The shooting in Parkland was organized by the Illuminati as a way of getting Americans to get rid of their guns or restrict them enough for our police/military to take over and make America a fascist police state. All of the school shootings in America since Columbine were organized by the Illuminati to try and get us to give up our guns so they can make us into fascists.

The 2nd Amendment is in the US Constitution because the founders believed that the only way to guaranteee freedom in America was an armed citizenry. They even wanted Americans to field their own small armies (militias). The reason being that free Citizens must always be on guard against the military and police and they need guns to do that.

The latest school shooting in Great Mills Maryland was caused by the Illuminati - just like Parkland, just like Pulse, just like Sandy Hook, just like all the school shootings. The reason a resource officer was able to kill the shooter, the only time a resource officer has ever had any impact on a school shooting, is becauser Trump is trying to gain support for arming school staff with guns. Trump set up this shooting himself. This is part of his plan to push his arming school staff/teachers plan through. The very idea of having teachers and school staff armed is a slipper slope to concentration camps and fascism.

Besides wanting us to give up our guns and arm teachers and school staff, the location of the shooting was chosen as a message to me. The messaging of the Great Mills Maryland is that the Illuminati were going to grind up my marriage to my soulmate Anastasia. We are engaged and they do not want us to get married. That's why it was in Maryland. Also because the Illuminati is upset that that a Baltimore Maryland team upset their number 1 seed West Virginia in the NCAA Tournament. The Illuminati always fixes March Madness, but this year I'm watching it so they haven't been able to fix things. Some of their teams are winning but not by the point spreads they told the organized crime gamblers the would. They are losing huge amounts of money trying to fix the tournament and are failing at it.

The shooter - Austin Rollins - in the school shooting also underscores the Illuminati bombing attacks on Austin Texas. The White Supremacist Illuminati lead by Donald Trump is planning all of these attacks on Austin. Austin is not friendly with the rest of White Supremacist Texas. They have always been known as a sanctuary for the weird and different as well as minorities. Austin is publically gay friendly.

Sheriff Israel's deputies - all 4 of them - did not even enter the school during the shooting - that's because they are Illuminati and the Illuminati planned the whole thing.

They just stood outside letting the children get shot. Even after the Coral Springs police showed up on the scene and entered the building, the Sheriff's deputies refused to enter to help. That's because Sheriff Israel is an Illuminati asshole who helped organize the shooting himself.

In the Illuminati plan that Sherif Israel was tapped to oversee, the deputies were supposed to go in and hide out and let the shooter shoot people but make it look like the Sheriff was a hero when they finally took him down after letting him murder children for 20-30 minutes. The deputies were all magliens though and they were too scared to enter the building so they just stayed outside. Magliens are COWARDS. If they hear a gun shot, they die - you don't even have to shoot them.

That's why the FBI knew all about the shooting prior to it happening - the FBI is controlled by the Illuminati and always has been since it was started by an Illuminati - J Edna Hoover.

The kids the illuminati are trotting out right now to be spokespeople for gun control are actually magliens. They are not human. The people who died in the massacre - the 17 of them were targeted. With an AR-15, if the killer had wanted to, he could have killed 100s. Why stop at 17? It's because it was an illuminati attack and they wanted to send a message. The 17 who died where targeted. Many of the kids who atttended the school were illuminati. Those kids were given bullet proof backpacks. I saw this kid running away from the shooter with a giant backpack and I wondered why he was carrying it since it was slowing him down. Knowing that the backpack is bulletproof - it's clear why the kid was holding on to it.

The Illuminati are trying to blame these shootings on movies and music in order to shut down our free speech. They are attacking our 1st Amendment at the same time they attakc the 2nd. Trump is planning a meeting with Video Game designers because of the shooting. That's because they want to pin the blame for these shootings on video games and rap music so they restrict our free speech as well as our guns. The first impulse after Columbine was to blame 1st person shooter video games. There was an intense debate in the US about banning shooter games. It was reported that the Columbine kids were totally motivated by playing violent video games all the time. The implication was that somehow they wandered in from a video game and started shooting kids because they couldn't tell the difference between reality and a video game.

