Mick Jagger is the worst of the lot. He was the key Spokesman for the Satanic OTO in America during the 1960s to the 1980s. At Altamount in 1969, he was the ring leader of the murders of two people at the concert. That attack by the OTO controlled Hells Angels was a deliberate attack on the Hippy movement in America. Many people say that Altamount in 1969 ended the Hippy movement in America.

Watch Mick Jagger as he introduces "Sympathy for the Devil" while people are murdered in the Crowd.

Meredith Hunter never had a knife or a gun. He was killed deliberately by the OTO. Another woman was also murdered in the crowd by the Hells Angels which you can sort of see in the footage above.

1968 was a brutal year as the Illuminati fought to murder all the parts of American society which were separating from it. The Illuminati had already murdered JFK in 1963. They started intensifying this attack towards the year 1969 - 69 being a key Satanic Number used by the Illuminati to signify their power.

In 1968 they attacked our politicians again. After murdering JFK in 63 and Malcolm X in 65, they murdered both MLK and Bobby Kennedy in 68.

In 1969 they went after our pop culture. They went after the hippy movement. In that year they murdered Meredith Hunter at Altamount, Jack Kerouac (key Beats figure who helped initiate the Hippy movement), Rock Marciano (the Italian-American hero of boxing), Sharon Tate (also initiating the whole Manson horror turn of the hippy movement). They murdered Brian Jones of the Beach Boys, Judy Garland, Tommy Edwards and Jeffrey Hunter - a great gay American and the first pilot on the original Star Trek. He was only the pilot on the pilot because afterwards they murdered him.

Ever since 1963 the Illuminati has been ultimately run by the Japanese Yakuza. The Japs ordered JFK's assissination. The murder of Rocky was a messasge to the Italians that their mafia and Pope were no longer in control. Around this time too Japanese people like Yoko Ono start destroying great bands like the Beatles. 1970 finished the hippies off when the OTO Illuminati murdered Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin.