The shooter David Katz who murdered two people at the Madden video game tournament in Jacksonville was working for the illuminati. The attack was a deliberate terrorist attack on America on behalf of the illuminati. It was sanctioned by Donald Trump who knew the attack was going to take place before it did.

Katz = Cats = illuminati. Cats have always been a symbol for dark witchcraft and the illuminati satanists. They picked David Katz because David is a name they use for clones. David Katz was a cloned human the illuminati had replaced. His lobotomized clone was run remotely by the NSA and the Catholic Church to murder people at the video game tournament. The illuminati used a robotic shooter to murder people at competition for video games. Their message is that they will do these terrorist attacks over and over again and steal creation away from God.

As I've written about, one way to think of our universe is as a video game that God creates where winning the game is getting to go to Heaven and losing is going to Hell. Like Sim City - the object of life is to build a good righteous life. To be honorable, work hard, compete hard, refuse to abide by evil systems or be forced into evil actions. That's why Jesus said a rich man had as much chance of going to Heaven as a camel through the eye of a needle.

Jesus point was that most people think of life as a game where they are trying to accumulate power, wealth and status but really all of that is beside the point of the game. The point of the game is to get into Heaven and all the money accumulated in this work disappears in the next. Being good and helping others and following the golden mean - do unto others as you would have done to you - is the key to winning the game of life.

The illuminati attacked the video game competition because they are attacking this idea. They are saying that they will terrorize us all within God's game and destroy the game. They are like termites in the House of God. The illuminati wants to destroy the natural order and replace God the creator with themselves. They want to hijack God's game.

Jacksonville was chosen as the site of the attack because Jack is a reference to me. I am Jack in the Beanstalk. I am the Jack who steals the golden eggs from the evil giant and the goose as well. The illuminati have been callling me Jack as code since before I was born. They chose Jacksonville for that reason.

Jacksonville literally means the village of Jack's sons. The illuminati want to attack me, the resistance who is fighting for me, and good Americans and people throughout the World who believe that the Illuminati needs to end and America needs to have a real vibrant democracy again where our rights, enshrined in the Constitution, mean something. The illuminati wants to attack Jack's village.

They also did the shooting at a pizza parlour because they don't want me to be with Anastasia. The illuminati uses Code for sex. Having a slice of pizza pie is to have some sex. They have always referred to Staz as pizza that they will or will not give me if I follow their orders. The illuminati have tried to use Anastasia to control me. When she is with me, they won't be able to manipulate us like that. The illuminati don't want us to be together ever. They would kill us both if God wasn't protecting us.

The Video game tournament they chose to attack was "MADDEN" because they want the American illuminati to imprison me and declare me insane. The Pope's solution to me speaking the truth is what the Catholic Church's solution was a thousand years ago in the Dark Ages - declare me insane, imprison me, drug me and torture me while they try and murder me.

The illuminati wants the US to declare me insane and forcibly imprison me "for my own good" in an institution. They want the LAPD to arrest me. The LAPD has had me under daily surveillance for the last 4 years. They have already come to my house and questioned me and told me that if I continued to write on my website "bad things could happen to me." During this interrogation they also sexually molested me on my doorstep for the benifit of my illuminati neighbors. Three cops showed up and started asking about my "mental health and wellbeing." When I tried to talk to the commanding officer about being sexually abused by the LAPD he ignored me.

The illuminati want me to be declared insane and not allowed to see Anastasia. They want to end our relationship by institutionalizing me. They have been putting me under surveillance and creating false tapes of my actions to attempt to frame me. God will never allow me to be framed by the illuminati though and God will make sure that Anastasia and I are reunited after almomst three years of wanting to get married to each other but being denied by the illuminati.

I'll be free soon of the illuminati. That is why the illuminati is getting so desperate. That's why they are trying to force American illuminati members to declare me insane and imprison me. Once I am free, we will remove the illuminati from America and they will not be able to carry out terrorist attacks like this on innocent Americans for their stupid terrorist messages.

The Jacksonville Police all work for the illuminati. They will cover up the illuminati murderer like they did in Parkland and Vegas. The illuminati is responsible for all of these terrorist attacks. We must remove them from America. We must get the pedophile Satanic Catholic Church out of America. They are trying to kill us all and rob us of our liberties.