doesn't look like the result. There are a lot of wolf dogs and none has ever looked like this thing before. The reason why is the animal is not a wolf hybrid it's a wolf with a dog plus a bear's DNA. It was artificially created via CRISPR the genetic engineering tool.

They are also incubating MUTANT PIGS - 30 foot long pigs that will be stuck in mud. The Yakuza historically used to grow pigs inside their vaginas. They would harvest the baby pigs out of their vaginas and eat them. They can't eat pig any more (they can only eat feces - either human or animal.) The Yakuza are excited to once again be growing piglets in their vaginas. And these pigs will grow into monsters - 30 foot long. Humans will be thrown to them like the Scarlacc in Star Wars and the pigs will digest us and spit out feces for the Yakuza "master race with tails" to eat.

Right now, thousands of Yakuza are incubating these pigs in their vaginas. They'll hatch them and then let them grow to full size (30 feet long). The Yakuza will also use these pigs to intimidate us. They will threaten to "throw us to the mutant pigs". They will feed us to them if we rebel like Yaba the Hut threatened to feed Luke Skywalker to the Sarlacc.

That is only the beginning of their sick genetic experimentation. Besides the giant mutant pigs, they're breeding 500 foot long Iguanas and 300 foot long anaconda snakes. Their plan is to have gladiator style contests where we human slaves will be thrown in to fight a giant Iguana. They will record the battles and humans being eaten by all these mutant monsters and then they'll sell the TV rights. They want to turn our slavery and torture into a source of money for themselves. Meanwhile while out Yakuza masters with 30 inch devil tails will be living in space - giving us the thumbs up or down. Deciding whether they feed us to the giant Anaconda based on what the latest ratings are for the show.

Once the Yakuza have their "gladiator" games set up, they will ban all sports on Earth except for their gladiator games. Their gladiator games will be the only state allowed form of sports. There will be no baseball, no football, no soccer, no hockey, no tennis, no aussie football, no cricket, NOTHING. People will root for gladiators in fights that are fixed like they were in the Roman days. There will be no sports teams that represent cities or countries anymore.

The Yakuza space monkeys will also do things like throw our children to giant Iguanas to see them getting eaten alive. They'll punish rebels publically by having them raped and then eaten by giant mutant pigs. They'll air this all on TV so that everyone knows what the punishment is for refusing to OBEY.

They'll air all this evil stuff on TV for mass consumption on Earth. They think that like in the days of Rome, the slave masses will keep occupied with the violent and bloody Gladiator games and public executions and torturing while the Yakuza "super race" rule the universe and steal people's children when they want.