The Japanese Yakuza Illuminati have taken the ulitimate step towards world control - they murdered all the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and installed body snatching clones to replace them. They were directed to do this by the Magliens who have now seized fascist control over the fascist Illuminati. They have created clones who have been artificiually designed with a technology called CRISPR to be 80% yakuza, 20% original. They all have at least 8 inch tails. The most important of these clones have been in turn taken over by a Maglien and run by the Maglien and Big Blue.

This CRISPR technology allows for the easy editing of genes so you can custom design humans. CRISPR allows the modification of some genes but not others - it allows you to taylor someone's genetic code however you want. Check out this article from HARVARD UNIVERSITY about it.

They are combining this genetic engineering science with cloning technology. China just announced they've proved that you can clone humans and they showed a proof of concept with primate monkeys.

This technology isn't new! The Japanese have had this for decades now. They've been cloning people and making copies of them. They first cloned Dolly the sheep in 1992 - WHY DID PRIMATES TAKE SO LONG? The answer is: it didn't take long at all. They just hid it from the rest of the world because the ethical consequences are so huge they didn't want the world to know what they'd done. People have long speculated that human cloning has already happened but no one is going to talk about it.

The science on cloning is all public, what wouldn't stop some mad scientist in Russia or America or China or Africa from cloning humans??? The truth is that the Japanese Yakuza Illuminati have been cloning humans FOR DECADES!!!. And with their jade eggs they can artificially age them in time warps so that they are the same age as anyone they want to set up with a cloned imposter.

Now they've snatched all the bodies of elites WORLD WIDE!!!! See this list of all the people the Yakuza controlled Illuminati have murdered. Not content with just murdering our citizens, they are now murdering them and replacing them withcloned versions that are really yakuza on the inside. It's like the INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS.
And they're using the CRISPR technology to create new types of beasts who will be our masters that are being incubated inside these clones. Beasts with tails like devils. And they're trying to encode SLAVERY into our very DNA. Poison our Yakuza masters can dispense into our blood whenever we question them. They will make the US Constitution meaningless by CHANGING THE VERY FORM GOD GAVE US!! If we ever try and use our free speech the elite Yakuza masters can poison us until we stop.

The Yakuza Magliens are trying to create a master race to enslave everyone else. The skin crawlers want to take over the world. They began this campaign just this last Christmas and have instensified it this year. They have already murdered millions and millions worldwide and installed cloned yakuza imposters.

The Magliens have always brought the most evil things with them. Many people blame "old white men" for the horrors of American history but really it was the Magliens who were the puppet masters of all those things - from Slavery, to the Holocaust, to the genocide of the Native Americans. to Apartheid, to pedophilia.

It is true that patriarchy leans towards fascism making it easy for the magliens to take over. Which just proves the superiority of equal respect for all races and groups. That's one of the reasons why democracy is better than fascism. But really, we should pay more attention to the threat of maglien Satanic evil rather than thinking all white men are evil.

The Yakuza Magliens are abducting Americans right and left and keeping them prisoner in Australia or Mexico. Black and white. They abducted all our American tennis players, skiiers, snowboarders, skaters, figure skaters, ballerinas, all of our quarterbacks in the NFL... they replaced them all with japanese imposters. They murdered the entire Patriot Football team. They murdered Michael Jordan, Ben Roethlisberger, Bill Murray, George Clooney and Amal, Chris Pratt and his little son. Every day more and more people are murdered by the Yakuza in America.

Being cruel and vicious inbred neanderthal pygmies, they don't just murder the people, they have them sodomized and eaten by animals. Or in the case of Chris Pratt, they put his little son in a meat grinder and made him watch the son getting cut up to death before they murdered Chris the same way. They had all the ballerinas sodomized by horses, all the figure skaters sodomized by donkeys.

The sick yaks also took video of all the horrors they inflicted on their victims. They sent a tape of Putin being sodomized by an African Black Rhino to Medvedev to make it clear to the Russian Communist Party that the Yakuza was in control. In the video, the Yakuza are in frame while the Rhino is fucking Putin to death. They're all laughing and giving the camera the middle finger.

The Yakuza body invasion campaign was like a blitzkrieg - it was the knight of long knives - they murdered millions at once. They killed off all the world leaders and brought out imposters they had planned for decades. It was like the red wedding in GAME OF THRONES. They set up the Rothschilds and Rockefellers and then murdered them all and installed imposters to replace them worldwide.

The Yakuza knew who to target because the Rothschilds had already created a very defined hierarchy inside the Illuminati. This hierarchy meant that children of important people were given certain positions. So the Yaks knew that Donald Trump could become president a generation ago and they've been preparing a cloned replacement for him. They even murdered the Pope and replaced him with a Japanese imposter. They did it with british royal family too as well as merkel and macron. They did it to every member of the Communist Party in China, and they did it to Bibi Netanyahu too.

The Yakuza decided that their genetics will always be inferior - they will always be bow legged, unable to run, short, small runts. They don't like be losers all the time in every sport, so they decided to literally ditch their bodies. The yaks want these new half breeds to be the new version of the Yakuza master race. They've accepted that their genetics are fucked. They have serious problems with heart attacks and they're dying all the time even without murdering each other. Their genetics are so unstable they've decided to create a "superior" race of Europeans and Americans who are half yakuza. The new yakuza "master race" will look like Europeans but they'll have the minds, digestive systems and insides of Yakuza. They'll be 50% yakuza, 50% cloned original.

They also want to KEEP THEIR DEVIL TAILS. Their plans are actually to restore their animal tails to their historic length. In the second generation of their clones, they'll all begin looking like Yakuza facially and they'll sprout tails that are 15 inches long. The children of that next "super" yakuza tail person will have even longer tails. They'll have 30 inch tails and some of them will have two tails. The Yakuza think that having a tail is a symbol that they are superior to us . They think it is a sign they are the favorites of SATAN. They have a tail just like the devil - NO OTHER HUMANOIDS DO. They're so arrogant they see their tails as a sign of superiority - a reason they should be privileged. It's one of the big reasons they're so into Satanism, pedophilia and devil worshipping.

Some of the Europeans willingly allowed their Illuminati Rothschilds to be converted to Yakuza body snatchers. The Japanese told them that with CRISPR, they can keep the children of the clones looking European, even though the clones are really half japanese. They lied to the Europeans though, their real plan is to make them look more Yakuza with the next generation. And they never told them their next generations would all have tails like the DEVIL. And the Maglians didn't tell the Yakuza that their plan is to take over their bodies once they get to space and then they'll rule completely from space. They will have extra power over the slaves because they'll be in an environment where humans are completely dependent on artificial systems. They want humans to go to space colonies so they can control us completely. They can just press a button and shut off oxygen to a part of the slave quarters if there is a rebellion.

The Yakuza are incredibly racist, they'd never accept losing their "superior" Yakuza faces to "ugly" europeans with "funny" noses. They think their tails make them special - the most superior devil worshippers. And the Maglians are the same thing - they came up with the idea of a horned tailed devil (the horns being cooler versions of their antennae). What the Yakuza really want is to BE TALLER. They hate being short little runts. And the Magliens hate being short little shrimp. Both want to steal the Europeans genes to make themselves taller and bigger. Really the plan is to make bigger stronger versions of Yakuza. The Maglians don't want them to be too big or too strong though because they need to eat more if they steal a bigger body. So they want to keep them around 5 feet tall.

The original plan was to do this body invasion attack in 2020, but the yakuzas are freaking out right now because the Illuminat is being kicked out of America so they sped up the plan by 2 years. The Yakuza are realizing the illuminati is collapsing so they're trying to stage a pre-emptive strike and take everything over. They mistakenly believe that their new "master race" is superior to Americans and Europeans and will somehow save the collapsing Illuminati.

Ultimately, the Maglian/Yakuza plan is to move their "master race with tails" to space. There plan is to live like people did in that movie Elysium. The new Yakuza master race with tails will live in space while earth will become a ghetto for slaves and the poor. They will steal our children and eat us up in space without ever having to visit Earth. Anyone who doesn't have a tail won't be allowed in space. Only the Yak "super race with devil tails" will be allowed to go to space and become an elite who rules everyone else. Having a tail will become a sign of being a "master". Not having a tail will become a sign of being a "slave." All of us normal humans will be considered slaves because we don't have devil tails.

All of the clones are raised in Japan and are culturally Japanese as well as 50% genetically. They were raised their entire lives to impersonate the Yakuza targets. The Japanese imposter who is pretending to be Mitch McConnell knows everything about Mitch. The Japanese have had everyone under surveillance for decades. They get feeds off of all the illegal FISA spying going on. They know every detail they need to in order to impersonate their target.

