The KKK vs the Catholics: Same Sickness

The KKK is an illuminati movement that was always run by gay jews. They wore hoods because they wanted to hide who was fucking who during the KKK orgies. The point of lynching black men for the KKK was always to make them fuck them first and then kill them so they didn't talk about it. The KKK has always been motivated by gay desire for black men.

The KKK wants to split off from the Catholic Church. They want to have an American version of the Jewish illuminati that doesn't have to deal with the Vatican and the catholic power worldwide. The Civil War, besides a fight to end Slavery in America, was a fight by the Confederates to separate themselves from the Catholics so they could have their own kingdom of illuminati power based on slavery.

The KKK has always been dominated by Jews who would hide they were Jewish by being part of the KKK. The illuminati is also all run by Jews. The Catholic Cardinals are all jews. The Pope is a Jew. The Catholic Church has been controlled by Jews since it was founded by the illuminati Jew Paul. David Duke is a dumb gay Jew - if you ever hear him speak he sounds massively gay.

Now the KKK is trying to split off again from the European illuminati. They want to keep the basic system but they believe that they are superior because they are American and not a product of the old dark ages. Really they are just the same thing with a different name. Both the Catholics and KKK are run by Jews, full of dickless gays, and use slaves as their source of wealth,

There is no difference between the KKK and the Catholic Illuminati. They are the same sickness. They are the same weekness. They are both groups who steal from true Americans. Groups who are parasites. Groups who are cowards based on secrete societies so they can hide how gay they are. They are users and exploiters but not creators or visionaries. They have nothing to offer America.

Neighter the KKK nor the Catholic Church respect or admire the US Consitution. Neither group believes in our democracy. Both groups hate the founding fathers. Both groups hate the vision of America the found fathers articulated. The KKK hated America and our founding fathers so much they tried to seceed. The confederates actively sought to leave the union defined by the Constitution. They wanted a new country based on slavery and inherited wealth. The Confederates really wanted to create a new form of aristocracy in America that would be defined by who owned slaves or not.

Part of the fight over Kavanaugh is the power struggle between the KKK and the Catholics coming out into the open. The KKK doesn't want Kavanaugh confirmed because Brett's a Catholic idiot pussy who does whatever the Pope tells him. The KKK don't want a Justice who will be beholden to the Church of the Great Beast.

While it's true that America doesn't need another Catholic justice on the Supreme Court (the court has 5 Catholic Members and 3 Jews), the KKK's plans of having an all Jewish Supreme Court aren't much better. Merrick Garland - the Jew - was actually the KKK's choice. The KKK wants all our jurists to be Jews, like they are. Merrick Garland and his whole family are full blown KKK members who wear hoods and everything.

The KKK got Merrick nominated, because the KKK partially owns Barack Obama. That's the only way the KKK would let Obama be president even though he was owned by Michelle Obama - a dark illuminati Jew. Michelle had to sell part of her stake of Barrack to the KKK. The KKK also partially owns Tiger Woods (the Black Muslims are his other owner). The KKK likes to own the best "blacks" - it makes black people less scary to them if they can say they own them.

The reason the KKK burned crosses was because they wanted the Catholic illuminati out of America. That's why the cross was chosen as a symbol to burn. They also want all Christianity out so that America becomes a fully Jewish state like Israel. Israel funds a lot of the KKK's activities just like they fund the IRA in the UK. The KKK wants to make America into an illuminati jewish country that no longer believes in Jesus. Why else would you pick the Cross - Jesus' symhol - to burn? The KKK wants a Satanic Jewish illuminati America based on the slave trade.

The KKK was pretty much dead until the Jews revived it in the early 1900s. Jewish directdor DW Griffiths made the Birth of a Nation - which explicitly endorses the clan - to romanticize the KKK. What better way to make the clan look cool than to make the first movie about them. A Birth of a Nation in 1915 is considered the first actual movie. The KKK was basically an invention of Jewish illuminati Hollywood.

The KKK was still an outsider fringe organization until 1915 when the Illuminati Jews started to sink a lot more money into the KKK. Besides creating a movie, Col W. J. Simmons helped revive the KKK with help from some mysterious NY backers, and publicists. Evans turned out to be a Jewish dentist from Vanderbilt University where his best friends were Jewish. Evans reigned as Imperial Wizard from 1923 to 1939.

After Evans stepped down the next head of the clan was also Jewish. Dr. Green was an obstetrician from Atlanta whose mother was Jewish. Judiasm according to the Jews passing down the mothers line.

All the leaders of the KKK have been Jewish. The KKK was a place for Jews to hide in the south since southerners didn't like Jews much. Daniel Burrows was another Jew who spent years of his life as a fake leader of the KKK right up until it came out that he was Jewish, at which point, he shot himself in the chest and in the head.

In this new illuminati internal was, no side has a real advantage. They are stabbing each other in the back and assinating each other (the Pope has been assisinated 7 times, with dumber clones brought out each time to replace him.)

If we Americans can get the American KKK - Donald Trump/Pence out we can destroy the rest of the Illuminati easily. They are already warring with each other. The illuminati is a seven headed dragon right now where each head is trying to rip the other off.

Or really, it's more like a Game of Thrones Comedy where different fucktard inbred families try to murder each other until everyone in the illuminati is dead. A Mexican Standoff without a happy ending.