The Illuminati are a secret society among the elites of the world and the bottom rung of society. They make back room decisions about the future of all our countries and pretty much everyone in it. They are a cult who is defined by their satanic rituals. They are all satanic pedophiles and cannibals. They are the people who murdered Christ and his wife Mary Magdelena as well as their children and descendants.

This cult has existed for MILLLENIA. They trace their roots to the Egyptians and before that the Atlanteans. For thousands of years they have been a secret cult that embraces cannibalism and pedophilia. They actually began the Catholic Church after they murdered Christ. Every Pope has been a member of the Satanic Illuminati. EVERY SINGLE ONE. The entire Catholic Church was begun by the Illuminati in order to control and censor Christ's message.The Catholic Church is Satan's Church.

The Illuminati was always a secret cartel between the Masons, Jews and the Catholic Church. The highest levels of the Masons were essentially the ancestors of the Rothschilds. You can see a genetic continuity in the Rothschilds weird genetic disposition towards using their tongue like a snake or a lizard. They literally stick their tongues out of their mouths like they're trying to catch flies. Here's Prince Henry doing the snake tongue thing.

Here is a family tree of all the families in the Rothschild Jewish Family tree. The Rothschild run Illuminati has control of all these people. They include both high society and organized crime. That has always been how the Rothchild's try and run things - they want to control both high society and the underworld.

As below, so Above. The Illuminati likes to think of themsevles as Good on one side, evil on the other. They rule the above ground legit world and the rule the underworld. They say they keep some sort of balance through this but that's all a lie. Really they are just a false good front for an entirety of evil. They is no good that comes with them - only murder, pedophilia, rape, slavery, genocide. They pretend to be legit inorder to keep the lucrative underworld in power over the legit world. They arose as a power because they combined legimiate business with the underworld. Who's gonna get that big contract? Well if you have a gun to your head, you're likely to give it to the Illuminati.

In order to create and control their New World Order, the Illuminati have created a tangled web of groups and businesses throughout the world. The UN is a big illuminati organization whose official purpose is to be a world government - a NEW WORLD ORDER. The IMF and the World Bank are set up as illuminati organizations to control the developing world with. All the communist parties of the world are controlled by the illuminati and always have been. All of our news organizations are illuminati controlled so that they can control the news. The NSA and FBI were created by the illuminati to be America's gestapo and dystopian constant surveillance. Our police, scientists, doctors, lawyers, politicians are now all controlled by the illuminati NWO.

The following chart is pretty accurate but has a few mistakes in it - for instance the Rosicrucians were actually a secret society set up to fight the illuminati and protect the descendants of Jesus Christ from ongoing attempts at genocide during the 12th to 17th centuries by the illuminati Catholic Jesuits. The chart also hides the main source of power for the illuminati which is the Catholic Church - founded to destroy the message of Jesus Christ by the illuminati after the illuminati murdered Jesus and his wife Mary Magdalena.

Pretty much all of our Senators (with a handful of exceptions like Bernie Sanders) and Representatives are Illuminati NWO. THey're now all Magliens or being held as prisoners in Australia. They are now genetically Rothschild/Mason with Yakuza inside and Maglien controllers. The Jews have been controlled by the Rothschilds/Masons for millennia. The Rothschild Masons were the tribe of Jews who sold slaves and practiced cannibalism before the Jews were enslaved by the Egyptians.

The Illuminati Jews also took over the Royal families of Europe. The Rothschilds actually murdered Queen Victoria and replaced her with a Rothschild Jew. Since then the British Royal family has been completely controlled by the Rothschild Illuminatis. Which is why they could throw a Satanic Illuminati Fashion Show at one of London's most famous Catholic Churches.

Now the illuminati consists of the following groups are trying to take control from each other:

Japs vs
Russian/American KKK (Donald Trump/Pence) vs
British Royals/India/Canadians vs
Israeli/Saudis vs
Germans/French/South Africans/Dutch vs
Vatican/Italians/Spanish/Mexico/Latin America