What this really was about was a further atttempt to erode the 2nd amendment. 1st person shooter games do teach you about guns and military training - that's exactly why the Illuminati don't like them. The Illuminati want to be able to take our weapons and then use the police and military they control to make us into a fascist police state.

Trump and the Illuminati are already running concentration camps secretly in Mexico murdering jail convicts, homeless men, women and children and other "undesirables" like gay men. Once they take our guns and set up an official police state, they will start murdering everyone else. The Founding Fathers knew we needed to be armed in order to protect ourself from the Illuminati. That's why they created the 2nd amendment and encouraged state militias. If we give an inch on guns, we risk loosing our freedom and watching America descend into full blown Nazi Fascism.

Vermont has the second highest gun ownership per capita but the second lowest amount of gun violence. Vermonters are ARMED TO THE TEETH and yet don't have any problems with school shootings or gun violence. Vermonters are trained in gun safety and responsible ownership. They take guns serioulsy and love them. They teach their children how to use guns - and also the great risk that comes with guns. The fact that Vermont is so heaviliy armed and yet avoids the violence associated with guns is proof that gun ownership is not what is causing theese shootings. The illuminati are causing these shootings to try and get us to give up our guns so they can take over as police state. That's why Vermonters have almost more guns than anyone else, and yet have almmost the lowest rate of gun violence.

The Japanese Illuminati have been trying to get Americans to give up their guns for decades. Does anyone remember the postal shootings? That was the first wave of the Illuminati attempt to scare Americans about guns. The Postal Service has been controlled by the Illuminati for a hundred years ever since Hoover was invovled in it. Hoover used the postal service to snoop on Americans. The FBI had a deal with the postal service where they could violate our constitutional rights against illegal search and seizure all the time. Similiar to how the NSA is now spying on our cellphones and email all the time.


The fist postal shooting was a month before my birthday in 1975. The Illuminati was already planning on using their power in the post office to terrorize Americans by having postal employees go "postal" and shoot Americans randomly. At that time (prior to the Internet), everyone went to the post office. You could find all types of Americans at their local post offices. The idea that you could be shot at any time while trying to mail a letter was an illuminati attempt to scare everyone and get enough political support to take our guns away from us.

By the 1990s the Internet had made the post office obsolete. Suddenly the postal shootings stopped happening and all these school shootings began happening - beginning in 1998 with Columbine. Prior to that, Americans where so aware of shootings at post offices that "going postal" had entered into our language as a term for someone who goes crazy at their job and starts murdering people. The postal shootings really intensified from 1983 to 1997 - where we had 2 or 3 each year.

Since 1998 - the same year as Columbine, they've stopped happening nearly as frequently. Now they're only used as a message by the Illuminati that they want America to be nice to the Illuminiati - which is why they did it three times last year even though the press didn't even bother to cover the shootings. 3 for the Illuminati means change. When you look at the number 3, it's like a spiral - spirals represent change. So when they organize 3 shootings in one year the message is that they are demanding America change its course.

The 3 shootings in 2006 were due to Obama's attempt to build a resistance to the Illuminati. Though he was not President yet, Obama had already given his speech against the Iraq War and begun a series of speeches that would chart his Presidential run. He had already organized a resistance to the Illuminati in Chicago and like MLK was helping to break the strangle hold of the Illuminati on the black community. In 2006 the Illuminati murdered Michelle Obama and replaced her with a Maglien. After they did that, Barack took a less confrontational approach and did not start the all out civil war in the Illuminati. In return for backing down, he was permitted to run for President.

