The illuminati are termites in the house of God. Magliens are termites in the house of God. They are destroying God's creation and he will not let that continue. The illuminati spreads pedophilia, rape, slavery, murder, Satanism, corruption, and child murder wherever they go. They make good people become bad people. God wants us all to have the chance to be good and the illuminati is making that extremely difficult. Creation was created to create good people.

They are also trying to destroy the environment and the Earth itself. They plan to make Earth into a ghetto while they live in space colonies (similiar to that movie Elysium). They actually want to destroy the environment because they want to force everyone into space. They want us to all go live in space colonies like Elysium and Earth will become a ghetto where people suffer horrible air all the time worldwide. The Illuminati are making Creation into Hell.

Besides actively trying to destroy our environmental resources world wide, the Illuminati are also creating wars and poverty thoughout the Middle East and Africa (and elsewhere) in order to destroy the environment and cause refugee crises. They want earth to be the ghetto home of slaves. Their vision is very much like that movie Elysium.

They will have extra power over us slaves once in space because we'll be in an environment where humans are completely dependent on artificial systems. They want humans to go to space colonies so they can control us completely. They can just press a button and shut off oxygen to a part of the slave quarters if there is a rebellion.

Space colonies has long been an illuminati goal since they realized that God was going to destroy them on Earth. They think they can escape to space and avoid God's punishment. For a long time the illuminati magliens and Satanists have known that God planned to eliminate them in 2025. They have long thought that their only chance at survival was to get to space. They had their current plan to create Space Colonies and leave Earth as a ghetto since the 1920s.

Elon Musk's Space X program is part of this illuminati NWO plan. Elon has been tasked with getting the space colonies program working. Space X is supposed to allow the colonization of Mars which is why Elon is so fixated on Mars.

The illuminati's plan is never going to work however.Elon's Space X rockets are going to kill any illuminati who try to get into space. They'll never get their "illuminati master race" into space.

Besides the fact that they're inbred bodies have so much genetic disease they'd never be able to survive the trip to space, Elon doesn't have the space ships to get them to the moon let alone Mars. Elon's ships will blow up in the atmosophere and kill everyone on board them. Elon is a tragic fool - an idiot who is being passed off as some sort of saviour.