White-lining - when a motorcycle rider drives between lanes - is only legal in two states in the US. One of those is CA - the biggest state in America and where 90% of the US motorcyle population lives.

White-Lining was started in CA in order to murder motorcyle riders. At any point a car can change lanes in front of a motorcylist and kill them. The driver of the car is not liable. The motorcylist almost always dies though they cover it up much of the time. A motorcyle cannot survive an impact with a car even at relatively low speeds. The illuminati CA Highway Patrol has no clear guidelines for how to run a motorcyle safely in CA. You are always at risk of dieng without any recourse.

The illuminati has long waged a war against motorcyle riders because motorcyles allow people alot of independence and are a lot cheaper to use. The illuminati wants to keep us all in cars because they have gremlins in all their cars.

The reason Harley Davidson beat out Indian motorcyles in competition is because the Illuminati murdered Indian riders in the 1950s. Indian Motorcyles - a great American company that set land records with it's bikes was a far superior company in terms of technology and engineering. The only reason they were able to bankrupt Indian bikes is by using mafioso tactics their Hells Angels biker gang helped carry out for them.

The illuminati would have Indian bike riders hit by cars. They would have Indian riders attacked by Hells Angels. That's why Indian motorcycles eventually died out in 1953. While America wasn't controlled by the illuminati at that point, there was nothing to stop the illuminati from hitting motorcyle riders who are incredibly vulnerable on their bikes. We are incredible risk when we are on the road. If someone wants to they can hit you in a car whenever they want. With motorcyles that impact often means death.

So the Indian riders were killed off until rumors spread that Indian riders were marked for death. Hells Angels who all ride Harley's would also beat up Indian bike riders and destroy their bikes. The Hells Angels were always run by the illuminati and the illuminati used their "Angels" to help reinforce this prohibition against Indian motorcycles. The result was that through gang tactics the Illuminati bankrupted Indian motorcyles who actually had the superior bikes.

The Hells Angels are a Satanic illuminati group always drive Harley's. Harley's are designed to be rude. They have extremely loud exhaust pipes that can sound like guns shooting when they're accelerated. Triumphs and Indian bikes are much quieter. The Hells Angels liked to announce their arrival in a town by riding around in circles and accelerating with their loud exhaust pipes.

The Hells Angels was a front for gay organized crime. It still is. They were all gay from the very beginning just like Russia's nightwolves. The Angels covered up their homosexuality by being the ultimate biker gang outlaws who would murder people on behalf of the illuminati Satanists. They would roam towns and show up out of nowhere and murder people.

Part of the reason the illuminati suppurted Harley Davidson bikes was that they also made their riders easy to kill. Harley's don't respond as agililly as Indian bikes or Triumphs. Up until WWI Harley Bikes and Indian Bikes were competitors but has similiar bikes. But after WWII they diverged and new Harley bikes were designed to be easy riders. Bikes that were cushy for long trips but didn't drive well. Riders were less able to avoid other cars or wreckage on the road but in exchange they were in more comfort on the ride.

Most of the time, this lack of performance didn't really matter in the 1950s since roads were far less clogged with traffic. Harley's were popular like Mercedes is while Indian bikes were the performance bike that really riders rode like BMW pretends to be. The Hell's Angels - also called the Harley's Angels - went around to beat and murder the performance bike enthusiasts who liked Indian bikes. The Angels were responsible for a lot of horrible killings in the 1950s-1970s including the notorious murders at Altamount during the Rolling Stones performance.

With everyone riding Harley bikes it made people easy to kill for the illuminati. If the illuminati didn't like what someone did, something they said, they could have them easily hit by a car. They could even have the Hell's Angels murder them. Harley Davidson has become a key backbone to the illuminati and their new world order. It is a company that allows the illuminati to kill people. It is a company that does the bidding of the illuminati. They are an evil evil company. Their bikes in Europe and China also allow riders to be easily murdered by the illuminati which is why they have heavily promoted them in both Europe and China.

The Police Forces across America rely on Harley bikes. This is no accident. One of the first areas of any police force the illuminati try and take over is the motorcylce cops because they are the most easy to intimidate. The mob tells them they better do what they're told, or they'll get hit by a car. Motorcycle cops are way too vulberable. They can be killed really easily which is why they are easily intimidated and the first area of a police force to usually come under control of the illuminati.

The illuminati want all the motorcyle cops to ride Harley's so they are sitting ducks if they the illuminati wants to murder the cops. It's like having a guillotine over your neck all the time. For a long time in the 1950s the cops used both Indian bikes and Harley's. The police wanted to protect themselves from the illuminati trying to murder them on their bikes. When Indian bikes whet out of business in 1953 they had no choice though so they all had to adopt Harley.

This is why the illuminati has increasingly controlled our police since the 1950s. By the 1960s most of the US police for was illuminati controlled. Now 100% of the Police force in the US is controlled by the Illuminati which is why they're murdering Americans all the time.