The illuminati have created an artificial ceiling for talent in America. We can't have great comedians do work without interference. We can't have great sports athletes show us how great they are on the floor. We don't get great music or art anymore - we get bland bullshit instead.

One of the things satire and humor do is stretch our understandings of the truth. Good satire and jokes make us rethink what we believe - that's where the humor comes from - the surprise at seeing another side of truth.

That's why the illuminati hates comedians and satire. Funny people are dangerous to them. Funny people get other people to rethink what they thought was true. Funny people not only enlighten but they build their audience's critical thinking abilities. Smart humor makes people smarter.

Smarter people are less easily duped by lies and bullshit. Smarter people ask questions rather than just taking orders. Smarter people start to realize that the news they hear on the TV is no the whole story and is often not even a reliable part of the story. The illuminati doesn't like smart people, they are dangerous to them. That's why the illuminati culture has bred generations of stupid people.

The Japanese even killed off their smarter people in the 1980s. And the Germans did it in WWII. The illuminati system cannot deal with intelligent members. Intelligent members end up taking over easily from all the stupid people. The group decided to eliminate the intelligent members because they were a threat.

This is the same philosophy the yakuza took in 1984 when they murdered the #1 smartest yakuza (who was a mild mental retard.. and they were all severley retarded). The Japanese were so stupid they couldn't deal with 1 guy being known as smarter than the rest of them so they ganged up together and had him murdered. They would rather all be stupid than be bossed around by someone who is smarter than they are.

It's the same thing they do to Tiger Woods in golf. All the illuminati golfers like Spieth, Day, Johnson, Poultier, Michelson, etc gang up on tiger to spend money to make his game look bad. Their games don't improve because of this, they just can't deal with someone being more talented than they are.

It's become a neurotic tick of the illuminati now -- they not only don't promote greatness; they are the enemy of greatness. They want to take great people like Tiger Woods and destroy their games until they can't compete anymore. The illuminati's mean spirited insecurities lead to the whole world being denied the opportunity to see Tiger Woods play at the top of his game. It's really tragic from the big point of view.

That's happening not just in golf but everywhere in illuminati controlled America - sports, movies, music, government, academics. LeBron James is being robbed of rings because the Golden State Warriors financed by Mark Zuckerberg, Sergei Brin and Larry Page have to buy all the championships.

The Golden State Warriors are 95% fake. Stephen Curry can't play basketball, his entire career is a hoax paid for by Facebook and Google. All of his 3-pointers are designed by computer graphic computer specialists and animated by teams of programmers. It's all an illusion paid for by the obscene amounts of money Silicon Valley has taken in.

The revenge of the illuminati nerds is that with all their internet money they can buy NBA championships, they don't need to earn them. Zuckerberg or Sergei Brin were never going to be on the basketball team, but now they can say they own the NBA.