The illuminati have destroyed language on Earth. They have destroyed the idea of Truth. By shattering our idea of what Truth is, they have destroyed the logical ground for communication itself. They have made words meaningless.

Language can't exist if everyone lies. No one believes anything anyone says anymore. No one understands what the other says. Creation becomes a tower of Bable. Truth has been fractured and must be restored. Otherwise all of creation collapses... the delusion spreads like a cancer. Truth must be righted. Once we do that, the golden age will come easily.

Race is an example of the flexibility of truth. Race isn't visible. It exists in your DNA. Your DNA can be expressed in a lot of different ways. Identical twins can be black and white. Their is nothing in your DNA that determines how you look. It is the combination of your DNA and your RNA that determines how you look. Despite that, the Illuminati wanted to mythologicize race into tribal groups - aryans vs blacks vs jews etc. So they look for things to talk about when defining race. Things like people's skin color or the facial features.

Skin color becomes a sign for race when it isn't. Eugenics becomes a sign for race when it isn't. Neither are the two together an indicator of race. Either alone or conjunction. Race is an illusion. Ultimately we will see beyond it.

The illuminati is exagerating our differences. In the Golden Age, racism and sexism and homophoboia and anti-trans bias will be forgotten - our divisions will seem less pertinent - less relevant.

But first we need to be able to talk to each other. Because of the Illuminati, that is as problem. The Illuminati have destroyed the logical ground for all communication. They have destroyed our references. Words no longer refer to things becaus they lie so much that the words no longer correspond to any shared sense of reality. The have lied all the time to the point where language itself collapses. Langauage depends upon trust and trust depends upon honesty. The Illuminati's very morality denies the idea of honesty exists. They view everything as just different relativist points of view that you can lie about whenever you want.

It's like the boy who cried wolf. The moral stated at the end of the Greek version is, "this shows how liars are rewarded: even if they tell the truth, no one believes them."

Look at Cambridge Analytica (an Illuminati Company with ties to Illuminati white supremacist Steve Bannon). John Bolton who was just appointed National Security Advisor by Trump worked with Cambridge Analytica to taylor his campaign endorsements to different groups. Robert Murtfeld, a Cambridge Analytica executive who left earlier this year, described the video project as having "used our psychographic data to create ads targeting people based on their personalities". He used different arguements for different groups. His messages are all different from each other targetted at different groups. They are incoherent.

Bolton, a national security hawk, adopts significantly different tones in the videos, depending on the personalities of the voters the videos were targeted at. The voters were partitioned according to personality analysis conducted by Cambridge Analytica. "This was the first real results that we had, where you could say: this works," one source with knowledge of the video-testing said. "You could see the difference between a control group and our targeted messaging, and the uplift was huge."

This may work to dupe people for a while but people learn from their experiences. The data that Cambridge Analyitica uses is only a snap shot at a certain point and doesn't account for the public learning from their experiences. When Bolton crafts his various lies, he's only getting a short term benefit. Afterwards, people realize that the language is a lie and stop believing in it. They stop believing in him.

If this is done all the time, langauge itself becomes meaningless and we get locked in an iron cage of irrationality. See my paper on game theory and lying for a detailed anaylsis of the choices involved in telling a lie. I prove in my paper that lieing continually destroys the very possibility of cooperation. Lieing continually leads to a prisoner's dilemma where people are forced into irrational decisions.

That's why the Illuminati is incompatible with creation - they destroy the possibility of communication leading humanity towards irrational decisions. These irrational decisions are a threat to creation itself. They are termites in the house of god. They break the fabric of the universe. God - the architect of all creation - intended for us to speak honestly. God intended us to aspire towards rationality.

Think about how much our perceptions of honesty have changed in America since the 1950s when most people trusted their policiitcans and the people on their TVS and even their commericals. Now, no one trusts any of those sources. Cynicism has become baked into our culture. That is very dangerous - it destroys our institutions, it creates tribes of Americans that are easily manipulated by hate and misinformation.

God has decided to remove them not just because they are evil and murder people and created satanism and murdered jesus and mary magdemela. God has decided to remove them more importantly because they break creation. It's like a coo coo clock that has a gear that's gone koo koo. The clock maker sealed up the clock but then it broke and he went to sleep like rip van winkle. When he woke up a thousand years later he disocverdd the error in teh clock and now it's time to fix it. I am the clockmaker's fixer. The messiah was created to stop the problems of creation. I was created to end the Illuminati.

The Illuminati are a cancer in the bones of creation. They are eating away at the structure of creation itself.