The Japanese Illuminati - with Big Blue's computational help - currently run America like a giant game for them. They call it the American Race Game because they want to turn Ameria into a race war. They can literally spend money to do things like have your kid raped or murdered. The Japanese spend billions daily just to destroy our lives and then they talk about us over social media and make fun of us.

The Japanese Illuminati introduced Heroin in America as Chapter 9 in the American Race Game. Our Illuminati Doctors got people addicted to OxyContin and other opiates to deal with pain and then the Illuminati raised the price on all those drugs forcing Americans to choose the cheaper alternative - heroin. Once Americans were addicted to Heroin, the Illuminati started spiking the drugs with fentanyl which kills people. They literally started poisoning Americans for fun.

Meanwhile, all of our homes have surveillance throughout them. Every time a drug addict dies, the Japanese watch it for entertainment. They have access to your camera on your computer, on your phone, on your TV. If you ever installed an ADT system, the Illuminati has access to all that footage. The Japanese helped intiiate all this surveillance by orchestrating 911 with Saudi Arabia, Bibi Netanyahu and Donald Trump (who supplied the blue prints of the world trade center to the Saudis.)

The Japanese are so bored with their pathetic lives that they focus all their time on fucking over Americans and laughing about it. The Germans may have invented the word Shadenfreude, but the Japs perfected it. The Japs are angry their little tiny tail people. They enjoy seeing us die or tortured. They sit around on their apps pressing buttons and paying money to see what they can do to make our lives horrible - from causing traffic jams in our cities to murdering children on playgrounds to the world trade center attack. All of these things the Japanese paid huge amounts of money to do. They watch all the footage of us suffering and laugh about it. They made our livers into reality TV and then they get to make our lives miserable to see what we do. The Japs are so narcistic they think they're gods and we're just their entertainment.