When Rock and Roll arose in the 1950s and 1960s, the Illuminati attempted to suppress it and end it. First they murdered many of the original black musicians. Then they began a co-option strategy while continuing to kill or coerce people they didn't like.

The illuminati was afraid of Rock and Roll both because it was associated with black culture and because of its relation to Country Music in the form of Rockabilly. In 1959, the day the music died, the Illuminati sabotaged a small plane carrying Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper. All three died in the crash which was a huge loss for the emerging rock and roll scene. It was literally the day the music died.

The illuminati attack also sent a message throughout all of Rock and Roll that the Illuminati was willing to murder people if anyone didn't comply with their coercion. Like the mob blowing up a judges car and murdering him to intimidate all the judges, all of Rock and Roll was shaken by the brazen murder of three Rock and Roll stars. The Japanese Yakuza were directly responsible for sabotaging the plane - which is something they did in WWII all the time.

Elvis' entire career was ruined by the Illuminati who drafted him into the Army in 1958 just months before the illuminati murdered Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper. Elvis being drafted was really weird since there was no war going on. The Illuminati just decided they didn't want Elvis to perform anymore.

Afterward they forced him into a dead end film acting career to sideline his music. Colonel Parker was an Illuminati stooge who's sole job was to control Elvis for the Illuminati. The Colonel took all of Elvis money and forced him into worse and worse career descicions. When Elvis tried to protest and chart his own direction, the Colonel murdered Elvis mom right before Elvis was shipped off to the Army. The Illuminati murder of Elvis' Mother - who he was execptionally close to - broke Elvis will down.

Elvis would continue to fight to be the best he could be because that's just who Elvis was. He made Gospell albums because the Illuminati told him that since he believed in God, he could only sing about God. Elvis still produced great work like his comeback tour and the recording of his last album at Graceland but really the world lost so much. We could have had 10 times the Elvis music we have. The Illuminati would not allow it. Elvis was too threatening to them. His music, too powerful.

Towards the end of his career the illuminati put Elvis in Vegas and filled the rooms with Illuminati members whose job it was to ridicule Elvis. They would literally try and disrupt Elvis concentration. The Illuminati would poison him or spike his drink to get him high before performing. Vegas was illuminati central and Elvis was treated like a singing monkey they could throw peanuts at for fun.

After being tortured like a Rock and Roll martyre in Vegas, the Illuminati murdered Elvis in 1977. Elvis knew they were about to kill him. That's why he recorded his last album - which he recorded at Graceland itself - right before he died. Elvis couldn't record anywhere because of the illuminati embargo on him but he could get his friend to bring out gear to his house. Elvis wanted to leave a final statement. He wanted to give the world one more album of music before he was taken from us.

The Illuminati didn't just hate Elvis because of his role in Rock and Roll. Elvis was a third African American, a third Native American and a third Hillbilly. He is so beautiful physically because of his unique genetics. The illuminati knew Elvis genetic makeup. Memphis itself knew which is why Elvis had so much exposures to black culture - he wasn't accepted in white culture. Elvis was an outcast at his own high school. In the course of a year and a half Elvis went from being an outcast at school because of his African and Native American ancestry to being a national Rock and Roll Icon.

The Beatles and the Rolling Stones were both started as Satanic OTO bands. They were both part of a co-option strategy where white british kids would play that "dangerous" black music. They were actually started by MI5 and the Queen of England as an intentional co-option and propaganda strategy to try and stop the influence of black Rock and Roll musicians.

Aleister Crowley and other illuminati members are on the Beatles cover of Sergeant Pepper. The Illuminati wanted to infiltrate Rock and Roll and the OTO gave them a means to do it. The OTO controlled all the radio and all the disc jockeys at the time in the UK and many of them in the biggest markets of America. They could launch a band single handedly and make them into a pop culture phenoemoena.

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Star were real people, but they were put together by the Illuminati. When they stopped obeying the Illuminati's order's they were executed one by one. Paul McCartney was the first to be murdered by the Illuminati. Lennon's abduction by the Japanese and faked death followed twenty years later. Harrison was also murdered by the Illuminati. Only Ringo has escaped because he was always a good Satanist.

Paul McCartney was murdered in 1966 - and there has been a long running conspiracy theory that he was replaced by an imposter for the rest of the Beatles albums. This is true, they swapped out the real Paul for the fake Paul in 1966.

The evidence establishing a conspiracy around covering up Paul McCartney's death is quite persuasive. The story first broke in 1969 and has refused to ever go away. In 1999 it came up again with the death of George Harrison.