When as President he began to restart the work of the resistance to the Illuminati they murdered his daughters and replaced them with magliens. Barack's whole family was taken by the magliens. Barack laid much of the groundwork for the resistance that has now flowered into a full scale civil war throughout the Illuminati. America has already chosen to leave the Illuminati - they're just waiting until I am officially recognized as the Messiah which is supposed to happen before my 43rd birthday which is April 16th, 2018 - right around the corner. At that point I will have control of America's military and I will begin eliminating the maglien illuminati worldwide. Meanwhile as far as Russia and China there are civil wars erupting between Illuminati groups. Their power is crumbling.

The lone shooting in 2013 was because the KKK and white aryan nation members in America were trying to leave the Illuminati. FedEx is a KKK company which is why the shooting took place there and not a US post office. Technically, it's not actually a postal office shooting. The reason it was 1 shooter and not 3 is because the message was the White Nationalists are alone and have no other support.

FedEx was set up to counter UPS. UPS represents a racist model of slavery where whites and blacks are part of white society but whites are permanent overlords. At UPS, many of the workers are black but the managers are all white and get paid much better. FedEx in contrast is the sort of White Nationalism that doesn't want to enslave blacks so much as send them all back to Africa. They are complete race separatists. Their address is: 942 SOUTH SHADY GROVE ROAD, Memphis, Tennessee. Who locates their headquarters at "shady" grove. Sounds a little "shady" doesn't it. Both UPS and FedEx are located in Memphis (home of the Pyramids in Egypt) because they are historically Illuminati companies - part of the pyramid club.

The Illuminati also organized the Vegas shooting. The shooting happened from the 32nd floor - masons regard 32 as a sacred number (32nd degree scottish rite mason). The shooting was done near the Luxor hotel which is a giant pyramid like the Illuminati worship. It is also next to sphinx statue which is another Illuminati symbol. The Luxor is known as the Egyptian themed casino with the pyramid that has the illuminated apex and obelisk nearby. These symbols are of great importance to the 'Illuminati' who subscribe to many of the esoteric concepts of ancient Egypt."

There is a massive cover up going on around the Vegas shooting with people who survived it randomly dying. Really the Illuminati are murdering people who are trying to spread the truth about what happened at Vegas. A concertgoer named Brianna told News3LV that the woman was telling people at the concert that they were "all going to die tonight, she told us that we were all going to die tonight," Brianna told the outlet. "We went back up to the room, and as soon as we reached the room from the concert venue, we just heard constant shootings."

The Attack was predicted in 1996 by the Illuminati Card game. The Illuminati have been planning this for a very long time. The card game is from the 1980s-1990s and it's based on Robert Anton Wilson's Illuminatus! Trilogy which is important because Wilson was more than familiar with the axioms of Aleister Crowley.

Jason Aldean is an illuminati Satanist and knew the attack was coming. He even has a Tatoo that matches the Jack and the Ace from the Illuminati Card game. He was chosen to be a messenger from the devil.

What has happened in the Vegas investigation anyway? NOTHING. There are a bunch of things that don't make sense about it like that the security guard was shot before Paddock even started shooting on the crowd. Why didn't the security guard getting shot not trigger security intervening? The official timeline kept shifting and then it just fell off the news cycle. That's how a cover up works.

The Mandalay knew the attack was going to happen. Their security knew except for that security guard who was new at his job and stumbled upon the situation.

And then after the attack he dissappeared for a couple of weeks. He was booked to do interviews and then backed out last minute. Witnesses who said there were two shooters have randomy died after surviving the shooting.

Jeff Rense has posted the long, detailed, written testimony of a witness at the concert, 28-year-old Kymberley Suchomel. Here is a brief excerpt: "We are all hanging out on this sheet [at the concert], dancing our booties off, enjoying ourselves so much that we took off our boots to get even more comfortable.... the first volley of gunfire was released. It was a shorter volley than any of the others [that followed] .... So, as we are running, we approach this fence where men are throwing women over, and we ran up to it as they had knocked It down, so we were able to get out...."

"But the gunfire wasn't stopping this whole time. It wasn't ceasing. It wasn't slowing down. And It was directly behind us, following us. Bullets were coming from every direction. Behind us, in front of us, to the side of us. But I know, I just know, that there was someone chasing us. The entire time I felt this way. The farther we got from the venue, the closer the gunfire got. I kept looking back expecting to see the gunmen - and I say MEN because there was more than one person. There was more than one gun firing. 100% more than one...."

