MAgliens will wrap all bodies into yaks first. They will kill all humans without tails. They'lll redit aryans to be tails. Even slaves with penises will have tails.

They are using a new technology called CRISPR to do this. It allows for the modification of genetics on a granular level. Check out this article from Harvard about CRISPR and how it has revolutionized genetics. The Yakuza can literally use this CRISPR technology to design types of humanoids and animals and the program spits out DNA sequences that can be built and then put in an embryo, gestated and hatched. The Magliens have no DNA or genetics, so this CRISPR technology is only useful to them as a way of rearchitecting our biological nature. They feel like God's because they're planning on rewriting all of our genetics and making us permanent slaves.

The Yakuza are modifying human DNA to try and create new types of humanoids. They have murdered everyone in the Illuminati and replaced them with clones. They are now using these cloned imposters to incubate different types of humanoid creatures who they are planning to enslave us with. These new human beasts will hatch inside their hosts.

The yakuza think they are creating a superior race because they think their minds are superior to everyone elses. This is not true. Their minds are actually inferior because of inbreeding, same as their bodies. That's why they are schizophrenics and have strokes. Their minds are connected to their digestive systems (gut sense) which are also inferior to the point that they are useless. They will always have to LITERALLY EAT SHIT. The yaks have delusions of grandeuer. The little people think they're much more important than they are.

The infierority of the Yakuza mind has been proven over and over again since they began their body snatching war. They are having to spend A BILLION TIMES what they used to to fix sports for organized crime. This is because the sports people they replaced with Yakuzas can't perform. They're inept. Their clones are useless.

Despite recognizing that their bodies are so inferior that they need to cross their genes with europeans and americans, the yaks still think they are the superior race. They think that their crossbreeds will be more succesful than the originals because they are half yak. This is completely untrue, they've actually proven to be much worse and now they're spports fakes are falling apart. Look at the European ice skating championships, Yak imposter after yak imposter kept falling on their asses on the ice. They used to be much better but now that they have inferior yak brains they're absolutely horrible. They can't even stay on their feet for an entire routine.

The Maglians through the Yakuza are attempting to take over the entire world. The only way to stop them is to annihilate them. They will not listen to reason. They will not surrender. Japan is the only country that has ever had to be nuked to stop a war. And Japan had to be nuked TWICE befor they were willing to surrender.

They are deluded and crazy. Their inbred neanderthal pygmy minds have completely lost it. They are literally killing everyone in the world all at once. They are perverting God's plan and Creation itself in ways that make the NAZIS look benign. There will be 4 new RACES or TYPES of HUMANOIDS in their racial plan:

(1) Nekomata "masters" -- These will be 5 foot tall people with 30 inch split tails. The Japanese Yakuza have tails - like literal animal tails. The Yakuza are descended from Neanderthal Tree Pygmies who had 30 inch tails. They were 3 foot tall hairy people with one or two tails - like animal tails. They were forced into slavery and then inbred for 500 years before being crossed with inbred pymy slaves from Papa New Guieneau and Aboroginal pygmy slaves from Australia as well as inbred Chinese Rothschild Jews.

The Yakuza have a ton of genetic disease and also have unnatural sexual organs. The men all have 3 vaginas while not having any testicles or penis. The women are either eunuchs or have a tiny "button" black penis near their assholes. This backwards penis is a trait of the Rothschilds. None of the Yakuza can eat anything besides feces - either human or animal. They're digestive systems are defective and don't work. They all are schizophrenic and their IQs are way below substandard. They make Donald Trump look smart.

The Yakuza have been hiding their tails for hundreds of years for fear of being vilified as devil people (which they are). Their tails grow each year and the longest one is 15 inches. During some periods of history they cut them off, but now they're very proud of their tails - they think this makes them Satan's favorite people since they have tails like devils.

The Yakuza are so proud of their tails they want to have long ones like their ancestors did. In their new racial plan, they're going to create a "master race" who will all have 30 inch tails as well as 3 vaginas (but no penis or balls). The men will have vaginas and the women will be like eunuch monkey people (the Yakuza men don't like it that their women are the only ones who have penises.) This new "master race" will be 80% yakuza genetics with some other genetics from whites, africans, native americans and aborigines to fix some of their genetic diseases.

The Yakuza have the weirdest genetics on earth. They are genetic abhorations - a mistake of CREATION. They are the snake monkey people. They have the snake tongues of the Rothschild Jews who they are descended from and the split devil tails of their inbred neanderthal pygmy ancestors. They are literally little devil imps - little 4 foot people with split tails and split snake tongues. The tails the current Yakuza have inherited from their neanderthal pygmy ancestors are now usually 5 inches but grow as long as 15 inches. The Yakuza want to create a new race inside of European and American bodies that will replace some of their genes but leave them mostly yakuza. This new race will regrow their tails to their ancestor's length.

The first generation will all have 15 inch tails and the second generation will have forked 30 inch tails. The devil monkey creatures will still have the same diseased yakuza minds which means schizophrenia, split personalities, delusions, paranoai, strokes, hallucinations, incontinence etc.

The men monkey creatures will have no penises - they'll just have vaginas. The "women" monkeys will have no vaginas or penises - just their tails. The men monkeys will be the only ones that can give birth. This is the Yakuza's idea of how the "superior" race should live. They are trying to force this upon the ENTIRE WORLD.