All through the 1960s the Illuminati murdered great musicians such as Sam Cooke who they murdered in 1964 because his music was crossing over into white audiences and the Illuminati wanted to keep "black" and "white" music separate. They murdered Billie Holiday at age 44 as well. Patsy Cline (30 at the time) was murdered in another plance accident in 1963. Sam Cooke the next year. The year after they murdered Nat King Cole in 1965 with fake lung cancer they caused. Nat King Cole was only 45 when he died. Woodie Guthrie (55) and Otis Redding (26) were murdered by the Illuminati in 1967. Brian Jones (27) - the founder of the Rolling Stones - was murdered in 1969.

Brian Jones murder was incredibly suspicious. He was found dead in a pool dressed in a suit. It looks straight out of mob movie.

For a long time there were rumors that he had been murdered. Janet Lawson - one of three people at the scene of Jones death including Jones himself - said before she died in interviews that the other man they were with - Frank Thorogood - killed Brian Jones. The whole story is that Brian was killed by the Illuminati - Frank was just the guy who was tasked with drowing Brian Jones.

In the 1970s the illuminati war against Rock Music intensified. After the Illuminati was successful in murdering Brian Jones - the founder of one of hte biggest rock bands ever, they figured they could kill whoever they wanted. Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin were both murdered in 1970. Jim Morrison from the doors was murdered in 1971. Duane Allman (24) from the Allman brothers was murdered in a "traffic accident" in 1971. Berry Oakley (24) also from the Allman Brothers was murdered in another "traffic accident" the following year in 1972.

The illuminati began murdering 5 times as many musicians as they used to in the 1970s. Pigpen (27) from the Grateful Dead was murdered in 1973. Gram Parsons (26) was murdered the same year. Bobby Darrin (37) was murdered by his Jewish illuminati doctors at Cedars Sinai. He died of complications from surgery at only 37. 1974 the illuminati murdered Nick Drake (26) by poisoning him to death. 1975 they murder Dave Alexander from the Stooges who died of pneumonia at the age of 27. The illuminati likes to murder rock stars at the age of 27. Which is why so many of them are 27 when they die. Pete Ham from Bandfinger was also murdered in 1975 at age 27. Al Jackson Jr from Booker T and the MGs was shot in 75 also murdered by the illumiinati - he was 39.

In 1976, Keith Relf from the Yardbirds was murdered by the Illuminati by electrocution. The official death report was he was electrocuted by his own electric guitar. And of course, Elvis (42) was murdered in 1977. That same year the Illuminati murdered Bing Crosby. 1978 the Illumiinati murders Keith Moon (32) from the Who. 1979, Sid Vicious (21) is murdered because he insults the Queen and calls for her removal. In 1980 they murder Bon Scott (33) from AC/DC, Ian Curtis (23) from Joy Division and John Bonham (32) from Led Zeppelin. In December of the same year they took John Lennon (40). 1980 was a very bad year for Rock and Roll. 1981 isn't much better after the illuminati murders Bob Marley (36). The 1980s continued the murdering with the Illuminati focusing on Punk and later hip-hop music as their primary new targets.

The Illuminati hates music in general. The only music they claim to like is Classical music of the big composers everyone knows of. For the Illuminati, there is no interesting music after the 19th century.

Marvin Gaye's shooting was a murder by the Illuminati. Gay had publically talked about his life being at risk. He was wearing a bullet proof vest on during his concerts. His body guard was mysteriously hung on his last tour. Gaye new he was a marked man. The Illuminati wanted to kill him just like Sam Cooke because he was a sensitive black man that whie women thought extremely sexy.

At the time they murdered Marvin in 1984, he was married to a white woman who was pregnant. The illuminati murdered his child as well as Marvin. They made his wife get an abortion. The story the Illuminati created later about his father was pure fabrication. It was always a fake coverup by the Illuminati of a murder they committeted. Gaye was a sexy sweet black man who sang about "sexual healing" - at the time the Japs considered him Public Enemy Number 1. Marvin represented their worst fears of racial integration - a cool, sensitive, soulful black man who was very attractive to white women (and all women really).

To this day the Illuminati carries out it's war against music. They murdered Curt Kobain, Michael Jackson, Prince in the last couple of decades among hundreds of other musicians who aren't as well known.

The also have been in a war against movies and comedians as well. The Illuminati murdered John Belushi and Gilda Radner. In the movie industry they've often gone after gay actors. They wanted to keep being gay closeted. So anyone who was too public about their gayness, or bisexuality like James Dean was murdered. Ultimately this is a war to silence our imaginations. The illuminati wants to control how we think so they can enslave us. The magliens hate all of these things because they don't understand any of them. They can't create any of them.

Musicians like John Lennon, George Harrison and Paul McCartney as well as Keith Richards were reluctant members in the OTO and the Illuminati. They had grown up in the system, sexually abused by their Priests and the British Royal Family. Johnny Greenwood of today's Radio Head is the contemperorary analogue - a gifted kid who the Illuminati abused.