Kymberley Suchomel and her group did finally escape and get home safely. Then..........

As seacoastonline.com reports, "About a week after surviving the mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, Kymberley Suchomel has died."

These shootings are not coincidental. The are part of a larger Illuminati plan to murder Americans and get them to give up their 2nd and 1st amendments, and . Look at the Trump proposal for stopping shootings - arm the teachers. This is fascist solution to a problem the Illuminati are creating. Teachers with guns is fascist. It's also stupid from a pragmatic level. How long until an angry teacher pulls a gun on a student and says "make my day punk?"

Teachers with guns is a dangerous fascist idea. Kids will stumble upon guns. Where are the teachers supposed to put them. Trump suggested arming janitors. Are they going to keep their guns in the cleaning closet?

Just recently a teacher wigged out and locked himself up in his classroom and shot out a window. Teaching is a high stress job dealing with young humans who don't listen, don't cooperate. It's a flashpoint for losing control. Why add guns to that combustible combination? What about teachers with guns in the ghetto? How long until a young black boy is shot by a teacher for not following orders? Trumps idea is a nazi fascist idea meant to further erode our rights.

Even restrictions against people with mental health issues is Illuminati propaganda intended to disenfranchise Americans from gun owernship. The manual that decides what insane and sane is, the DSM, is controlled by the Illuminati. All our mental health people as well as our doctors are part of the illuminati. They've controlled our doctors since the 1800s when they used our Presidential doctors to murder three of our Presidents.

Until recently homosexuality was considered a form of "mental disorder" according to the DSM manual. They didn't remove that classification of homosexuality as a "mental disorder" until 1987. The decision to remove Homosexuality as a mental disorder was because of politics not the science. The famous decision did not come about as a result of a lengthy professional debate on the scientific merits. It happened in an important national political context -- the Watergate Affair -- and revelations surrounding Nixon's "Enemies List" and his conduct of the Vietnam War. This was an era in which much of academia was very loathe to be seen as authoritarian, and very sensitive to charges of political complicity in upholding the cultural status quo. This was the heyday of "humanist psychology" and of second wave feminism. The "backlash" of "angry white men" was still a gleam in the Koch brothers' eyes.

This anti-authoritarian atmosphere undoubtedly contributed to the willingness of the head of the APA to "do the right thing" and remove homosexuality from the DSM. His decision occurred immediately before the actual vote, and as a result of being taken into a room in which many psychiatrists he knew personally were present and came out to him as homosexual. Thus, this major change in the legal status of homosexuals turned on a knife edge and actually had nothing to do with "scientific evidence". The issue had never been about "science", only about political prejudice posturing as "science". The fear that the APA would be stigmatized as an "establishment institution" was the primary driving factor behind the change in the DSM.

So if homosexuals are considered insane, would they all be denied their gun rights then? Right now, Transexualism is considered a mental illness according to the DSM. So do Transexuals get to have guns? If it's all about the politics and not the science, then the mental health establishment can chance it's mind on homosexuality at any point. The Illuminati can easily get homosexuality reclassified as a mental perversion again. They control the DSM. Once they do that, they can deprive gay men of their right to own guns. Then they're much easier to throw into the concentration camps. It's all part of a general conspiracy to find any way possible to take gun rights from specific groups of Americans. The ultimate goal is to turn America into WWII Nazi Germany.

All of these restrictions on guns are slippery slopes that we don't want to go down. The real reason we have gun violence is becasue the Illuminati is causing gun violence. Look at the example of Vermont. High gun owernship, low gun violence, limited Illuminati influence. Without the illuminati, gun violence would not be a problem. They are causingn all of these school shootings just like they used to cause all the postal shootings. It's part of an illuminati conspiracy to destroy the 2nd amendment and the Constitution.