In most cases, they used CRISPR to create a genomic copy of the person, and then replaced half of that clone with a Japanese Yakuza's DNA. In cases where they can't use CRISPR to create exact copies, they pick impersonators from their billions of slaves they keep world wide. The illuminati have billions of slaves of all different races, gives them a lot of choices for imposters. They can then use stem cell technology to steal the victims vocal chords, their hair and even their faces and graft them onto imposters.

The Yakuza are cutting people's faces off to make their impersonators. They cut the murdered targets face onto their imposter. Once the fakes have children, they'll look japanese. They're faces have been changed, but the underlying genetics are still half yak.

Japanese are very good at copying culturally. They copied American electronics and made them smaller (because their hands are smaller). They are copy cats who aren't good at innovation. The aren't good strategic planners. They're only good at copying things.

They also copy cultural trends the same way. Think of all the little Japanese kids pretending to be B-boys, rappers, swing dancers, bobby socks girls, etc. They do all that while thinking Black people are less than animals.

The Yakuza also made clones imposters of famous black people like Gael Monfils the fench tennis player. They added genes to these people though so that they can poison them whenever they want. That's why Gael got sick recently at the Australian open. It wasn't the heat, it was Yakuza flooding him with posion to make him sick so he'd lose. The yaks are scared Africans and esp AFrican Americans are suprior to both Japanese and Europeans, so they want to be able to handicapp them at a press of a button.

All of these imposters are partially lobotomized and hooked up to a massive computer system. The computer system has a record of all their memories and motor movements. Tennis players can "download" serves from the computer. They can download the sense memories of that person actually serving their best ace for instance. They can harness the sense memory data of the people they murdered. The Yakuza made copies of each victims minds before they murdered them. They can run various routines through their imposter's minds ordering their muscles to fire like they did previously.

Anyone remember that weird time that Trump tweeted out about COVFEFE? That was also Trumps' cybernetic mind getting hacked. Trump is also a lobotomzied, computer controlled Illuminati Robot. He was the entire time the was running for the president. COVFEFE is actually a RUSSIAN CODE WORD for RUSSIAN SPY. Trump tweated out that night "Despite the constant negative press covfefe." Which literally means, I'm a russian spy even though I constantly get negative press about it. Trump was admitting in a tweet that he was a russian spy and the whole Russian probe was justified.

The Magliens are known in the universe as the "space faggots" or "maggot faggots". This is not a homophobic slur. It's a reference to how their ideas of sexuality work. Magliens are intensely attracted to another form that looks like them. So if they take a womans body they are intensely attracted to women. If they take a male body, they are intensely attracted to men. Really they have no innate sense of sex. They are ALL THE SAME. So they are attracted to SAME. All they know is the difference between size and that the larger sizes dominate the smaller sizes. They have no word for rape - to them rape is just how you have sex.

Converssely, they automatically hate the OTHER. If they take a woman's body, they hate men. If they take a man's body, they hate women. That's why the women version so often seduce and eat men. They HATE MEN. And that's also why the male versions beat and kill women maniacially - they HATE WOMEN. The insanity of the maglien brain is reflected through this weird, insane attitude towards sexuality. Even weirder, if they shift from a man's body to a female or vice versa, they flip their sexual desires and their deranged hatred. They have no soulmates, they have no idea of marriage, they don't understand what love is. The only thing they understand is domination vs submission. At the same time, they have extreme amounts of LUST - SEXUAL DESIRE. They constantly want to kill bodies and lay eggs. So magliens who have taken a female body want to seduce men and then lay eggs in them - and men the same thing vice versa.

That's also why they're pedophiles intrinsically. In every alien race they have ever infested, they have brought pedophilia. Their sexual desire is indiscriminate - children, animals, adults... whatever. Their sexual lust is connected to a desire to KILL. So they could kill any of these things. So they are attracted to all of them sexually. Their young mature after 1 day (if they are not eaten by their parent), so they have no idea of child vs adult. For them, all children are also adults.

The Magliens have a smaller version of themselves, a pygmy version which is a permanent slave class. They are very sexually excited to this pygmy class, so they kill them constantly and lay eggs in them. So for the magliens, our children, just look like pygmy versions of us that they want to kill and lay eggs in. Our children are the top of the sexual pyramid for them. Our children are the first thing they want to have sex with and the first thing they want to kill. THEY ARE SICK. That's why God shuddered when he saw what they became and wept for the evil he had created.