The Illuminati has always been racist - particularily against blacks. This is a function of a couople of things - the Magliens have a hard time infesting Africa because the people are genearlly taller. The Yakuza hate that they're 90% black so they are overly racist in order to compensate. The Rothschilds who are 50% black do the same thing. They've interbred with their slaves for thousands of years. Their genetics are all muddled like a mutt. No wonder they over compensated with their crazy Nazi Aryan white supremacy.

Racist Japanese Videos are all over Japan. The Japs do black face without even thinking about it. They pass this ad off as Chinese but really it's Japanese.

Japan has a massive problem with racism. They are they most racist culture on earth. They don't even recognize people born outside of Japan - even if both parents are full Japanese - as Japanese. They are so xenophobic that not only do you have to be 100% genetically Japanese to count as Jap you have to have been raised in Japanese Culture. If you are half Japanese half black, like this ballarina, they will never accept you.

Japan is in complete denial about their racism, so they never bother to even address it. They hate Koreans, they hate Africans, they hate the Chinese, they hate Whites, they hate people from even other parts of Japan - eg Okinawa. The US base in OKinawa is as much to protect the local population from the Japanese (who raped and murdered them during WWII) as it is a US military base.

Ultimately this racism comes from the Magliens who try to keep humans separated by dividing them. The magliens were the first slave traders. The magliens are so arrogant and xenophobic they think they're the best thing in the Universe (even though God wants to eliminate them.)