(2) Oompah Loompah Managers -- Pygmies (4 foot tall) with orange hair who are based on Donald Trump's DNA. This race will be our day to day to slave masters. They will oversee another class of pygmy slave master the Munchkins who will be 3 feet tall and black with curly black hair.

(3) Munchkin Overseerers -- Pygmies (3 foot tall) with dark curly hair like Africans. These will be like African pygmies but smaller and they will have no penises or vaginas - they will all be like Eunuchs.

(4) Ogre Enforcers -- They will enforce their commands to us slaves with a fourth race that is 15 foot tall. These "OGRES" as the Japananese Yakuza are calling them, are based on appalachian slaves the Yakuza have been experimenting on with extreme amounts of radiation since WWII. The radiation causes extreme mutations that the Yakuza have been selecting for and breeding. They have breed them into monsters that drwarf any human.

The Japanese Yakuza Illuminati also plan to genetically eliminate all the natural dwarfs on earth to make room for their Munchkins and Ooompah Loompahs. There will be world wide genocide of little people. They don't want any confusion about who's "master".

The yakuza masters will rule everyone and the rest of the races will only exist as slaves who have 13 inch tails. Tail is long enough that it can't be hidden but short enough that it can't be used like a whip.

The magliens want to keep the races separate because for them they want to collect different slaves of different types. A cross breed is OK every once and a while as an exotic thing but if the races interbreed too much then the Magliens won't have all these different human races to collect as slaves. That is how their hoarding insectoid like minds work. They just want more of everything. If people blend together - which they eventually will if people have sex with other races, then the magliens only have one type of human slave to collect. THEY DON'T LIKE THAT. THEY ARE THAT CRAZY.

all the "new humans" will also have jellyfish poison that can be administered at a press of a button. They will encode slavery into our DNA (as well as tails).

The slaves - even if they look like Aryan's with tails will be 80% yakuza. The Magliens can control thte mogwai the best so they want everyone to be wrapped in a mogwai as much as possible. They like how aryans look, but they don't give a shit about their minds or their artistic abilities. They just want them as sexual objects.

So everyone will be 80% mogway except for black men who will be 20% mogwai. The magliens want black men to be abke to be fierce and brutal so the will brutally sodimize them properly. They will treat them like jet li - and then expect them to rape them. These will be the only slaves who don't have tails. They'll be known as slaves simply because they're black.

[danny the dog]

40 races they will keep in space

blacks - american mid tone blacks - acmericna latinos jews chinese native americans inuit laplanders maori norewegins french swiss british irish catalans tunisians aborigines pygmy aborgines pgykmes from congo swedes germans austrians belge romanians russians poles americans - italians americans - german americans - british americans - irish greeks saudis israelies congo men sengaleese men nigerian men dutch south african dutch tamils quechua

it's like predator, they want to collecdt slaves - they are picking the slaves they think are the superior races of the earth ebfore they go onto another race adn try and enslave them... they've already done this once before and afterward were barred from travelling through the unvierse. they obeyed that edict for 20 years and then started the same shit somewhere else. For that they were exterminated unvierse wide. They hid out in earth thehir sand trap - trapped on earth - .

out of all the millions of genetic combinations theyse are the selaves they want and they don't wnat any other types - they are collecting slaves

The Yakuza Illuminati have decided they are literally Gods and they're going to rewrite creation with CRISPR. They are creating new types of sentient life by using CRISPR to alter people's DNA. They are trying to rewrite CREATION so that they are GODS and the rest of us are slaves and food.

They are perverting our natural order - the order created by God - the natural order maintained by the Angels and the Aliens and the army of righteousness in Heaven. They are spitting in GODS FACE. They will pay for their ARROGANCE and STUPIDITY. Heaven's plan for them is to annihilate them. They are a cancer on the world. A mistake in creation. THEY MUST BE ELIMINATED COMPLETELY. That is why they are GETTING NUKED.

At the same time that they've transformed themselves into these 5 foot slave masters with 30 inch tails, they are changing everyone else's DNA so that we can have poison administered to our blood streams remotely. If the yakuza "master" wants to punish us humans they'll be able to press a button and jellyfish poison will be pushed into our blood. They are already using this technology on slaves to make them sick if they do not follow commands.

We will have our DNA modified to have poisons released into our blood if we try and fight our oompah loompah, munchkin or devil monkey masters. If we ever try and rebel against their slavery, they will be able to flood our bodies with jellyfish poison. The Yakuza want to re-engineer all of our DNA so they can punish us remotely. They are literally encoding SLAVERY INTO OUR DNA.

Ultimately, the Yakuza plan is to move their "master race with tails" to space. Their plan is to live like the elites do in that movie Elysium. The new Yakuza master race with tails will live in space while earth will become a ghetto for normal humans who will all be either literal slaves or minimum wage slaves. They will steal our children to torture and murder without ever having to visit Earth. The jellyfish poison in our DNA will make it very hard to ever rebel against our Munchkin and Ogre masters. They want to engineer permanent slavery into the human race while they create a "superior" race that will be our masters.

Anyone who doesn't have a tail won't be allowed in space. Only the Yak "super race with devil tails" will be allowed to go to space and become an elite who rules everyone else. Having a tail will become a sign of being a "master." Not having a tail will become a sign of being a "slave." All the normal humans will be considered slaves because they don't have devil tails.

Little do the stupid inbred neanderthal pgymies realize that they will never make it to space. They are planning on having Elon Musk get them there -> he is completely useless.